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Many Corners of One Country

Logo: 13 Months of Sunshine. Ethiopia has 13, not 12 months in their calendar. And it's 1992, not 1999!

There are many countries in Ethiopia...

There are many reasons why we keep adding new pages. One of them is that the Haile Sellassie story is not fully told without pictures of the country. You know that Ethiopia is about a half the size of Europe -- France and Spain together. Over seventy languages and hundreds of tribes....

From our e-mail box:

Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Northridge, California
Time: 1998-06-15 05:01:21
Comments: I was searching the net for information on Ethiopian history, when I came across this site. I have become very interested in the history since my visit to Ethiopia and Eritrea in October of 1997. I started in Addis Ababa and worked my way northward. I was overwelmed by the beauty of the Highlands, the people, the ancient churches. I learned a lot about the Kings of Ethiopia, beginning with Menelik I to Haile Salasie. Being African-American I was in a way searching for a lost past. My trip to Ethiopia inspired me to search out that past. I can not describe the pride I felt when standing on the Adwa Battlefield. It was here that an African army under Menelik II had stopped the Italians from overrunning the last free African Nation. Ethiopia became the symbol of hope to the rest of Africa and the children of Africa scattered around the world. I gained a great respect for Haile Salasie when I saw old newsreel footage of him speaking to the League of Nations. A proud and unbowed man who at that time was standing alone, along with Ethiopia against fascism. Haile Salasie was not a perfect ruler, (no one is perfect but God) but I do agree he should finally be given an honorble funeral and final rest. I remember saying that when I was told in Addis Ababa about how many times his remains had been moved around. I hope with you that the present government will do right and restore some measure of dignity, and allow Haile Salasie to finally rest in peace with honor. I am glad to see that members of Haile Salasie's family have survived and are doing well. I very much enjoyed this web site. Thank you, Michael K. Houston


No, this is not a tourist page, although Ethiopia is to be a world attraction of the 21st century. When the world settles down as a real global community, this place once again will become what it was in antiquity -- the wonder land, where they believed God lives.

Nations & Nationalities of Ethiopia

1Afar 2Afar 2 3Aga 4Elder 5Garri 6Hay

1. Images from Corbis: A warrior of the Afar tribe in Ethiopia. 2. Afar Tribesman. 3. A man of the Aga tribe in Dire-Daua, Ethiopia, 1920s. 4. Konso village elder at Konso market day in Ethiopia. 5. A girl from the semi-nomadic Garri tribe, of southern Ethiopia, peers out from her headscarf, 1993. Walde Refugee Camp, northern Kenya (Howard Davies/Corbis HD001753) 6. Carrying Hay on Head, Gonder, Ethiopia (Caroline Penn/Corbis CP001462)

Addis Ababa


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This page was the first one about Ethiopia and her Cultures, now I have a new directory CULTURE! Links, Addis Ababa Page, Church... Of course, other pages -- Books, Art, Cooking -- they are also about cultural riches of Ethiopia!

Did you see our newest site ETHIOP VILLAGE? What do you think?

I'll continue to update the table of content, but most of the new pages are at Sellassie Cyber University & Museum -- go there and try the directories: History, Diaspora, Politics, Art, Rasta, Writing, Family and Black Century Project!

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If you plan to travel to Ethiopia, book your flight by yourself. In fact, you can do everything on-line, your hotel reservations, car and etc. Since we spend a number of months in Addis Ababa hotels, I should give you some idea what to expect.
If you didn't do it yet, go to Addis Ababa site. It will give you some ideas about the city. If I will get time (when?), I can post photos taken in four hotels we know: Gion, Hilton, Yordanos, Asmara. I do not give them any rating because they are good for different reasons. some, because they are cheaper, others because they are better. All takes $$ and AmExpress.
Two (Hilton, Gion) have swimming pools. All have good restaurants! (But there are many good places in the city, where you can get good dinner). Reserve a Hotel Here is the link for hotel reservations. The new Sheraton was opened after we left, but the structure looked impressive (and I suspect their prices are too).

... Well, the best converter is the street. (You can make two-three extra birrs on each dollar). We used banks only twice, most of the time our driver or even a cook did the exchange. It's safe if the sums are not big.

Ethiopian Restaurants Around the World (Full Listing)

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