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New Old Pictures

HS 1958

New photo, signed and given to Zewde Gabre-Sellassie in 1958.
He visited us in November and you can read his article Non-Ethiopian Contributions to Ethiopian Studies. "Ethiopia and Nile" will be posted on Africa Two (new page).
Zewde promised to send another paper on Adwa before he returns to Ethiopia in December.
We asked him to answer some email messages; see Guest-Page

New pages and updates are in "2005 index": Ethiopians & Rastafari (Master Cultural Anthropology Thesis).

"Oedipus ReX" -- stage production and web post-production pages.

2005 index
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Ethiopians & Rastafari

New Pages

December 1998
Old Markato (Market, Italian) We still plan to have 3 newsletters during the year (when I will master the email list), which should have all the updates. You can see Newsletter'98 prototype (Fall Edition). For now I'll place all new pages links on this page (it's almost impossible to update all the directories on all pages). The website keeps changing -- I call it "Markato" style organization (Addis Ababa open-air market, biggest in Africa), or the "forest" (not highway). Did you notice the contradiction? Web, Net and Super-Highway? No, it's true cyber jungles! With new animals and flora... You wonder and gather... (Photo, right: Old Merkato. Must be before the war.)

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There are many updated pages, including the Faimily-Tree and New Generation

Open Directory Project at dmoz.org
I'm (was) an editor for Open Directory and you can submit your links at Regional: Africa: Ethiopia: Society & People and also at Ethiopia101 or Ethiop Village (business oriented site).

Old Addis Ababa Last minute additions: Old Addis Ababa (circa 1935), mostly likely during the Italian occupation.
Yes, last minute, because I plan to move some pages to a new server and I won't be able to change our pages much. Anyway, my spring is very busy (see Theatre with Anatoly and Film-North).
Merry Christmas from our family, friends! And Happy New Year!
BTW, we celebrate it three times: first -- Western, next -- Russian (week after), and finally -- Ethiopian (another seven days)! Try it!

Oh, did you try History Quiz? (Kids said they will update it).

Many letters. If you want others to see what you write, leave your messages in our guest-book, if it's an anouncement there is a board on our front page.
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Music: Marley, Reggae, War

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