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Recent Updates

04-03-05 - Kwaaagh... O.o;; I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated!! *chokes* I've got a TON of new artwork, as well as a whole new fanart category, coming very soon!! ^^;;;;;;

01-09-05 - Happy slightly-belated New Year! ^^ I've updated the Cel Galleries and uploaded a "Thanks for 25,000 Hits" graphic! THANKS, EVERYBODY!! *hugs all her visitors*
New fanart is coming soon! I have several new pics that I'll have uploaded in the near future! ^^;;;

12-13-04 - Added several new fanarts to the "YuGiOh" gallery, added some new YGO genga fancels to the Cel Gallery, which has been drastically updated too (new YGO genga fancels, new genga/douga, and some genga episode IDs! I've also ID'ed the episodes of 2 of the Weiss Kreuz cels!)! ^^

09-26-04 - I updated my "webmistress profile" and added a nice stack of new fanart! ^^ (Finally, right? XD) There's a new CG pic of Sailor Venus in the "Sailor Moon: Goddess Series" gallery, 6 new pics in the "YuGiOh" gallery (4 on the main page, 2 new Duel Monsters), a new "Dirty Pair Flash" CG in the "Other Animes" section, a new pic in both the "YuGiOh" & "InuYasha" galleries to commemmorate my 1000th hit at my gallery at DeviantArt! I'll have some new fanart soon, a bunch of new updates to the cel gallery, and some more YGO genga fancels soon!! :D

08-26-04 - I added a new fancel to the main YGO fancel gallery, and 3 to the Cel Gallery to illustrate the YGO genga/douga! Do those count? ^^;;;; *cough* Anyhow, I also added a TON of other stuff to the Cel Gallery: a "Bubblegum Crisis" section with a Priss cel, the YGO gallery is now divided by character, and I added a new genga/douga set: KAIBA WITH ALL THREE BLUE EYES DRAGONS!!! MWAHAHAHAAA!!!! XD I've also got some more on the way, and some new fanart in the works! ^^

08-06-04 - Added a new division to the YGO gallery: The Koneko (Kitten) Series! ^^ I've added 2 koneko pics to it, and another general YGO fanart! I've also FINALLY identified the episode #s of most of my YGO genga/douga/sketches in my Cel Gallery! More fanart coming soon! :3

07-23-04 - Added a CG "Tenchi Muyo" fanart of Nagi, a "Commission Info" page under the fanart galleries! ^^ I've also finished my 2 latest fanlistings:
"Stealth: The Bounty Hunter Nagi FL" (Nagi is from Tenchi Universe)
"Legendary Fishermen: FL for Kajiki Ryouta/Mako Tsunami's & His Father's Relationship" (YuGiOh)
Be sure to go join them if you're a fan of either! The links are on the bottom of my profile page! ;)

07-16-04 - Added what may be my absolute best/favorite YuGiOh "Duel Monster" fanart, Curse/Judgement of Anubis!! :D More fanart coming soon! ^^ I also added my 3rd cel from the 2nd Tenchi movie, "Daughter of Darkness"! ^^ I got one of Yuzuha in her final demon form, YAY ME! :P I'm also working on another 2 fanlistings, one for Nagi, the bounty hunter that's perpetually after Ryoko from Tenchi Universe, and the other for the relationship between Mako/Kajiki and his father from YuGiOh! ^^ Be sure to check the bottom of my profile page for them soon! ;) Still waiting for conformation on the "Hot Zone" novel FL... ^^;;

07-09-04 - Finally updated my Tenchi gallery!! (I added a still-life I drew recently with a figurine of Ryoko in it! ^^) I also added 2 new YuGiOh fanarts (one of Mako as a kitty & one "Duel Monsters" pic), and I added a link to my DeviantArt gallery! ^^

07-08-04 - Massive update to the Cel Gallery!! ^_^ I added 3 new Weiß Kreuz cels, an AUTOGRAPHED GARFIELD CEL (my prized animation-art posession ^_____^), and a "Balto" storyboard! ^^ Also, as soon as I can get off my lazy you-know-what, I'll post up some new fanart too!

