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First and foremost, gomen nasai for the
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The Story

WELCOME TO MY ANIME LAMP'S DISPLAY PAGE!! :D I was in a college ceramics class during the "Spring 2003" semester, and one assignment was either making a lamp or a small desk water fountain (I decided on the lamp......obviously.)

It's a ceramic-clay based lamp with 4 2-inch tall SD/chibi anime character figures around the base (as well as a 5-inch long one of me laying down in front, which isn't shown close-up in any of the photos) The SD figures are of Sailor Pluto from "Sailor Moon", Joey and Marik from "YuGiOh" (and yes, Joey is sticking out his tongue ^^;;), and Lina Inverse from "Slayers"!

Anyways, it turned out VERY well (at least by my standards), and was entered into the spring art show, where it got GREAT feedback! :D

Also, if you enjoy my Chibi-based work, be sure to check out my other YuGiOh chibi sculptures here!

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