About the Piccys
Okay, I don't have many (erm, actually, "hardly any" would be a better choice of words) InuYasha fanart right now, but I'm working on it!! ^_^;; *huge sweatdrop*

Note: "Poor Miroku!" is my first YGO/InuYasha crossover, featuring my 2 favorite anime bishies!!!!! (Apparently, there's a "genius" gene in the Takahashi family line... Kazuki created YGO, Rumiko created InuYasha!) Miroku's habit of grabbing girls' butts kind of backfires here, apparently, since he misses his target here...!
Another note: "1000 DeviantArt Hits" is a "Thank You" pic for my first 1000 visitors to my gallery at Deviantart that features me & my 3 fave bishies! XD (Uh oh, looks like Miroku's about to try to eliminate some competition!! 0_o;;)
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