07-04-04 - Happy 4th of July!! :D As soon as I can get a new scanner, I'll have fairly large updates to the Yu-Gi-Oh fanart update and the Cel Gallery! :) I've also updated the Wishlist, to make the cels that I'm wanting a little more specific! ^^;;

06-20-04 - Okay, added 3 new InuYasha fancels, 1 new YuGiOh one, and updated my Cel Gallery! I've added several brand new ACTUAL animation cels (& 2 new YuGiOh genga/douga ^^), including a Naga cel from the Slayers MOVIE, a Miroku cel from InuYasha, and I've spent a week trying to get my Sailor Moon cels' episodes identified... X_x;; I've watched enough SuperS episodes to choke a whale. *falls over dead*

06-06-04 - "Day After Tomorrow" ROCKED!!!!!! XD (hehe, seen it TWICE already! :3 Gomen, I can't resist a good natural-disaster, global destruction movie... ^_^) *InuYasha punches Moose in the shoulder* >_0 Hmph. Inu wants me to tell everyone about his fanart section update...(SIT BOY! *whap!*)... There's a new IY pic that I doodled of Chibi-Inu! (I was sending in for a free IY T-shirt from the DVD vol. 12-13 offer, and doodled this on the paper I attached 2 UPC codes to... :P) I also added 2 new YuGiOh fancels of the "Dark Magician group" and "Angel & Demon" pics! I also have about 7 more fancels in the works, so expect them soon! ^_^
I also added my prized cel gallery and "Anime Item Wish List"! If you can help me find and get an item off of my wish list, you can get FREE FANART!! The more important an item is to me to find, the MORE FANART YOU CAN GET!!!!
Finally, Sailor Osiris is now in control of my beloved Cel Gallery and Wish List, and Sailor Isis is now in charge of my Awards!

05-26-04 - My 20th B-Day's just around the corner, I'm dying to see "Day After Tomorrow", and I'm hopefully gonna get some NICE anime cels (and hopefully some moo-la for my b-day to pay off Alaer for the "YuGiOh" Kazuki Takahashi autograph litho... 0.o;;)! Anyways, I've switched all the YuGiOh fanart of the actual "Duel Monster" creatures over to their own pages, since the main YGO gallery was getting so full. Even made the layout myself!! XD Yay me! Enjoy! ^^

05-23-04 - 2 new YGO Duel Monster pics (Selket and Princess of Tsurugi/Queen's Double)! ^^ Sailor Anubis is also working on weeding out all the dead links in her section, which should be done fairly soon! :)

05-10-04 - 2 new YuGiOh pics of "Duel Monsters": part 1 of the Amazoness group and a re-drawn "Legendary Fisherman"! :) I also plan to have some new Sailor Moon art up soon! :D (FINALLY!!!) I also was APPROVED to the "Ablaze" site directory! Yayness!! :D AHA!! I got it!! >D (....0.o;;...Eh, sorry, I had a popcorn kernel stuck between my teeth... ^^;;)

05-03-04 - 3 new YuGiOh pics (2 of "Duel Monster" characters, one really ridiculous Mako pic... ^^;;) and my first InuYasha fancel! Also added some new fanlistings!

04-11-04 - Happy Easter!! :) 3 new YuGiOh pics of "Duel Monster" characters, one new YGO/InuYasha crossover pic (available in both the YGO and IY galleries), and one new InuYasha pic of Miroku!

03-21-04 - Feh. (My InuYasha impression... :P) Well, Spring Break's over.... ><* Nnnrg!!! *snort* Anyways, I've switched around the "Link Me" page! I took down some old link banners there, and added 4 new animated buttons!! :D I've also added a 15,000 hit graphic!! (And I've added it about 450 hits too late... X_x;; ....Baka. ><*) I've also done a new header and a new "Email Me" button on the main page!

