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Mabel Ann Bullard 1885-1977

   Mabel Ann  was born in Wheeling, WV in 1885, the daughter of Reuben James and Alice Ophelia Smith Bullard.  Her parents had lived in Middleport, Ohio, but moved to Wheeling before the 1880 census, which shows that they were all living together in the large Bullard home....this included  RJ Sr. and wife Susan, RJ Jr. and wife Alice along with their 2 children, son Robert (a physican),  son Edgar (a medical student), and 2 unmarried daughters ...with 8 adults and 2 children it must have been a lively household!  Reuben and Alice later moved to their own home on Park View, where they lived till Alice's tragic death in 1903.  At this time RJ Jr. moved the family to Martin's Ferry, and a large house on Catawba Street, where he lived until his death in 1934.

   Mabel married Harry A. Conrad, the son of Louis and Frederica Hirsch Conrad, who had come to the USA in 1865, from Bavaria, before the birth of their 8 children.  Harry died in 1937, of a heart attack,and my grandmother  lived for 40 years after the death of her husband, residing  with her daughter and son-in-law, my parents,  until her death in Charleston, WV, in 1977.

         Harry and Mabel had 2 children, a daughter, Alice Caroline, born  Dec. 14, 1914,  who married H.W. Newlin on Sept. 9, 1939.  Their eldest child, a son named Hal Bullard Conrad, a student of Wheeling High School, died of a cerebral hemorrhage  at the age of 18.  He is buried next to his father in Greenwood Cemetery, in Wheeling, WV.

The background for this page is of the 1st Presbyterian Church in Wheeling, WV, as it appeared where my grandparents, Mabel Bullard and Harry Conrad were married in 1907.

MVC-007S.JPG (21093 bytes) This is Mabel, before her marriage.

MVC-008S.JPG (25139 bytes) This is Mabel after her engagement to my grandfather, H. A. Conrad....I have the pendent she is wearing.

harry and Mable.jpg (23369 bytes)  This is Harry and Mabel, not long after their marriage.


MVC-006F.JPG (53486 bytes) Mabel's daughter Alice, named for Alice O. Smith Bullard, her maternal grandmother, and Mabel's mother

MVC-019F.JPG (62945 bytes) Alice and her brother Hal