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These are some of my latest fanarts, and I'm pretty proud of them! Since I don't have room to post a description of each drawing next to the fanart links (which are in the box below Yugi), I have listed them below! To view the drawings, just click on the little [=+=] symbols to see them! Enjoy!

NOTE: Newest pieces marked with a *** symbol in the fanart links box!

Fanart Summaries

YuGiOh Trinity (painting)- The Pharaoh, his best friend, and his worst enemy! ^_^ My first painting (and my best totally-original drawing of Malik)
Joey Portrait (painting)- Based on a doujinshi cover! ^_^ Mrowr... *purrs*
Legendary Fisherman (painting)- *HUGE grin* ^_^
Ryuuji Otogi (painting)- Yee-hee, I LOVE those dice!! XD And his eyes!! ^^ (and yes, I know his hand looks weird... I had to look at my own hand for reference, so it looks really feminine...0.o;;)
Mako vs. mako (painting)- Ugh. It only took me about a week to paint, but the intricacy nearly drove me nuts... ^^;;;
Chibi Mako (sculpture)- *busts out laughing* KAWAII!!!! XD He even has tiny little sandals (you can't tell, but he also has his face scars and that spiky little ponytail too) He's also got little drops of sweat from hauling around that big fish all day! ^_^ (*Figure based on my "MORE Chibis!" drawing below!)
Chibi Duke/Otogi (sculpture)- He's even got his little necklace, that mark under his eye, and that dinky little dice earring! And one really weird look on his face too... 0_o (*Figure based on my "MORE Chibis!" drawing below!)
Chibi Bakura (sculpture)- One of a set 0f 7 that I traded to my friend Alaer for some YGO settei & genga... :P
Chibi Yami Bakura (sculpture)- He's even got his little bandage on his arm (and the knife that lead to it...o.O), and that's his index finger he's holding up... :P This is figure #2 that was traded to Alaer... ^^
Chibi Thief Bakura (sculpture)- He turned out SO GOOD!!! :D He's even got a sack full of treasures (a statue of Anubis, a statue of Horus, and a pharaoh's crook staff) and that mummy he drags around... :P Another one for Alaer!!
Chibi Marik (sculpture)- SO CUTE!!!! XD I hated to trade him away... v_v Take care of 'im, Al!! ^^
Chibi Yami Marik (sculpture)- His hair 'bout drove me nuts to do... >< (#5 for Al!)
Chibi Isis (sculpture)- Pretty, pretty, pretty!! I love her turquoise eyes!! ^^ Another one for Al... :P
Chibi Rishid/Odion (sculpture)- Portrayed bowing before his "Master Marik"... ^_^ The final addition to Alaer's collection! (She said that her Chibi-Marik, above, needed his bodyguard!)
Chibi REBD (sculpture)- This little guy was based on a pic I commissioned of what the Toon Red Eyes might look like! This figure is actually a Christmas ornament-type thing, made for hanging! ^^
Yami -- Ra- King of gods!!... erm, games, whatever...
Joey -- Horus- Kind-hearted, but vengeful and protective of their families!
Tristan -- Anubis- Generally nice, but don't cross them! ;P
Bakura -- Thoth- Quiet, intelligent... see the connection? ^_^
Yami Bakura -- Sekhmet- Two words: Global destruction
Marik -- Seth- Good brother gone wrong, need I say more?
Seto -- Sobek- Powerful and not a good idea to mess with either of them!
Koneko Atem- Hahaha, how cute is this! :) Oh, and the heiroglyphs on the base of the statue say something along the lines of "Bow down to Cat-Pharaoh Atem the great" ^^
Koneko Jonouchi/Joey & Koneko Honda/Tristan- Poor Joey, his stomach's getting him into trouble, as usual... v.v;; (Tristan's Kanji says "Baka", which means "stupid" in Japanese... ^^)
Koneko Malik- Hehe, he's chasin' after a lil' scarab...! ^____^
Koneko Kajiki- Just a stupid little doodle that turned out pretty dang good! ^^ Ain't he KAYOOOOOT!! First in the "Koneko" series too!
Koneko Kajiki 2- Awwww!! Who could stay mad at a face like that? ^_____^
Giza- AAAAACK, I got so sick of doing this one!!! It took me about a week to do, and I was SO SICK of it by the time I was done!! Turned out nice though!! (I love Joey & Tristan in the back... :P)
