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George Harrison Bullard 1785-1827

    George H. Bullard was born in Novenber of 1785, the  child of Reuben  and Fannie Davis Bullard.   His mother is presumed to have died by  the time of his father's death, in 1797 and he and his  siblings lived with his maternal grandfather, James Davis, until his death in 1808.  George is  mentioned in James Davis's will.

      George married Judith Rollow, the daughter of Archibald and Ann  Jett Rollow, of King George County, Virginia, and they are to be found on the 1820 King George County census with their family of   3 boys and 4 girls.  George died, intestate,  in 1827, at the age of only  42, so it must have been a unexpected death, and his  wife, Judith,  appeared in orphan court in July of 1827,  seeking the guardianship of her children; at this time mothers were not "assumed" to be the automatic guardian of their children at the death of their husband, and orphan courts made the decision of guardianship. 

King George County Order Book 12, pg. 51  July 1827                  Ann, Polly and Caroline Bullard, orphans of George H. Bullard did come into court and make choice of Judith Bullard for their guardian and the court doth appoint the said Judith Bullard guardian of Lucy, Reubin James, Jane and William Bullard also orphans of George Bullard deceased who together with William Rollow her security intend unto and acknowledge a bond in the penalty of $500  conditioned according to law.

    It is to be assumed that the William Rollow who appeared with Judith was her brother, and namesake for one of her children.

    George and Judith's children were;

  1. Reuben James  1818-1891 who married Susan Ann Miller (this is my line
  2. Ann, who was born in about 1811 and died in Fredericksburg, VA, and married Thomas Finnal on 2-1-1830.
  3. Lucy was born in about 1810 in King George County, Virginia and died in 1859.  She married Charles Clift, the son of Robert and Margaret Clift, and their children were; Julia Ann, James Monroe, Charles and another son who died at birth.
  4. William, who died before 1843
  5. Caroline married Philip Robertson
  6. James L. who was born ca 1820 and died in 1880, King George County, married Ellen Norman and had at least 1 child, a daughter named Lucy Elizabeth.
  7. Jane married Alexander Walker who was born in 1807 and died in 1886.