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    My grandfather, H.A. Conrad, was born in Wheeling, WV on October 8, 1883, the son of Louis and Fredericka Hirsch Conrad.  These 2 had emigrated from Europe, and  there are several places of origin  listed on different records;  the 1880 Ohio County, WV census says that they were born in Bavaria, but Louis' death certificate says Waldmohr, Germany.  Fredericka is also listed as being from Alsace, France, so we know the general area of their original home, but not the exact place. There are various naturalization dates listed several places, and I have yet to find the actual records.

     All the Conrad  children were born in the USA, with the eldest child, Edward,  born in 1866, thus indicating that Louis and Fredericka arrived here sometime before that date. As Fredericka was only 18 in 1866 I doubt that they were here long before the birth of this first child.  There followed, Albert in 1868, Bertha in 1872, Elizabeth in 1873, William in 1875, Emma in 1878, Caroline in 1881, and H.A.the last, in 1883.    

    Louis was listed in the 1888 Wheeling Directory as a boot and shoemaker, 40 20th St, residence 2022 Alley C. By 1903 the shop had moved to 2129 Chapline Street.

    Fredericka was a remarkable woman who was completely deaf, apparently from repeated ear infections in a time before antibiotics.  In spite of this problem, she taught herself to speak, read and write in English, a truly remarkable feat!  She determined that her children would be raised as Americans, and although there was a German School in Wheeling (because of the large German population) Fredericka refused to allow her children to attend, placing them in regular schools.  She also  would not allow them to speak German at home, demanding that only English be spoken, which must have been very difficult for her.  She used her children's schoolbooks to teach herself written English and my Grandmother said that her spoken English was very good!  Quite a change from many of today's emigrants, who wish their own language used in the public school system in place of English.  Fredericka was from an age where people left their homeland for a better life and wished, upon arrival,  to become part of this life!  

    Their death certificates list the following - Louis' parents were Frederick and Elizabeth Ambrose Conrad, and Fredericka's were Daniel and Phellipine Wise Hirsch.

Will of Louis Conrad;
I Louis Conrad of the city of Wheeling Ccounty of Ohio and state of West Virginia make this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills, if any made by me. First I direct the payment of my just debts.
item 1st: I give devise and bequeath to my beloved wife, Fredericka Conrad, all my real and personal property of every kind, including money in the bank, and a certain mortgage of $600.00 on my son William Conrad's house, but no interest shall be charged him. Now, if my wife should remarry, then on that date, or on date of her death what ever remains, shall be equally divided between my beloved children, share and share alike, my children namely Edward Conrad, Albert Conrad, Walter Conrad, Harry A. Conrad, Paul Conrad, and Helen Conrad. My property at death or remarriage of my wife shall be converted into money that it may be divided equally, unless they agree otherwise.
item 2: I appoint my beloved daughter Helen Conrad executrix of this my will, no bond shall be required of her.
Witness my signature this 29th day of September, 1911

    Harry married Mabel Conrad , and these 2 lived lived in both Martin's Ferry, Ohio and later,  in Wheeling,  WV, where Harry was a civil engineer.  He had his own engineering firm in both Ohio and WV,  and later served as the Engineer for the City of Wheeling, a position he held until his death from a heart attack,  in 1937.  He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery beside his son, Hal, who died at 19 of a cerebral aneurysm,  and close to his many brothers and sisters.  His wife Mabel, my grandmother, lived another 40 years after his death, and died in Charleston, WV, where she is buried with her daughter and son-in-law, Alice and H.W. Newlin*, my parents.

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MVC-001F.JPG (61066 bytes)  this is a photo of Harry and Mabel, shortly after their marriage

MVC-002F.JPG (68660 bytes) Harry, with Hal and Alice

MVC-007F.JPG (56217 bytes)  Harry Anton Conrad


 6 dark but try to lighten.jpg (49331 bytes) Wheeling. looking downriver from Wood Overlook