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History III
1974: THE FALL
The ministers were arrested. Soon over two hundred of the court were under arrest. He did nothing. He was with Ethiopia, he followed his country, he didn't lead. Tenagne Worq, the Emperor's daughter, Sarah Geew (Duchess of Harar), and the granddaughters Aida, Sarah Sebla, Sofia, Ijigayehou, alone with princesses Yeshashe Worq and Zuriash were imprisoned. (Princesses Ijigayehou, Esther's mother, and Yeshashe Worq have died in prison).
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On September 12 the Emperor's power came into the hands of the Provisional Administration Military Government (proclamation #1). The Order deposision the Emperor was Proclamation #2....

The End

1974. H.I.M. became a prisoner. The civil war began. Ethiopia was three yars away from the RED TERRORThe Dergue.

The Fall in Addis is beautiful. It's a time for Ethiopian Spring...

"This serpent, 'Arwe, was the first king, who rulled untill arrival of a stranger called 'Angabo, by who he was killed. 'Angabo rescued the maiden who was about to be sacrificed, married her, and obtained the throne... The virgin who was thus delivered from her fate was none other than Makeda, otherwise known as Aeb, who became the Queen of Sehba, Queen of the South. Scarcely had she been freed from her bonds when she accidentally stepped in the magic blood of the dragon and her feet were changed into the hooves of an ass." (Doresse 15)

The men in military uniform: the serpent, the army. The evil never dies....

"It is fashionable to assume that revolt and revolution are the product of frustrated demands for land and democratic reforms and that, in the case of Ethiopia, suppression of the 1960 coup only allowed those pressures for reform to build up to explosive level in 1974. The reality is not amenable to so simplistic an interpretation." Spencer The infamous photograph of his arrest at the palace

"The internal explanations of the revolution is to be found, not in ideology or some philosophy of liberalism or of communism, but in the secular struggle for power which has always characterized internal Ethiopian politics." Spencer

His last picture after the arrest in 1974.ArrestHe died in 1975....

"...By the end of his reign, a government structure had been brought into being that, in terms of numbers and quality of foreign-trained experts, compared with the best that Africa had to offer outside South Africa." Spencer


Not that many pictures where he smiles...

He was the biggest revolutionary Ethiopia ever had. When do we finally learn the meaning of this word "revolution"?
When will we understand that it's not an accident that after so many revolutions Africa falls deeper into tyranny and darkness? Do you understand their statementments, proclamations and manifestos? Read it again and maybe once more. Freedom? From what and for what? Equality?..

They, who know little and understand nothing, teach each other. Ignorant and silent, they became arrogant and loud. What do they say?...

Where will be their mob ideas in the next century?

Ethiopia still lives in the bloody shadow of the primitive "revolutionary" mind. Once there was Ethiopian culture, which is traded nowadays for socialism and capitalism. What did you get for your treasure, Ethiopia?

"Our era is over," said the old Emperor at the very begining of the revolution. "There is no use trying to fight the Almighty."

For History IV. 25 Years of Civil War -- to page 17.... or read Chapter 1975

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