03-15-04 - FANART UPDATE!!! XD I've just finished adding 4 InuYasha pics (1 of Kirara & Sango and 3 of Kouga, the Wolf-Demon... ^^;;), one Sailor Moon pic of Lead Crow, and a YuGiOh fanart of all the Dark Magicians (3 Dark Magicians, the DM Girl, and the Magician of Black Chaos!)!!!!! I'm really impressed with one of my Kougas, it's a snazzy CG that took me about 12 hours to do!! My next big update should be a whole stack of cels... and maybe a regular fanart and a CG or two. ^^ That should be relatively soon, too, since this week is Spring Break... (WAAAA-HOOO!!!! XD)

02-29-04 - Added a "Fanlistings" section (It was previously only on my Zim site), and I'm working on getting some new fanart up!! BIG InuYasha update coming!! :D

02-21-04 - I finally got off my butt to do some site maintainance! ^^;; I weeded through the "cliques" section to pick out the ones that didn't exist anymore (unless I really liked the clique, in which case I left it up even if the clique doesn't exist anymore... ^^;;;;;;) New fanart coming soon!! ^^

02-16-04 - Well, after a not-too-surprisingly-sucky Valentine's Day, I've finally updated!! HALLELUJAH!! :P I've added 4 YuGiOh pics (um, I think it was 4... 0.o), one new InuYasha CG pic, one new Slayers CG, and- TADA!!- A NEW SAILOR MOON PIC!!! :D Go check out the Sailor Moon "Goddess Series" gallery for my new Sailor Mars CG!!!!

01-09-04 - Hiya! ^^ There's gonna be a nice mostly-CG update coming soon! ^^ I've got one YuGiOh CG so far that is the best CG I've ever done! XD It's even framed and hanging on my bedroom wall! ^^ I've also gotten started doing some YGO semi-hentai fanart (uh-oh... 0.o), but I won't be putting it up on the site. *cries* I can't! Danged free servers, won't let you put anything good up... ><* Nah, just kidding, I'm trying to keep this as close to an "all-ages" site as I can (despite how I've probably already screwed that one up... :P). If you want, though, just email me, and I'll send ya links to the yummy pics... :P

01-03-04 - GOMEN NE, MIN'NA!!! X_x;; I had a wreck of a holiday season (I spent half of Christmas morning in the E.R. getting diagnosed with the flu... :6 Thankfully, it's almost completely over with now!) Anyways, time for a HUGE update!! :D I added one new Tenchi CG, a new Slayers cel, a new InuYasha pic of Miroku (the hentai monk, yayness!! ^^ Haha!), a WHOLE NEW GALLERY (whoooo!! Go see the "Other Anime Art" section!! XD), and a TON of new YuGiOh chibi sculptures and a few pics there too!! :P I also had to break off the YGO fancels and put 'em on a seperate page... 0.o

11-28-03 - Wheeee, I've been so tied up with college and the danged holidays... X_x;; (Hope y'all's Thanksgiving was less of a pain in the you-know-what than mine was... *slumps head down on keyboard*) Anyways, I've just about finished a HUGE batch of new fancels (I think there's 10), and a couple of new CGs, so I should have everything up this week! ^^;;

11-07-03 - Added some new Slayers art, an InuYasha pic, and a few new YuGiOhs! ^^ I just finished up a NICE YGO pic of Mako (^_^;;) swimming that took about 12 hours to do in Photoshop... X_x I'll get that one up soon! ^^

10-04-03 - Well, I'm re-doing parts of the site (so if you come across a broken link or broken image or somthing, don't freak I'm sure you would anyway. *snorts*) Anyways, I've added a CUTE new adoption! ^_^ Thanks J. Sims!!!! :P I've also got a couple of new Slayers drawings to get up! ^^

09-26-03 - *laughs nervously with a sweatdrop* Why can't I actually post something here when I update...? ^^;; I've probably actually put up new artwork 3 times since my last entry! Anyways, I've put up a TON of new YuGiOh art (and my latest YGO painting!!!) and one Oh My Goddess CG pic! ^^ I've also become the "first keeper of Mako Tsunami" at "Tribute to the Handsome" and even ordered a kakkoii plushie of Mako-kun (THANKS SETSUNA & HARUKA!!!!! :D)! Heh, I'm such a pathetic fangirl... ^^;;

09-01-03 - I've FINALLY got my pics of my anime lamp up! ^_^ It's the first link in the "Sailor Moose" menu. The lamp is one that I hand-made in Ceramics class and has little SD/Chibi anime characters around it! :D I've also put up a bit of new YGO fanart and I have a new YGO painting that I need to get up sometime... 9_9

08-14-03 - I've got quite a bit of new YuGiOh fanart that should be up in the next couple of days! Also, I've added a few new quiz awards and a new affilliate!! :D

