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This is the Guide Page to the FAMILY SECTION. It was the original "Home Page" in May of 1998. Then we extended the family tree way back... and you see the results.
There is family directory @ Sellassie Cyber U. and more family-tree pages. Often we are getting requests about other branches of the royal family, but we do not have time at the moment to work on it. If you did your own research and have new information to share, please write to us -- we will put it on our webpages.

As we stated before our websites do not represent Haile Sellassie family and we include materials from the members of the family only if they willing to share them.

The House of Sellassie is concerned with the cultural issues and the goals which Haile Sellassie established long ago. This is our prime focus. You can read about our tasks and projects at The House of Sellassie.

If you want to get involved, consider subscribing to Sellassie Forum.

You might check the map of Fairbanks, our neighborhood; expecially, if you never visited our home before and need directions (for people in Fairbanks, AK).

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Our Children, Ten Years Ago
Virginia, ten years ago.

Also, the weather in Fairbanks. BTW, you can check your own weather, if you spend too much time at the screen. [ Yahoo! Weather ]

This guide is for our immidiate family; Haile Sellassie's life is under History Road (Guide Page).

There are many new pages, they are collected at NEW page. If your you would like to be on our mailing list, use the HotBot submission on Front Page. We hope in 1999 we can mail out three newsletters a year (you might see the prototypes: NewsLetter'98 and 1999)

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