Here is my (rather large) selection of fanart from the Tenchi series (Tenchi Muyo, Tenchi Universe, Tenchi in Tokyo, the Tenchi movies)!

Fanart Info:
The fanart menu is to the left and includes many of my best regular fanart pieces as well as several fancels (and NICE CG fanarts of the "Beach Volleyball" pic and my CG layout pic for the Official Nagi Fanlisting!)!

The very first pic, the still-life with a Ryoko figure, was actually a college final project for my "Drawing II" class... ^^;; (Yep, 20 years old and still got anime toys, you got a problem with that? ^_~) We had to find a few objects that symbolized our personalities (Ryoko for my adventurous side & my love of animation, the snake for my vicious temper and my sharp insult-flinging tongue, and the Egyptian bracelet for my background in Egypt and my facination with everything mystical! ^^)

Well, enjoy! Ja ne!

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