07-25-03 - I've actually updated before now, but my computer keeps freezing up on me before I can post an update entry!! ><* Anyways, TONS of new fanart added (6 Yugioh drawings, 6 Yugioh cels, and one new InuYasha pic!! :D) I've also asked "Tribute to the Handsome" to be an affilliate of mine, and I've applied for a couple of cliques! ^_^

07-06-03 - Moose's Art Galleries won another award!!! :D Arigatou Millennium Magic! ^_^ I'm alwo re-working my YGO fanfic, but I have added some new YGO fanart! ^_^

06-20-03 - Added a new link, one to the Anime Fanlisting Network (since I'm in charge of 4 anime FLs) I've also finished a YuGiOh fanfic and I hope to have some new fanart soon!

05-14-03 - 2 new YuGiOh pics! What's funny is that both of them have the character Mako Tsunami in them... 0_o

05-03-03 - M'kay, today's update consists of 3 new YuGiOh pics (1 drawing, 2 cels), some new awards, and a new clique!

04-27-03 - *insert evil laughter* NEW LAYOUT!!! FINALLY!!!!! :D Took me long enough, didn't it? :P I made all the little "Egyptian Senshi" menu icons too, based on some sprites from KatC's!

04-21-03 - WHOO-HOO!! I've finished my first commission, I've finished a 7-page research paper on the "Mona Lisa", I've finished all my work for the Spring Art Exibit at college, and I'm finally almost over being sick!!! I HAVE TIME TO DRAW AGAIN!!!! :D (I also put up 3 new YuGiOh pics!)

04-09-03 - I've added several new YGO pics since my last update! ^_^ Go see my new series where I pair a YuGiOh character with an Egyptian god with a similar personality to thiers'!

03-15-03 - 3 new YuGiOh cels!! I've just added "Yami Bakura", "Giza", and "Eerie Malik" cels! ^_^

03-08-03 - SQUEE!!! Lots of new YGO fanart! I've added 2 new drawings (Yami Bakura and Isis) and 4 new cels!! ^_^

02-28-03 - Whee-hee! I won another award!! ^_^ New artwork coming soon, by the way!

02-23-03 - Gomen ne, sorry it took me so long, but I finally got my new YuGiOh drawings up!!!! I added around 7 new pics... 0_o;; Also, I just found the rest of my Sailor Moon artwork, so I should have the rest of it up soon!! (Hey, I've got 4 HUGE 3-ring notebooks FULL of artwork, it's tough to keep track of it all... :P)

02-20-03 - I need to get my new YuGiOh pics up, I should have them up in a day or two! I have a neat Blue-Eyes White Dragon pic to get up, as well as a pic of "Chibi YuGiOh" characters with their names in heiroglyphics!! I plan to have my new pics up by the end of the weekend, so check back! I also re-vamped my "Link Me" page with all new banners and added a couple of new cliques!! :D

01-25-03 - I have several new pieces (mostly cels) that I'm putting the finishing touches on, so they should be up soon! I also re-did the main menu.

01-20-03 - I've got another new Yu-Gi-Oh drawing that I need to get put up, so you can expect that one in the next day or two! This update, though, I weeded through some of my awards pages to pick out the broken images (and fix the ones that"fixable"?...0_o...)

01-15-03 - I've got several new Yu-Gi-Oh drawings up, and I've got all the galleries working except a few of the Sailor Moon pages! I hope to have them done by Monday the 20th (hey, I'm in college now, I have very little free time!)

01-06-03 - *sigh* Another 3am update! :P Anyways, I've totally finished uploading fanart to the Tenchi, Yu-Gi-Oh, Outlaw Star, and Oh My Goddess pages!! That just leaves me to finish up the Slayers and Sailor Moon pages!!! YAY!!! ALMOST DONE!!!!! I also did a new splash page graphic!!

