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Don's Greyhound Bus Memories

1936 scene at Central Greyhound Lines Long Island City, NY garage. left to right, 1936 Yellow Coach 719 (NEGL), 1935 Yellow Coach 843 (PennGL), 1934 Yellow Coach 788 (CGL), 1932 Yellow Coach 670 (PennGL), 1931 Yellow Coach 649 (NEGL) and 1930 Yellow Coach 376 (Penn)...

Welcome to Don's Greyhound Bus Memories. This is a collection of my work of more than 67 years. I received my first photos from Yellow Coach of a Pacific Greyhound Lines model 788. I was 12 years old then, and now have over 5000 Greyhound and predecessor companies photos, including pooling carriers, and about 200 post cards, dating from mid 1920's. I also have over 200 photos of several Trailways companies.

Donald Coffin

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[B1] Belvidere Junction,NJ Greyhound Post House on US Route 46. Buses in picture, top - Great Eastern White, bottom right-Eastern Greyhound Lines 1932 Yellow Coach 670, and left looks like a Martz's Reo.

[B2] Central Greyhound Lines of New York 1932 Yellow Coach 670 at Belvidere Junction, NJ Greyhound Post House...

[B3] 1945 scene at Belvidere Junction Greyhound Post House sporting a Yellow Coach 743 and a prewar Silversides headed for New York City....

[B4] Belvidere Junction,NJ same location without buses.

[B5] 1955 nite view of Belvidere Junction Post House.

[B6] Maiden trip of Central Greyhound Lines of New York 10 Yellow Coach PDG-4101, #1143 at Belvidere Junction Greyhound Post House, Don took picture and was a passenger on this Buffalo to New York City overnite run.

[B7] 1931 Penn. Motor Coach terminal, 33rd to 34th streets, NYC, showing a head view of 1929 Yellow Coach model Y of PRT, Penn, Rapid Transit, fore runner to Penn. Greyhound Lines...PGL's 719's were actually operated by PRT and numbered in 3200 series, where PGL's 743's were year numbered because Greyhound Management Corp. had bought out PRT by 1937....

[B7a] NYC 1930 Scene at 34th Street Midtown Greyhound Bus Terminal with several makes of buses shown.

[B7b] NYC Greyhound Bus Terminal on 34th St. in the mid 1930's

[B8] 1936 view of same terminal with a 1936 Yellow Coach 719 in lane #1...

[B9] 1925 Greyhound Lines Fageol...

[B10] 1930 Pacific Greyound Will at Wells, Nevada...

[B11] 1929 Greyhound Lines Twin Coach at Irish Hills, Michigan...

[B12] Regina, Saskatchewan Greyhound bus depot with 3 buses, circa 1935...

[B13] Conneaut, Ohio Greyhound bus station with Eastern Greyhound 1932 Yellow Coach model 670 bus...

[B14] Richmond Greyhound's Falmouth. Va rest stop with 2 Yellow Coach buses parked in front...

[B15] Maine Greyhound 1948 ACF IC/ 41 at old Maine Central's Portland garage...

[B16] Penn. Greyhound #P-5448 Scenicruiser at West Palm Beach, FL. terminal....

[B17] 1949 ACF deck and a half luxury one of a kind coach...

[B18] Mid 1970 MCI MC-8 Greyhound Lines of Canada....

[B19] 1978 Hotard Coachs MCI MC8 coach....

[B20] 1988 Greyhound Eagle model 15, #7949...

[B21] 1969 MCI MC-6 GLW #7342 in bi centenial colors...

[B22] 1980 Hotard Coaches MCI MC-9...

[B23] Gray Coach MCI MC-9 with bi-fold doors and large GC lettering on all white sides...

[B24] Greyhound Lines of Canada MCI MC-9 Scenicruiser II

[B25] 1934 Northland Greyhound Yellow Coach model 788, in Chester Park Bowl, Duluth, Minn.

[B26] Greyhound Post House at Lebanon, MO with 1-743 and 2-Aerocoachs...

[B27] Bus loading area at Fort Ord, CA with 7- 1930 Yellow Coach Model 376's...

[B28] Sacramento Northern Depot at Chico, CA with a 743 and a pre-war silversides..