Chibis!- I got the heiroglyphs as close to their names as possible (I researched the Egyptian pronunciations for 3 hours. I was close, except now we have "Ah-mee" instead of Yami, "Djoo-ee" for Joey, and "Bakuha"...:P The others are right on!)
MORE Chibis!- With their heiroglyphic names too! This time, it's Mako, Duke (Otogi), Rex, & Weevil (who is appalled at what Rex is feeding his pet!) *laughs* I need therapy... -_-;; Be sure to check out my sculptures above that match this drawing!! :D
YGO Chibi DM-Cosplay- YGO characters in chibi-form, AND in costumes of their fave Duel Monsters! ^^ Yami is Slifer/Osiris, Joey/Jonouchi is Red Eyes Black Dragon (so is Rex, who's ticked off that Jou "stole his costume idea"), Malik is Ra, Odion/Rishid is Selket, Mako is the Legendary Fisherman, and Weevil is the Great Moth (he's under Rex's foot... ^^;;)!! I've also taken my fanarts of those monsters and faded them into the background (except Great Moth, I haven't drawn it yet, so it's a screencap)
Poor Joey!- I just crack up every time I see this!
Court Jester of Games- Don't worry Joey, I got frustrated and did this too... :P
Homework Hotline- I figured, out of Yugi & his friends, who's most likely to need help with homework? Joey, right? And who's probably the smartest? Bakura? :P (Note: Later on, I realized that I made Joey's eyes the wrong color...^^;;)
"Nyah!!"- v_v;; Duke must've just called him a "dog-boy" again...
"What the-?!"- Yugi's just finished the Mill. Puzzle and Yami's spirit first emerges (note Yugi's Dark Magician PJ's and Kuribo slippers! :P) If it was me instead of Yugi, I'd probably be freaking out too, but for a different reason..."Oh, God! Oh, God! Cute guy! In my room!! *cough!* Urk! *passes out*"
Yugi Moto- Ain't he CUTE!!! ^_^
Yami Yugi- My favorite Yugi drawing! I LOVE THIS PIC!! My first finished drawing of 2003 too!
Tristan Taylor- I originally had a pic of Kaiba like this one that was up here, but Kaiba's turned out pretty horribly while Tristan turned out much better!! ^_^ Well, that, and I don't like Kaiba... *dodges stuff being thrown by Kaiba fans*
Hiroto Honda- Oh, GAWD... *mops up a drool puddle*
Bakura- Awwwww, ain't he cute!! ^_^ Just wait'll that Millennium Ring kicks in again... he'll be about as "cute" as a tarantula...
Yami Bakura- Yup, see? What'd I just say? Cute as a tarantula... Well, cute, no...good-looking, yeah... :P
Malik- Malik, Marik, whatever. Heh, everytime I hear this guy's name I think of "Mali Kalikimaka" (Hawaiian for "Merry Christmas") ^^;; Anyways, I LOVE how this turned out, he looks so cool!!
Duelist Malik- A friend of mine REALLY liked how this one came out! She liked it almost as much as I do! (We both think Malik's really gorgeous... :P)
Duke Devlin Portrait- ^_^ What can I say, the guy kinda starts to grow on ya... Of course, I still like Joey and Mako better... :P
Otogi- An older-than-dirt pic that I finally got around to coloring... :P Based this pic off of one of the Japanese DVD covers! ^^ I love how his eyes turned out, I used 2 different shades of green metallic gel pen on them! ^^
Otogi, the Show-Off- Good Lord, this guy's actually skinnier than me...! Got a kinda square-shaped butt too... 0_o
Otogi, Bored as Hell- You can just hear him wishing that Tea/Anzu would quit yapping about friendship... XD
"Minor Duelists" Banner- An animated link-banner that I made for "Broken Glass", a shrine to the minor duelists! I hand drew all the characters on it and CG-colored them, so I think it counts as fanart... ^^
Mako vs. Weevil- All I can say is that it's about time somebody shut that big mouth of his!! (And the first idiot to e-mail me saying this is implying some sort of yaoi or shounen-ai is gonna get a swift kick in the--ahem. *calms herself*)
Mako vs. Weevil II- Back by popular demand.... ^^
Mako Tsunami- Out of all the minor characters, Mako's my favorite! ^_^ Sitting there shuffling his cards as a (ta-da!) tsunami crosses behind him!
Little Mako with His Dad- All together now...one, two, three... "AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!"
Legendary Fishermen- One of my very few emotional fanarts! ^^ This image is the basis for the layout at "Legendary Fishermen: The Fanlisting for Mako's Relationship with his Father"!