01-04-03 - OH...MY...GOD....(dess... ^^) I AM SO TIRED!!!!!!!!!!! I've been uploading, checking, and re-checking the new gallery layouts for the past...I dunno... 'bout 5 hours... (all of the layouts are up and running, I've just gotta get the fanart up) My back is killing me, it's 3:12 am, and I feel like going to the nearest lake and just jumping in! >_< Ah, well. At least all I gotta do is upload the rest of my fanart and the Galleries'll be up and running again!! ^_^

03-21-02 - Still tearing apart my site (actually, I've already torn it apart, now I'm just trying to duct tape it back together... ^_~) Anyways, I'm going to be updating several times a week by re-uploading the fanart, but I'm not going to list any of my repair-related updates here, since that would just be rather pointless, as I'm working on this about every other day...!

02-21-02 - Sorry for the insane lack of updates recently, but I'm having to clean up my site a little and delete some things (I've almost used up almost all of my bandwidth). I'm also working on a BUNCH of new fancels and I'm selling some of them to my dad (I NEED VACATION MONEY!! I'm going to Hawaii! ^_^ ) I'll put them up soon, I just need to make some more backgrounds for them this weekend!

01-30-02 - Took down almost all of my fancels...and put them back up with BACKGROUNDS!!!!!! YAY!!!

1-27-02 - *sigh* FINALLY!!! I've been working on a very gorgeous pic of the inners in these elegant prom-like dresses. Click here to see it!! (it's the first one of the page)

1-26-02 - YAY!!! Finally got that ultra-kawaii Iron Mouse fancel up!!! Go see it!!

1-20-02 (later that evening) Ahh... much better. I'm well rested and a lot more pleasant now! Anyways, I'm REALLY LOW on webspace, and I'm supporting 2 fanart sites on one server, so I had to go through and weed out some of my not-as-good SM art. Sorry! -_-* I hate it too... (consoles her upset fans...all two of them...)

1-20-02 Hm. Not much today either. I added a cool section for Mizuki's fanart, and a link to my other site, but that's about it. Well, if you'll excuse me, it's 4:30 am, and I'm pooped. G'night...*collapses asleep on her keyboard*

1-15-02 I added a drawing of Amy in the bathtub to the Goddess Senshi section! Check it out!

1-9-02 MAJOR update!!! I added 2 new SM goddess drawings and an ENTIRE SECTION of SM fancels!

1-6-02 Yippee!! First update of the New Year!!! Took me long enough, didn't it? Anyhow, I just got 2 new awards! Thank you NTFC!!!!! I've also got 4 SM fancels I just finished and I'll put them up as soon as I can paint some backgrounds for them!

12-29-01 One new Zim...and about a half-a-dozen SM ones that I need to get my butt in gear and scan...

12-27-01 2 new pieces up! One under a new link for "Fanart by Angel" of Belldandy and one new Zim!!

12-23-01 Yay! 2 new SM Goddess drawings!! Lita and Pluto!!!

12-21-01 (actually, it's 12:13 am, so it's technically the 22nd) - Whoooooo!!! Finally finished that Zim picture I've been working so hard on!!! Check out the one of Prof. Membrane's TV show to see it!!!! I'm pretty happy with it!!!

12-21-01 - Added some really cool music to the Egyptian Senshi's biography pages!!!

12-20-01 - 2 more Zim pics!!!! Yay! And I'm still working on that one really good one!! (hope to have it up soon)

12-19-01 - Whee! Another Zim! I'm up to 6 drawings and 1 fancel now!!! Yay! And I'm still working on one really good one!! (hope to have it up soon)

12-16-01 - Yay! 2 new Zim drawings up and I've got 2 more that I'm working very hard on!! Don't expect 'em until later this week, because of my final exams... X_x Also finally opened the Sailor Venus section with 6 drawings!!!

12-12-01 - Added everything I have drawn to the Outlaw Star collection and I've started on my "Invader ZIM" page (Yes, I know it's a Nickelodeon cartoon and not even remotely related to Anime, but I don't care. I'm from America, so I like some American cartoons. Deal with it.) : P

12-11-01 - New splash page!!! For a limited time only, while supplies last!! Batteries not included...

12-5-01 - Added biographical info to Bastet, Horus, Isis, and Nepthys!!!

12-4-01 - Finally got some stuff up for Sailor Anubis!! Aren't you proud of me? '_'

12-2-01 - Added the "Goddess Senshi" section!!!

11-29-01 - Added a layout for the Amazon Quartet!!

11-28-01 - Added Mars', Neptune's, Starlights', & Cats' layouts!!