[B29] Peggy Ann Greyhound Rest Stop at Rockwood Tenn.

[B30] Greyhound Bus Station and Post House Cafeteria at Fresno, CA...

[B31] Houston,TX art deco Greyhound Bus Station...

[B32] 1986 MCI 102A3, #1534 at present Greyhound Los Angeles, CA terminal...

[B33] 1935 Penn. Greyhound Yellow Coach model 843 at Uncle Toms Cabin & Bald Eagle Lookout West of State College,Pa...

[B34] Winter scene at Corry, PA Post House with Central Greyhound Lines of New York 743...

[B35] Same place in mid-summer with 3 - 743s and a steamliner, all CGNY ...

[B36] Overland Greyhound bus terminal at Omaha, Nebraska...

[B37] Greyhound Post House at Effingham, IL when first opened...

[B38] Same Post House with 1938 air conditioned 743 at entrance...

[B39] Same Post House with 4104 at entrance and Scenicruiser in side driveway...

[B40] Same Post House with Scenicruiser at front entrance...

[B41] Same Post House with 4106 at front entrance...

[B42] Gateway Greyhound Post House at Bedford, PA on Lincoln Highway, with 1937 - 743 and a 1932 Yellow Coach 670

[B43] Greyhound Bus Depot, old Union Bus depot at Cheyenne,Wyoming...

[B44] Union Bus Depot at Cheyenne with a 1937 Union Paific Stages Yellow Coach 743 at loading dock....

[B45] Same location with added cafeteria and a Scenicrusier at a loading dock...

[B46] Same location with a Union Pacific Stages 1939 Yellow Coach PG-2902 and 2 Yellow Coach Streamliners...

[B47] Same location shown at night among surrounding buildings including RR station...

[B48] Greyhound Post House at Coldwater, MI when new...

[B49] Same location with new 1953 GM PD-4104...

[B50] Art Decco Cincinnati, Ohio Greyhound Bus Terminal...

[B51] Another view of same terminal...

[B52] Flomaton, Alabama, Atlantic Greyhound depot and reststop with a 743 and post war Silversides...

[B53] Omaha, Nebraska Greyhound Bus Depot,1974...

[B54] Central Greyhound Lines, C-29, post war Silversides at Port Allegany, PA, Post House...

[B55] Pacific Greyhound's Gila Bend, AZ agency and rest stop...

[B56] Port Allegany, PA Greyhound Post House when new

[B57] Langlois, Oregon Greyhound bus stop with two 743's parked at gas pumps

[B58] Greyhound Bus Terminal on Jefferson Ave Toledo Ohio

[B59] MC-7 Greyhound Super Scenicruiser at Greyhound's Cheyenne, WY Bus Depot.

[B60] Pacific Greyhound's Lane's Redwood Flat California rest stop.  

[B61] Same location showing a YC 843 and YC 743.

[B62] Same location showing two YC 743's.

[B63] Same location showing a 1941 Y.C. PDG 4101 Silversides bus.

[B64] Same location showing an Aerocoach and a 1947/48 ACF IC-41 bus.  

[B65] Canadian Greyhound Lines Greyhound Wayside Inn at Talbotville, Ontario.  

[B66] Same location, different view with same three YC Cruisers.

[B67] Greyhound Bus Station in Jackson Tn.

[B68] Greyhound Post House at Towanda, PA showing a CGNY 1937 YC 743.

[B69] 1930 view of three different Greyhound YC models at Utica, NY.

[B70] Lincoln group of buildings at 1933 Century of Progress Fair, Chicago showing last model of Will bus built.

[B71] Scenicruiser in new 1961 paint scheme with bold GREYHOUND lettering and 2 gold stripes.

[B72] Different view of same Scenicruiser.

[B73] Full side view of same Scenicruiser.

[B74] Side/rear view of same Scenicruiser

[B75] Old Spokane, Wa. Greyhound Bus Terminal

[B76] Little Lake at lower end of Alabama Hills, CA

[B77] Los Angles California Greyhound Bus Terminal at Night

[B78] Blue Bay Bridge over Lake Coeur D'Alene in North Idaho...

