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2004: Google + Amazon
Look how "busy" are most of the pages!

Seriosly, do you see all this "stuff"?! [ I have to remove the dead links. ]

That was my first attempt at "business"...

Let me explain what went wrong. I had no experience. I put them all on!

So, let me take you though this page and show you "winners" and "losers"!

One has to go through many loses before you learn the right way to make pages.

One way or another, you have to get your own domain name:
... Are you a webmaster? At some point you will become one... and you will face a choice -- to watch or make it.

If you are to stick around with the web-building, you will discover rather soon that everything about Internet is business.

... and you better behave as a businessman.

What do I mean?

You should make web work for YOU.

Look, somebody or something should work for you. You work... why not to make the cyber space work for you the way your body does?

Knowledge is power. Electronic revolution is nothing but INFORMATION. You have it, you have the power.

Read on...

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All "business" links in this table are deleted: you have to focus on the few that do make some money (see Google ads).

There are many programs and banners on our pages, I have to organize them on this "Business Directory". Also, see Business at Sellassie Cyber University.

[ If you are looking for credits and sources of websites, images and other para-attributes of Haile Sellassie Family Web, you may check with reference page.

For five years I hadn't pay for our presence on the web. But now (2004) I do: to Yahoo (theatre), Lycos (film) and, yes, the Angelfire ( We do it, to get rid of the unrelated commercial banners all "free" sites have to suffer from.

Affiliations: it will work only if you have traffic -- thousands/day!

[ read Webman's Diary ]

Very intersting article in "Forbes": the future of the web isn't in advertising but in e-commerce. Website isn't a "page" but a store. Not just seeing but ACTION...
Again, all affiliate programs and banners exchange are relevant only to website with "high traffic" (according to "Web Garage," our website is still ranked "poor" in popularity, ie. how many other websites are linked with us and how many "hit" we are receiving). Second, the site is not organized as a store (business), because there is nobody in our family has time to manage it. I'm doing it to generate some funds for HS Foundation (see projects). Finally, this website is here in cyber space to stay. (I wrote my predictions for Internet & Web on page Electronic Life). I believe that this electronic space is the real frontier and real space with all the attributes of real territory (including "real estate property").
Well, here are some Affiliate programs:

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Who are your visitors? According to eStats, this is profile of the typical 'net user':

---Median Age of 38
---61% Male, 39% Women
---Median Household Income of $59,500
---64% graduated College
---Most work in Professional/Managerial/Computer-related fields
---42% are Married

Sister page at FreeServer: Net & Web Business

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