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Commissions? Sure! if you'd like to commission me to do a special piece for you, just e-mail me, and I'll let you know all the details! Here's my price list:

Pencil drawings (graphite or single-color pencil): Sample: 1 2 3 $7.00
Inked drawings: Sample: 1 $8.00
Full-Color or Graphite: Samples: 1 2 $15.00
Fancels: See below $25.00
Cel with simple background: Samples: 1 2 3 $28.00
CG/Digital (Photoshop): Samples: 1 2 $32.00
Paintings: Sample: 1 2 $50.00
Chibi-Style Sculptures: Samples: 1 2 3 $25.00

Shipping: Shipping is just $4.00 (add $1.30 if you want insurance) ^_^ Shipping on sculptures is $6 and paintings are $8.

All prices listed above are for one-character 8.5"x11" pictures & cels. If you want a smaller picture/cel, just let me know and we can work out a smaller price! :) I can also do larger 10.5"x14" pictures (pencil/graphite, ink, and/or colored only), but they'd be a little more expensive than the ones above. Paintings are 11"x14" and sculptures are about 4" tall. Also, if you want to add more characters, just email me! ^^

Note: All drawings will not have elaborate backgrounds. No, I swear I'm really not trying to be snooty or anything, it's just that I'm REALLY not good at doing most backgrounds! The only reason that I do offer cels with backgrounds is because I do those backgrounds a different way. ^^;;