[B79] Saginaw, Michigan Greyhound Depot

[B80] Santa Rosa, CA. Greyhound Post House and Depot.

[B81] Greyhound Bus Terminal - Broadway and Delmar, St.Louis, MO.

[B82] Newer St.Louis, MO. terminal and Post House.

[B83] Greyhound Post House at Standish, Michigan.

[B84] Martz Depot at American House, Stroudsburg, PA.

[B85] Central Greyhound Lines terminal at Syracuse, N.Y.

[B86] Greyhound meal stop at Clearview Restaurant, Wainsfleet, Ontario, Canada.

[B87] Wheeling, West Virginia Greyhound Terminal.

[B88] Southeastern Greyhound's Halfway House Restaurant at Williamstown, KY with an ACF 37P bus.

[B89] Different view of same location with an ACF 29PB SEGL bus.

[B90] 1929 Mitten (Tours) Management Yellow Coach Y Gas Electric bus.

[B91] 1936 Great Lakes Expostion White tractor and trailer bus at Cleveland, Ohio.

[B92] SEGL 1935 White model 54A, bus #810...

[B93] SEGL 1936 ACF H-9-P bus.

[B94] MCI MC-5A operated by Trans Canada Highway Tours, owned By Greyhound Lines of Canada.

[B95] 1986 MC 102A3, #811 of Greyhound Lines of Canada.

[B96] MC 102C3 of Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma Stages.

[B97] 1964-65 New York Worlds Fair showing 1 GM Greyhound Sightseing Fishbowl suburban and 4 GM Greyhound Fishbowl transits...

[B98] Another Worlds Fair scene showing 2 GM Greyhound Sightseeing buses.

[B99] Another Worlds Fair scene, showing 3 Kalamazoo 3 passenger Escorters.

[B100] Another Worlds Fair scene, showing a head on view of an Escorter.

[B101] Another Worlds Fair scene, showing another Escorter.

[B102] Another Worlds Fair scene, with a full side view of one car of a Glide-A-Ride trains.

[B103] Another Worlds Fair scene, showing a compete train.

[B104] Another Worlds Fair scene with a rear view of a train.

[B105] Greyhound Lines of Canada 1982 MC-9 Combo, 31 pass., extra fog lights mounted behind front bumper.

[B106] Detroit terminal built during 1960's.

[B107] Greyhound bus depot at Detroit Lakes, Minn.

[B108] 1960's Detroit terminal with a Scenicruiser, a 4104 and a 4106 parked in front.

[B109] Greyhound and Great Eastern's rest stop east of Evertt, PA., showing a 1931 Penna.Greyhound Yellow Coach model 649 and a 1932 model 670.

[B110] Old Great Lakes Greyhound Detroit bus station.

[B111] Same terminal when owned jointly by Blue Goose and Greyhound.

[B112] El Paso Texas depot at Knox Hotel.(See [B123] for another view of same depot)

[B113] Union Bus Depot at Edmonton, Alberta.

[B114] Greyhound rest stop at Desert Center, CA.

[B115] Southwestern Greyhound Bus Terminal at Fort Worth, TX.

[B116] Greyhound Bus Terminal, Fort Wayne, Ind.

[B117} Greyhound Bus Terminal at Billings, Montana.

[118] Canadian Greyhound rest stop at Cadilac Hotel, Blenhaim, Ontario, Canada.

[B119] Greyhound Bus Terminal, Dayton Ohio.

[B120] ) Fields Greyhound Halfway House, between Asheville & Knoxville.                    

[B121] Greyhound Bus Depot, Amarillo, TX.

[B122] Greyhound Bus Terminal, Atlanta, GA.

[B123] A Full Street View of The El Paso Texas Bus Depot.(See [B112] for another view of same depot)

[B124] Terminal Hotel at Easton, PA.

[B125] Maine Central 1948 ACF-IC/41 682 before Greyhound take over.

[B126] Teche Lines 1931 Mack at City Park, New Orleans, LA.

[B127] Three new 1931 Yellow Coach model 646 during delivery to Eastern Greyhound Lines of New York at Deer Trail Rest.

[B128] Two Pennsylvania Greyhound 1935 Yellow Coach model 843's at Riverside Inn, Coshocton,Ohio.

