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My Adoptions

Go see my Adopted Kitties, Sphynxes, Griffons & Wolves!!

How unbelievably cute is this? ^_^ (That's Mako from YuGiOh, in case you don't recognize him...and me with the leash... ^^ Heehee, big ol' tough Mako in a bunny suit, never thought you'd see that, now didja? :P)

I adopted chibi Nightcrawler!
Get your own blue cutie at

I adopted sleepy Kurt!
Get your own cuddly elf at

I adopted this rainbow myuu at!

This is my adopted Good Luck Charm Bracelet. Each charm represents a different thing (left to right):
Smooths spiritual vibes, making a wind chime of this symbol is said to bring peace through music.
Luck in money
Spiral flow of water for inner peace
Luck in Love
Spiritual Happiness
Wards off evil
Calms a restless soul, living or ghost.
This brings good luck in growth of nature

Click to visit "The Egg Agency"
All you do to adopt one is copy the code on the adoption page and it hatches automatically! Cool!

Starlights adopted from Mystical Sailor Moon Palace

Baby Pluto. Ain't she CUTE??

Kao Mars

Kao Jupiter

Kao Saturn

Adopted by Sailor Moose!!
On March 28, 2001!!
Adopted From *Sailor Sun's Adopt A Kao ^_^*

Sleepy kittySleepy kittySleepy kitty
Name: Neity
Place of Birth: Ruins of Arufu
Pokemon #177 Type: ?
Length: ?m, Weight: ?kg
Transformation: Neity transforms into Neitio at Lvl. 25.

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