11-27-01 - Um...not sure if I told you all of the SM art pages I have new layouts on... I have Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, and the group pictures. The rest are coming soon!!!

11-26-01 - I hope to write up the bio information on the Egyptian Senshi tonight, since I finally bought a book of Japanese words (so I can do their Japanese names!!! ^_^) By the way, I'm in my last school class of the day and on the way to this class I almost ran smack into a ladybug flying in the library. What on Earth it was doing in there, I have no idea (and if anybody e-mails me saying it was reading or doing its homework, I'll be mad...). Heck, how in the world did it get in the library??

11-17-01 - Yay! Got rid of some of my horrible "layouts" in the SM art section and put up some awesome new layouts with some neat effects and cool music!!! They look great!! (I did Moon, Mercury, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, and the Group section)

11-14-01 - WOO-HOO!!! Finally a major update!!! (Well, sorta...) Added 3 new games and I added a new section to my fanart page: Ah! My Goddess!! I only have one drawing up right now, but I have several SM pics to scan! v_v* I'll never get caught up with this stuff...

10-28-01 - Finally added some new stuff for the newest Egyptian Senshi's info pages (Bastet, Isis, Nepthys, Seth, & Thoth)!! Still only mythology stuff up right now...

10-19-01 - New layout @ Sailor Moose's section!! Check it out!!

10-13-01 - YES!!! I FINALLY GOT MY STUPID COMPUTER FIXED!!!!!!!! I fixed a few various things, reorganized a few links, and touched up a few loose ends. I had to totally delete & reinstall Windows, so whatever files I couldn't save (and those I did still aren't copied over to my new system yet) were destroyed, so probably no major updates for a while...

9-11-01 - On a serious note today, I added a special segment on my Dedication page to mention the WTC (World Trade Center) disaster in New York City and the Pentagon incident in Washington DC. For those that don't know, 4 commercial planes have been hijacked. 2 were driven directly into the WTC buildings, causing them to completely collapse, one flew into the Pentagon, destroying one side of it, and another crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

9-6-01 - Oops!! I forgot to say that I finally got the Outlaw Star page up! ^_^ Oh, yeah, about my worthless computer... something happened to it and now I have to have the computer guy re-install Windows, which means I'm gonna lose all my files!!!!! I hate that piece of junk... which is why I haven't updated in, like, a week, since I can almost not access my files... *grrrr*

8-27-01 - Well, it finally happened. My computer's on the fritz (again X_x). No updates for a while, since I obviously can't get to my files right now. I'm actually using one of the PC's in my Computer Applications class to type this, so I'll just have to let you know when I get the annoying piece of junk fixed... UNGRATEFUL MACHINE!!! *guys run in and put her in a straight-jacket right before she throws the monitor out the window*

8-22-01 - Y'all are gonna be sooo proud of me!! I finall got my lazy butt in gear and started on the Egyptian Senshi's info pages! I got all the mythological background info us and some cool pics!

8-16-01 - Ugh... I'm at school right now during the last class of the day (I've got 15 minutes 'till the end of school, then I get to go to a Beta Club meeting. I have to go. I'm the Vice-President.). I have nothing better to do, so why not tell you about my next update?? (it should be tomorrow night) I have an awesome new picture of Eternal Sailor Moon that I'm almost finished with, and I'll have it and about 4 others to put up along with getting that Outlaw Star section up! But right now, I've got a really painful sinus-headache, so, see ya... *takes 8 Tylenol & heads for bed*

8-15-01 - GAAH!!! Almost 2 weeks without an update!! For shame!! Anyways, I put up 5 more awards I won (^_^) and I'm working on getting that Outlaw Star section up and running!

8-2-01 - Well, actually I'd kinda count it as Aug. 1st, but it is 1:26 a.m., so I guess technically it's Thursday...whatever. Anyways, just wanted to let y'all (I'm southern & proud of it, dagnabbit!) know that I just got a new E-Mail address (yes, another one). It's Yeah, I know. "Fisheye?! What are you thinkin'??" *thinks about that...*...ya know, that's a good question, and here's the answer:
I don't know.

