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Virginia Bullards and allied families

     The exact origin of our Bullard family is unknown, but it is believed  that the  name may well have originally been de Bulard, or de Bulwarde.  These were French surnames that first appeared around the 10th Century, and made the trip to England with William the Conqueror, in 1066.  Over the years the name "evolved' with the new language, as many do, and became  Bullwarde, Buller, Bolyn, Bullard and Bullwer.  As we don't know the country of origin of our VA Bullards we can't with total certainty lay claim to England as our original home, but I feel it is probable that our Bullard were, indeed, Englishmen.

     There were many Bullards in the colonies in the late 1600s-early 1700s, and several in Virginia - here are those I've found , and  there may well be others.

Buller, Jno. aged 18 arrived in Va in 1653, aboard the Abraham 

Buller, Thomas  York CO in 1642, headright of Col. Higgenson

Buller, Mary, dt of Henry,  St, Steven's Parish, was b1-28-1677

Buller, William  son of Henry b. 2-14-1685

Buller, An, 1653 Northumberland co headright 

 Bullard,John 1642 headright of John Say

Bullard, Henry 1636  headright of Christopher Calthropp  of York Co

Buller,.Tho.  1643 headright of William Warher.                                            

 Bullard..Mr.  listed as a Justice of James City County, in 1664.

Bullard, Thomas 32, August of 1635

Bullard, Richard transported in 1686

Bullard, Richard 19 of Maidstone, bound to James Gerald

Bullard, Wm. transported from Suffokd 1745

   The Colony of Virginia wished to attract  settlers, so to encourage emigration,  free land was given to those who would settle in Virginia..  The term headright referred to the practice of giving your allotted land to one who would pay your passage to the new, although you  owned no land , you arrived a free man, unencumbered  and not "pledged" to anyone, a equitable practice for all concerned.                                                                                          

   This, then, is our line of Bullards, the women who married into the family and their affiliated lines.  Below the Bullards  I am adding a "clickable"  index to include all lines related to them.  Each page will eventually have a different background picture, one that reflects that person or family, and I hope you enjoy them.  I am not listing most of my documentation, for reasons of  clarity and brevity, but feel free to email me if you there is something specific you want to know, if you  have something to add or simply find that we are "cousins"!

Reuben Bullard d 1797    Fannie Davis 1759-pre 1797

George  Harrison Bullard  1785-1827       Judith Rollow      .                                                                  d. 1830

Reuben James Bullard , Sr. 1818-1891       Susan A. Miller                                                                   1826-1884

Reuben James Bullard Jr.  1848-1934     Alice O. Smith                                                                     1852-1903

Mabel  A. Bullard  1885-1971     Harry A. Conrad 1883-1934

the background for this page is a 1607 map of Virginia, the year the first settlers arrived at Jamestown. _________________________________________________________

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