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Electronic Life

From Anatoly:
During the summer (when we don't travel), I paint. For two months since the end of the Spring semester I work on this and other websites -- I believe that the WWW is only a begining of the great mutation in our means of communication with the world and ourselves. I never thought that I would be back to my high school major -- computer programming. Yes, I had my first M.A. in thermo-dymanic. I don't mind to learn another new media. This is the page for some thoughts and reflections on Web & Net.
We'd used to say "God knows!" Perhaps we should change it to "Net knows" or "Web only knows"! Foucault wrote about the panopticon, a place where you can be seen all the time. Originated by the French mind for the prison system, developed by the US Defence Department (Internet), it became the future where we all want to be -- on the Web. Who said that we need the Holy Inquisition for confessions? No, we are dying to confess! We need to be noticed! We are the exhibitionists and happy campers in the virtual Gulag! I'm one of many, I can't claim any credits for originality. BTW, the Pentagon never asked for any Nobel Peace Prize.
Sorry, I'm on the wrong web site! Those thoughts are for my different web pages, they are from the American Identity deep philosophy area...

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Web Building Links; there is a new page Business Corner with many Affiliated Programs you can see on our website. At some point I will give you my evaluation (and rating) of them.
I move all web-related links on Reference pages; the biggest is at the film site Ref Page and its sister-page Web-Self-Reference. Also, check Theatre Ref Page.
Angelfire - Reliable (5*) Free Home Pages AOL WebMaster Page Matt's Script Archive - Web Server Scripts (I'm not good in collecting links) Here is a good one Web FX
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This Cultural Excellence on the Web
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Perhaps it will take more than a page to talk about some web building and cyber-writing tips. The Internet is full of advises, but electronic screen is a radically new and completely different medium -- we don't know it. If you worked with images and photos, you know that the screen asks for a special treatment of color and brightness. The most intriguing aspect is the yet unknown relation of text and images on the screen.

Yes, this page is about (web) pages!

What I have learned doing this website and what is ahead. I teach and I work on my Theatre and Film websites: visit them -- here is a preview: New Java Design for Film Page and Java Script for Frank&Stain Front page (play). Sept. 5, 1998. Anatoly

BTW, would you like to change the bg (back ground) color of this page? Go ahead!

My biggest problem is the navigation of the site. I continue to add pages and myself feel lost. The forms of the site keep evolving, including the countless affiliation programs, which give it the appearance of a commercial site (it didn't make a dime). I decided that I'll go with what the visitors, the Web and Net, can offer. They say, make the map, focus the site and "tree it"! Oh, yes, webbing is a garden, not a super-highway!

Animated Dance
The three animation programs I used - GIF Animator, ANIMATA10 and Liquid Motion. It takes alot of time to learn the tricks. Finaly, I placed the ready-sound on all pages. The recording (".wav" files are too big, try our kids singing on the family page) and the video are next... If you see how to improve this site in design, please, send me your tips. ffaga@uaf.edu
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