Fisherman Mako- 0_o *eye twitches at this pic's shounen-ness factor* An actual almost-realistic pic of Mako-kun!! :D And he so GORGEOUS too!!! :)
The Legendary Fisherman- And the pathetic thing is that I finished the painting of this one nearly a month and a half before I finished coloring the drawing... 0_o;;
Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy...- XD Note the little Beanie Baby (er, Beanie Buddy) of "Crunch the shark" ^^ (Yes, the title is a reference to Double-D from "Ed, Edd, n' Eddy" :P)
Fish-boy of the Caribbean- *laughing hysterically* XD (I was on a 5-hour drive to Atlanta when I did most of this one. See what 5 hours stuck in a car can do to your sanity?)
Seafood Dinner- Awww, ain't he-*notices the food flying*...um... cute... 0_o
PANIC!!!- *snorts* This is just too freakin' hilarious... ^^;
Rex Raptor Portrait- Well, probably the best description for this guy is one that I heard at a site called "Kokoro No Naka": "While a jerk, he's an honorable one" *lol*
Character- Kajiki Ryouta- With his Japanese name! Man, I LOVE this pic! ^^ This is the first in a series of "character pics" I'm doing... and Kajiki=Mako, by the way.
Pegasus' Fave Duel Monsters- TOONS!! XD Haha! Well, toons and the "Doppleganger" card-cat-thing... *shrugs*
Moose's Fave Duel Monsters- Hehe, couldn't resist... I also added in the "Millennium Dagger"... (I really DO have an Egyptian dagger similar to this! I got it for $12 bucks at a flea market...) Anyway, since only 2 of these monsters actually showed up in the cartoon, I'll name them, starting at the top left. There's the Winged Dragon of Ra, Wingweaver, Red Eyes Black Dragon, Falcon Knight, me (duh), and Female Fire Assassin!
Me & Yugi- Hmmm... 2750 attack pts versus "X000"? I think Slifer wins... :P
Me & Yami- This is precisely the reason that I will never be a candidate to test out time travel.....MORE GRAPES!!! (I signed and dated this pic in heiroglyphs...:P)
Me & Joey- If a guy this gorgeous picked me up like this, I'd probably have a dumber look on my face than this!
Me & Marik- MEEP!!! ^_^ (I like meep)
Me & Mako- Either he saved me from drowning, or he pulled me out of the water, I looked at the guy who just saved me, and passed out again. Pick whichever story you like best...^_^ You can just see him thinking, "Not the strongest swimmer, now are ya?"
Tidal Exploration- Double MEEP!! ^_^ That's me in the background, and that almost actually happened to me! (I was diving in Hawaii and moved in to where I was about 2-3 feet from a big moray eel for a better photo! He didn't snap at me, and I got a nice pic out of it, though... ^^;;;;) That's also my sharktooth necklace that my uncle gave me that Mako's wearing! (Ironically, I think it's from a mako shark! 0.o Freaky...)
Note: This is actually a desktop wallpaper!
Angel & Demon- ^_____^ I LOVE how Mako's wings turned out! And can you InuYasha fans out there guess what character my robe is based on? :3
Poor Miroku!- My first YGO/InuYasha crossover, featuring my 2 favorite anime bishies!!!!! (Apparently, there's a "genius" gene in the Takahashi family line... Kazuki created YGO, Rumiko created InuYasha!) For those who aren't familiar with InuYasha, Miroku is a VERY hentai-minded monk with a habit of grabbing girls' butts, but apparently, he misses his target here...!
1000 DeviantArt Hits- A "Thank You" pic for my first 1000 visitors to my gallery at Deviantart that features me & my 3 fave bishies! XD
Wingweaver Moose- Just another drawing from a time when I was in a really stupid mood... I thought about the episode where everyone becomes their favorite card, and wondered what it'd be like if I was my favorite one (and I thought about who would most likely say some stupid comment about my outfit. Joey, nonetheless) Oh, and I'm not 5 times larger than him, I'm supposed to be flying and looking down at him. I also included a scan of the card.

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[1] [2] Chibi Mako (sculpture)
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[1] Chibi REBD (sculpture)

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