[B129] Nite scene of Detroit Blue Goose and Greyhound-see [B111] .

[B130] Aerial view of Greyhound Key, FL. Post House, Restaurant and cabins.

[B131] Same location showing an Aerocoach bus.

[B132] Same location showing 2 ACF IC/41's.

[B133] Same location showing a Silversides.

[B134] Same location showing a GM PD-4103.          

[B135] Same location showing a GM PD-4104.

[B136] Green Farms Greyhound Post House at Westport, CT.

[B137] Another view of same location.

[B138] 2 Greyhound Fageols leaving Klinger Lake, MI., lunch stop.

[B139] 4 parked Fageol's at same lunch stop.  

[B140] One of Four, Old North Coast Lines System's Chehalis, WA terminal, with a 1941 Kenworth model 610 with a Hall Scott engine.

[B141] Two of Four, Old North Coast Lines System's Chehalis, WA terminal and mtce center (note rear end of bus protruding from garage door opening far left of picture...left bus is a 1931 Heiser built from the ground up with a Hall-Scott pan cake engine, only one, as far as I know, #600.Bus on right is a 1935 Kenworth KHO 33 with a Heiser Body.

[B142] Three of Four, Old North Coast Lines System's Chehalis, WA terminal, showing a Silversides

[B142a] Four of four, Old North Coast Lines System's Chehalis, WA terminal, with 2 Kenworth W-1's painted in Greyhound livery.

[B143] Washington Motor Coach's Trout Valley Lodge rest stop showing a YC 743.

[B144] Ride the Greyhounds (a YC 743) and see Arizona.

[B145] U.N. headquarters at NYC with 2 Greyhound 4104's and a 4106 plus a DeCmp Bus Lines fishbowl parked in front.    

[B146] 1957 Mack MV-620 completely restored during 1990 by Royal Coach of Mechanicsburg, PA.

[B147] Golden State Dina #1190.  

[B148] Kansas City, MO Union Bus Terminal and Pickwick Hotel carrying a 1 cent stamp!!!

[B149] 1928 lake view along route of Greyhound Lines.

[B150] Downtown Duluth showing a PD-4104.

[B151] 1990 winter view of St. Paul, MN Greyhound terminal.

[B152] 1979 Greyhound Lines of Canada MC-9.

[B153] 1916 stretched Pierce Arrow with "boot" on rear.

[B154] 1936 Central Canadian Greyhound Lines Yellow Coach model 732.

[B155] Southeastern Greyhound ACF 37P at Cumberland, TN.

[B156] Trailways of Canada Prevost.

[B157] C-675 - 1954 Scenicruiser in original livery.

[B158] 2nd livery Scenicruiser #4374.

[B159] 1951 Atlantic Greyhound GM PD-4103.

[B160] 3/4 left rear view of same bus, #A-2002.

[B161] 1951 Pacific Greyhound GM PD-4103 whitesides, #2042.

[B162] 1982 Kerville Bus Co. Inc. MC-7, #V-588.

[B163] A Greyhound MC-8 rebuilt to resemble a MC-9 at Jackson, TN shops, new model # TMC-8R.

[B164] Thunder Bay, Ontario with a GLC MC-8.

[B165] GREYHOUND INN at Somerset, KY.  

[B166] Same location with a Scencruiser.        

[B167] Schulenburg, TX Greyhound station and restaurant.

[B168] Old Indio, CA Greyhound station and rest stop.

[B169] Current Indio, CA Greyhound terminal with 6 Scenicruisers, a 4103 & a 4104.

[B170] Another view of old Indio, CA with 2 Silversides.

[B171] Old Phoenix terminal, 1st st. & East Van Buren St.

[B172] Greyhound station at Selmer, TN.

[B173] Martz White 54A in front of Red Snapper Inn, Syracuse, NY

[B174] Log Cabin Greyhound Depot at Saginaw, MI.

[B175] Wooster, Ohio Greyhound Depot

[B176] Milwaukee, WI Greyhoud Depot on 7th Steet between W. Wisc. & W. Mich. Aves.

[B177] Wytheville, VA Greyhound Post House, circa 1937.

