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Read the story while the big animation file is downloading. The story, which Bible only mentions, but the event had a enourmous consequences. My and your lives would be different if not for this SEVENTH DAY!

The art work was done in many places -- Virginia, New York, Addis Ababa and Fairbanks. Ethiopian iconography is another "academic" subject I wish to write about. I'm trying to put together a new for me (in format) "e-book" with pictures and sounds -- "Children Prayers." Originally, I had another title "Prayers for Unspelling Curse" -- the scrolls are supposed to protect, they are visual prayers. Besides, reggae music with its mellow rhythm and soft beat has a childish mood in it. (For this page I use Mozart, the reggae is the after-the-end music). Also, the stories for the book are from the past -- the times of kings and demons, something which we consider the era of fairy tales. Maybe, I like this project because I am tired of serious writing.... E-Book? Electronic or Ethiopian? Hey, the other world, which was visible only in dreams and revelations, is like our electro-magnetic waves! You don't see pictures without tv set and can't hear radio without antenna. The electronic creatures of the past -- angels and devils, they are around, trust me.

Two Angels

Do you see the drawings the good angels are holding? Two great men God had in mind -- Daniel (left) and Solomon -- but, you know the story, one third of angels thought that humans are less in perfection than them. I didn't want to show the revolt and the fight between good and bad angels, only the two good ones holding their breath in horror of the rebels and more -- the consequences we all know about. Didn't Lucifer, their older brother, the prince of Light, see the future? Tolstoy said that eyes are the mirror of our souls, Ethiopian faces on icons have huge eyes. Realism rejects such exaggerations, but what about the reality of feelings? "Fear has big eyes," the old saying goes. Their eyes are big because it's THEIR eyes NOW! That's how they feel, my friend. Don't you think that knowing everything, including the future, you would be terrified at this moment? The Evil was born then! The rest is history -- Adam's Fall, Death, Curse, Wars....

Oy, yes, it was the moment! It was the End of everything! Before the first day of creation! End of dreams...

"Oh, no! Please, please!" cried angels....

Litning Two Angels

The colors lost their places.... the sHapEs forgot their fOrmS...

God's first creatures lost their minds....

Animated Angels

And then it became

dark, very dark

....as if before the first day....

There was no light....

all eyes became blind

Now the world had a new place to be....



Death was born and the sorrow...

....I don't remember where I saw them, the two angels, but that's what I saw after....

Now you know when the war was born....


No! Not yet!

The night before the last day of creation was very dark

when God made up his mind
The Word would be the Light!



Golden Age

His Son!

He will give the Light to the World!


and he will give him a name Adam

You know the rest of the story....

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Text, Pictures, Music, Hyper-text... How to make it work together? And even, if possible, to make it interactive! I am trying to do it with my on-line-textbooks for classes I teach. Check Lab Theatre or Film-North

The Scrolls on this page are from Paintings I and Paintings II. Time-Tree pages.

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