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The Doughty Family

 Margaret Doughty               William Berry d. 1720

Enoch Doughty 1638-1677     Ann

Rev. Francis Doughty ca 1602-after 1699     Bridgett (NOT ) Stone

Francis Doughtie ca 1578-1634    Margaret Barker ca 1578- before 1634.    .........(Francis Sr's will  ) and copy of the page in the parish records that show his marriage to Margaret Barker

( I have much more on this line, so contact me if interested...there is really too much to include).

    Margaret Doughty is the only known child of Enoch Doughty and wife, and married William Berry in 1742.  Her father, Enoch, was born in Taunton, Mass., soon after the arrival of his parents, The Reverend Francis and Bridgett Doughty and his elder siblings.....information on them and their families will be found on the Rev. Francis Doughty page.

    Enoch died at the  relative early age of under  40, and it is theorized by some that he may have taken part in Bacon's Rebellion.  His death, in 1677, could have been one of many, many  deaths that year,  results of injuries sustained in  the conflict.  Enoch's will also sounds that of a man thoroughly unhappy  with the area he lived in;

will of Enoch Doughty 8 Sept. 1677 22 Nov, 1677 (Wills of Rappahannock County, VA 1656-1692)

Estate to his children (not named), "and as my desire is that they may goe out of this country I doe impower my Overseers Francis Doughty and James Phillips to put on sale all my lands and goods and Chattels for money good for my children."

Wit. John Simpton, Jonathan Bates, Hugh X. Mane

Memo. 16hds of Tob. that my brother carried to England is properly upon my account for him to make use being my own crop and 55 acct. my Brother owes me a Bill of Thomas Becks to my Brother I have paid him for it and another of George Grime I have received many Bills in Stafford of my Brother in my name and have given him at my plantation and ye other in Potomack ward. Feb. ye 27, 1675.


MVC-007F.JPG (11383 bytes) The Rev. Francis Doughty's signature