[B178] Same location with two 1937 Yellow Coach 743's, circa 1939.

[B179] Greyhound Bus Terminal at Saganaw, MI.

[B180] Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada Bus Terminal .

[B181] Another view of Niagra Falls, Ontario Canada Bus Terminal.

[B182] Another view of Saganaw MI.

[B183] Early Interstate Stage Line Co. station at Myers Hotel, Tonganoxie, Kansas, circa 1928.

[B184] Greyhound Coach House Cafeteria at Niles, MI., circa 1954.

[B185] Multnomah Falls and Lodge, Columbia River Hghwy, Oregon.

[B186] South Bend, IN. Greyhound Bus terminal, circa mid 1950's.

[B187] Cave of the Mounds, MN with 3 Northland Greyhound YC 743's.

[B188] Greyhound Bus Depopt at Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada.

[B189] Overland Greyhound Bus Depot, Sidney, Nebraska...

[B190] Jefferson Lines #1763, a 1993 MCII 102C3...

[B191] Gray Coach #2295 with Seasons Greetings from Gray Coach, a 1985 MCI-MC-8...

[B192] A 1931 Penn, Greyhound Yellow Coach model 649 at Elizabeth, NJ...

[B193] Mobile Alabama Greyhound Termial - 1988...

[B194] Pacific Greyhound 1932 Yellow Coach model 670-195, bus#214, converted to a "combo", Tahoe, CA...

[B195] Pacific Greyhound #9614, 1965 GM TDM5303-018...

[B196] Greyhound Lines 1996 MCII D3 #1020 at NYC service yard - 1998.

[B197] This Bus was parked on the lot of a small charter company outside of Astoria, OR. The letters GREYHOUND has been painted over.

[B198] Raz Transportation in Portland, OR, ran International/Thomas school buses Buses in Greyhound livery. bought new for the occasion. 

[B199] 1986 MCI-102A3 Greyhound bus #1631.

[B200] Greyhound Super Scencruser, in New Orleans the poster says 1973.

[B201] Birmingham Greyhound Station

[B202] 1940/41 Yellow Coach PDG or PGG- 3701's, probably operated by Southwestern Greyhound can tell the 3701s from the 4101s by the side window count excluding the last small window, 8 for the 3701 and 9 for the 4101 with the first window being a half size of window #2..the 3701's were 33 ft long and the 4101's were 35 ft in length.

[B203] 1929 Will (WMC) model NBT with an Eckland body..

[B204] Greyhound Lines #3013 GM PD-4104 carry the U.S. Mail.

[B205] Pendleton Oregon Greyhound Bus Depot

[B206] A King Midget Motor Car that has been covered to look like a Greyhound Bus. It is photographed beside a regular Greyhound Bus. I have been told that this was a promotional shot and was also done with fire trucks and other types of vehicles. I have only seen the Greyhound. These were taken in the 1950's. The King Midget Motor Car was manufactured in Athens,Ohio in the late 40's and 50's. They were advertised as the 500lb car for $500.

[B207] Louisville Kentucky Greyhound Bus Terminal

[B208] Chattanooga Tn Greyhound Bus at Lookout MT.

[B209] Pacific Greyhound Lines IC-41 Bus #1641.

[B210] Greyhound Meal Stop at Rollo Missouri

[B211] 1947 Winston Salem NC Greyhoud Bus Depot

[B212] Bakersfield Ca. Greyhound Bus Station

[B213] Great Lakes Greyhound buses,mostly PDA 3702's and one YC 739.

[B214] Two 743's 3/4 rear Pacific Greyhound buses at a roadside hotel stop.

[B215} Greyhound Pepsi Suburbans WGL 5303

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Six classic Greyhound Lines intercity buses. They are (right to left) a 1914 Hupmobile - the first Greyhound intercity bus; the 1931 Mack Bus, the last with the engine in the front; the 1937 Supercoach - the first rear engine bus and first to be air conditioned; the 1947 Silversides - luxury coach of the 1940s; the 1948 ACF Brill - a post-war classic engineered for comfort, and the 1954 Scenicruiser - an innovative bi-level Raymond Loewy design offered panoramic views never before available on our highways.


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