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Reuben James Bullard 1848-1934

        Reuben James Bullard, Jr, was the son on R.J. Sr. and Susan A. Miller Bullard, the first of their children to be born in Wheeling, VA (now WV) the city that  was to be their final home.  R.J. Jr was educated in what was described in a later newspaper article, as "the famous Richard Harding School for Boys", in Wheeling.  Before settling into the family printing business with his father and brother R.J. Jr.  held  several other positions in Ohio.  At one time he was the head cashier with the banking house of A.C. Miller and Company, and later he served as sec'y. and treasurer for the Middleport Salt Company, in Middleport, Ohio.  This was where he met his wife to be, Alice Ophelia Smith, whose father owned a gentleman's clothing store  next door to the Salt Company offices.  They were married June 13, 1872 at the Heath Chapel of the M.E. Church in Middleport, Ohio, with the Rev. J.D. Fry officiating.  It is unknown exactly when the couple moved to Wheeling, but were there by 1878, when a newspaper obituary for Alice's father lists that as their address.  R.J. continued throughout his life to be associated with the Bullard Printing Company, until his retirement.

    Alice Ophilia Smith Bullard was killed in a tragic train accident..  Returning home from Christmas shopping, she was struck near their home on Park View.  One leg was almost severed and her hat pin was run through her head.  Her husband was quickly summoned, but she died  before he could get there.  She left 4 children at her death.

  1. Ernest Smith Bullard was born in 1874, Middleport, Ohio, and married Katherine Kleinfeld, in 1901.  He was a successful dentist. . MVC-003F.JPG (71620 bytes)  despite the curls and beads, this is a Ernest, as a small boy.........                                                 
  2. .Mabel Ann was born Dec. 9, 1885, and married H.A. Conrad, in 1907 (my grandparents)
  3. Maude Edith was born in 1876, in Middleport, and married Ross Robinson. They had one child, James E.Bullard Robinson MVC-001F.JPG (60087 bytes)Maude, when she graduated

4.Hazel Lois Bullard was born in 1888 and married Wilbert Woods, who was a doctor with a practice  in Martin's Ferry, Ohio. They had one child, Lois Ann Woods Crain.. 

  1.  MVC-002F.JPG (68797 bytes)   Hazel Bullard Woods, as a child.

    R. J. Jr married, secondly, Miss Minnie Koehnlein, but these 2 had no children.  After his retirement R.J. lived in Martin's Ferry, Ohio, but was buried in Wheeling, WV., in the Old Stone Church Cemetery where Alice, his first wife had been buried 31 years before.

The background for this page is of the Old Stone Church, where RJ and his wife Alice are buried.  The church is no longer in existence but the cemetery is a municipal one and well cared for.

MVC-003S.JPG (19237 bytes)This is the wedding picture of Reuben James Jr and his wife Alice O. Smith.  I have the earrings she is wearing in the picture, and her engagement ring, dated 1870 . 

MVC-009S.JPG (25134 bytes)  Alice Ophelia Smith Bullard

MVC-010S.JPG (23591 bytes)   Reuben James Bullard, Jr 






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