7-31-01 - Hi! Just a few minor updates today, a couple of links added and I finally got that new pic of the Amazon Trio up (the one that I finished 3 days ago *_*)! Hey, guess what? I just got finished re-programming my uncle's TV and got $20 for it! I could make a business out of this!! (Most of the channels wouldn't come up. He said his friend tried to fix it for 3 hours and ended up knocking the sound out. ^_^ I fixed it in less than a half hour!)

7-29&30-01 - BIG update today, people!! Added the entire Games section! There's one game for each inner and outer senshi (no Chibi-Moon yet, though)!!

7-28-01 - Horus is now guarding my new boyfriend in her part of my world. I told her not to drive him too crazy...

7-27-01 - Won another award (yay!) & I ACTUALLY HAVE A FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Thank you, Debbie!!! ^_^ ) Ahem!, I'm also working on a very cool drawing of the Amazon Trio (or at least I hope it'll be cool. Right now it's going pretty good, but it's still in the early stages...!)

7-26-01 - Couldn't update today, sorry! I had to go and get my license this morning and after that I had to go by my school to fix a scheduling conflict (don't ask) and get a parking permit so I can drive to school this year. YAY, I'M FINALLY A SENIOR!!!!!!!!

7-25-01 - Started working on the Egyptian Senshi's info pages. Other than that, not much

7-24-01 - After a short hiatus, I'm back! (Hey, it's hard to update your site while you're @ work on a computer with NONE of your files on it.) Anyways, I just did 4 new drawings (2 of Jupiter, 1 under "Groups", and a very cool Starlights one!), I won 2 new awards, and joined a few new cliques & clubs!

7-17-01 - Just a few minor updates, added a few links and such. Also joined a few cliques.

7-16-01 - Yeah!! I just found out I won 3rd place in The Moon Kingdom's June fanart contest!! Considering I'm at "work" right now and not on my computer, I'll get the award for it up soon!

7-15-01 - Aaarrgh!! I've gotta go back to work tomorrow!!! Dangit. Heck, I'm gettin 8 bucks an hour for it, so why'm I whinin'? Anyways, I got another 2 awards for my site! Also tossed up some new art pieces in the SM Group and Doom Tree categories and I also tried to do a major overhaul to make that pathetic menu a little better! See ya!

7-13-01 - Yay! Friday the 13th!!! X_x I'm actually so unlucky throughout the year that that's usually my luckiest day. Go fig. *sigh* I'm actually at "work" typing this... Dad's got me doing secretary work at his insurance agency (heaven help me, I'm dying of boredom). Anyways, I got a new award for my site!! That makes, thirty-something, I lost count...whatever. See ya. Zzzzzzzz.....

7-12-01 - Sorry folks, my keyboard started freaking out on me last night, but I fixed it! Something in the connection between the cord and the hard drive. Anyways, this is the updates, not tech support, so on to what you came here for! I put some great new fanart by Zack up (you can see more at his site!). Also, I got a cute new pic up in the Deathbusters section of Prof. Tomoe!

7-9-01 - Fixed the link to the Starlights Art page (Don't you just hate it when you type it only to find you're off by one darned letter?!) x_x Also put up Saturn, Pluto's, and the Animates' pages!!!

7-5-01 - Added a great Neo-Queen Serenity drawing to Sailor Moon's page!

7-4-01 - Opened Sailor Moon's page with 5 drawings!

6-27-01 - Added pics to the Dark Moon page (added to Black Lady's page), and created the Starlights page! Also updated My Info.

6-24-01 - Got back from vacation and I have 11 new drawings to put up! I'll have 'em up probably by tomorrow night!

6-15-01 - Won another award and was accepted into "Allan's Greatest Websites on the 'Net" webring, a ring for 5-star sites! Last update for about a week.

6-14-01 - Added new artwork in the Sailor Moon Art sections "Manga" and "Deathbusters". Also I was invited to join "Allan's Greatest Websites on the Net" (Ring Navigation Bar can be found on the "Webrings" page). Also recieved 2 new awards!

6-13-01 - Got my hair cut like Haruka's! Actually, I have dark hair, so it looks more like Amy's... or Yaten without the ponytail... "What does that have to do with your site?" you ask? *thinks for a long time* Umm...nothing, really...but ain't it cool? *sweatdrop*.

6-12-01 - Added pics to the SM Art "Amazonness Quartet" page.