With Congressman Guarrini, 1985

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The New York Times 1985

New York Times 1985
NYTimes feature (right) on Esther's fundrasing in New Jersey.

I'm not sure how to organize this archive page. I have articles on Esther and my plays, art, etc. Those materials could save time introducing us and what we did. They were written for that purpose. The problem is time, it takes time to scan them and turn it into webpages.

US News & World Report Interview
Anatoly Antohin
Writer in USSR
There are a few good reviews from the eighties about my paintings (I have to scan them, too).
[Even my father brought some his clips about me from the Russian newspapers on his last visit in the Spring 1998.]



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Family'85 -- see Family-Tree II & III pages

The first year of our family,
Jersey City, 1985
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Articles (list):

Good one from The Washington Times on the relief funds misused by Mengistu government.

For our work in Russia, 1992-94, see Russian American Theatre (RAT). "American Christmass in Russia" was produced and directed for the children in Minsk and St. Petersburg. Those benefit shows were seen by thousands of Russian kids and those productions, including the New Year gifts for each child, were organized through fundraising.
We published Americans in Russia magazine (not on line yet), but this is our Russian story and belongs to The Russian Page.


The video my film-students made is not released yet (poor sound quality).

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