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The Harrison family

    Francis Harrison, who married Joshua Davis Jr, was one the daughter of Thomas Harrison and his wife Ann.  Thomas first appears in county records in 1723, when he is listed in the quitrent roll of Overwharton  Parish, with 350 acres.  He is thought to have been the son of Andrew  and wife Thomasin Harrison...records indicate that he left the following children; John, Thomas, Andrew, Robert, William and Anne, although it appears that Anne may have died, unmarried when she was 19 years old.  Andrew Harrison's plantation was within the parish of St. Mary's in the county of Richmond, and several legal documents of his are co-signed by both Alexander Doniphan and Joshua Davis, Sr.

    Thomas wrote his will on 10 Nov. 1725, and a surviving index to wills tells us that Thomas Harrison and his wife Ann were dead before 8 March 1725/6.  Their children were;                                                                         

  1. Francis, who married Joshua Davis, Jr and is my ancestor.
  2. Jane, who married (1)Joseph Winlock and (2) Robert English of King George County
  3. Catherine, who married William Rowley of King George County
  4. Anne, who married Richard Griffith/Griffis, of King George County


The background for this page is of Farnham Parish Church, the parish of the early Harrison family.  It is also the church established by the Rev. Francis Doughty....just another of those interesting indications of the intermingling of so many of my lines, through the years.