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2004: updates!
Ethiopian Traditional Cooking Page @ Ethiop Village
Photos from the cookbook by D.J.Mesfin "Exotic Ethiopian Cooking"
-- I use it and I recommend it!
Price is 17.99 +2.00 S/H & it is avaiable at Amazon.com. Exotic Ethiopian Cooking : Sociey, Culture, Hospitality, and Traditions. Revised Extended Edition. 178 Tested Recipes. With Food Composition Tables. Over 35000 books are in circulations.

With best regards,
Daniel Jote Mesfin

Food -- New Page


If I can do it in Alaska, you can do it anywhere!


Chicken Dishes:



UTENSILS: large bowl
cooking pan
cooking pot

INGREDIENTS: 1 whole chicken
             1 cup       red onions (chopped)
             1/4 cup      red pepper (berbere)
             1 cup       butter (spiced)
             2 cups       water
             to taste      salt
             114 tsp.      black pepper
             1 Tbsp.      ginger
             1 Tbsp.      garlic

Skin chicken and cut into usual pieces. Put aside smaller pieces (neck, wings, etc.). Leave the meat attached to the bones and cut chicken into strips and put aside. In a medium pan, brown onions with one cup butter and add red pepper and stir gently. Add one cup of water at a time and stir well. Take large chicken pieces and add to cooked onions. Add salt and the rest of gingei; gadic and black pepper. Cook for 20-30 minutes adding the remaining water. In another pan boil the rest of the small pieces of chicken with some onion for 15 minutes. Remove the smaller chicken parts from the water and dip into prepared sauce. Serve hot. Good for about 6 servings. Store in refrigerator.

Yedoro Infille is best eaten with injera, and the sauce mixed with some yogurt or served by itself as a main dish.




UTENSILS: medium cooking pan
   1 1/2 cups   oil
   1 1/2 cups            red onions (chopped)
   6 medium             potatoes
   5 medium             carrots
   1 small can   tomato paste
   1 small                  cabbage
   6 medium    green peppers (chili Anaheim)
   1/4 tsp.                 garlic powder
   to taste                 salt
   1/4 tsp.                 black pepper
Cook onions in oil in a medium pan without browning.
Add tomato paste and mix well. Set aside.
Peel and slice carrots. Wash and cut cabbage into large pieces.
Add carrots and cabbage to trying onions. Stir gently and cook until tender. Peel and cut potatoes and add to the mixture. Add garlic powder and cook 30-45 minutes. Season to taste with salt and black pepper. Just before serving, slice green pefrpars lengthwise and dip into the sauce. Serve hot or cold. Makes 6 servings. Refrigerate to store.

Variations: Substitute cauliflower or broccoli for cabbage and leave out potatoes. Use bell peppers instead of hot green peppers to keep sauce mild and add a little turmeric to color. Freshly made ginger and garlic paste give excellent flavor.

Ye'atakllt AUch'a makes a tasty vegetarian dish with injera or bread and side orders of split pea sauce or lentil sauce.

A Ethiopian mini-drum, decorative. Ethiopian folk art is done mostly on goat or cow skin, see page 4 for detailed descriptions. Following traditions of Ethiopian iconography artists depict the scenes from everyday life. Naive or primitive style so popular now in the West, in Ethiopia its common.


Listing by Ethio.com, since I don't have time to check them individually. Click here to go for their listing or follow my incomplete list

Blue Nile, NYC
103 W. 77th St. at Columbus Ave
West Side, above Columbus Circle

Another one -- Sheba -- was downtown, I don't have the address.

[ the is old, could be dead links ] Addis Ababa, but address or phone number, only photo
Send me info, please
San Francisco

Also, Nyala

and Ethiopia, Berkley
and, of course,Blue Nile Boston and Three in SeattleOttawa L.A. -- many. Washington D.C. No, the best is re-direct you to other Website which alredy has it all Ethiopian Restaurants: Listing

If you want to add a restaurant in your area, please send me information. If you like to place advertisement and links to your restaurant, contact webmaster Coffee Girl - Gifts Page


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