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Jones Family History

Dalzell and Sumter, South Carolina,
Marengo County, Alabama and
Amherst County, Virginia

1.0 Welcome.

This is a family history web page for descendants of William Jones (1764-1809) and his wife, Ann Beth (Freeman) Jones (1763-1847). These Joneses live and lived in Dalzell and Sumter, South Carolina, Marengo County, Alabama and Amherst County, Virginia. William came to South Carolina in 1779 as a soldier in the Continental Army. Click here to see a transcript of the federal military pension application, which describes his revolutionary service. (h2-re-j.html). For an on-line article about the life of William Jones in Virginia and South Carolina scroll to the bibliography section below.
Table of Contents

1.0 Welcome: William Jones: Revolutionary (h2-re-j.html)
2.0 Pictures. (Scroll below).
2.1 First Child: James F. Jones (1782-before 1854). (Scroll below).
  • Rivers R. Jones(j-html/rivers.html).
  • 2.1.4 Robert Lorenzo "Bob" Jones. (1823-1896) (pop-chd/old-house.html).
  • Edgar and Franky Jones. (thig/EdgarJ.html).
    2.6 Sixth Child: Eli Jones (1794-1839)
  • 2.6.4 Charlie and Lizzie (David) Jones . (chj-html/chj.html)
  • Civil War Monument to Charlie Jones. (j-html/ch-html.html)
  • Fannie and Bob ( Jones. (pop-chd/pop-chd.html). Ancestors of historians Lena Hill, Allene Compton and Bonnie Smyre.
  • "Old Jones Farmhouse" History and Scenes from Providence Methodist Church, Hillcrest Elementary and High School and the town of Dalzell . (pop-chd/old-house.html).
  • Annie Jones Hogan. (ann-chd/ann-chd.html)
  • Hazel Terrar’s obituary . (ann-chd/H-p-ht.html)
  • Robert and I'Ans Jones . (rob-chd/rob-chd.html)
  • Fred Jones . (fred-chd/fred-chd.html). Jean Ellen Key and Susan Baker's ancestor.
  • 2.6.5 Mary Placida Jones Ross . (ross/ross.html)
  • Thomas Salmond Ross . (ross/ross-4.html). Historian Ronnie Weldon descends from him.
    2.9 Ninth Child: Wiley Asbury Jones (1804-1854) Shiloh, Marengo County, Alabama
  • Joel D. Jones . (mccr/wiley.html)
  • Joseph Jones . (Joel Jones and Shirley Jones McCreedy) (mccr/mccr.html)
  • Wiley Paul Jones (1837-1927) taught black children. Historian Billy Jones descends from him. (mccr/wpj.html)
    3.0 Diagram: How some of Jones are related. (app7.doc).
    4.0 BIBLIOGRAPHY (scroll below).
    5.0 PURPOSE (scroll below).
    6.0 LINKS (scroll below).
  • 2.0 Pictures.

    William and Ann Jones had eleven children between 1782 and 1807. These were:
    2.1) James F. Jones (1782-before 1854)
    2.2) Elizabeth J. Jones (1784-before 1809)
    2.3) Mary Jones (1786-before1854)
    2.4) Peggy Jones (1789-(before 1854)
    2.5) Nancy Jones (1781-before 1854)
    2.6) Eli Jones (1794-1839)
    2.7) William Jones 1796-before 1854)
    2.8) Leonard Lane Jones (1798- )
    2.9) Wiley Asbury Jones (1804-1854)
    2.10) Elizabeth J. (Betsie) Jones (1805- )
    2.11) Sarah Jones (1807-before 1854).

    2.1 First Child: James F. Jones (1782-before 1854)
    and his Descendants

    James F. Jones (b.1872) was the first child of William and Ann Jones. James married Susannah (1790-1875) on January 8, 1806. In the 1870s Susannah was living at Bradford Springs and she died at Spring Hill township in Sumter County. James and Susannah had at least eight children. One child was said to have become a doctor. I do not have the name of that child. It is speculated that another may have been Martha Jones (b. 1818) who married a Westburn. The seven children whose identities are certain were:
  • 2.1.1 Rivers R. Jones (1814-bet. 1860-1870) married Frances Westbury. Click here to see a listing of the descendants of Rivers and Frances Jones.
  • 2.1.2 Wade Jones was born between 1810-1820) and is buried at Geneva, Alabama.
  • 2.1.3 Charles L. Jones (1821-1865) married Mary Margaret Norton in 1851.
  • 2.1.4 Robert “Bob” Lorenzo Jones (1823-1896) married twice. His first wife was Sarah (Susan?) Watts (1834-1856). He married her in 1852. She died four years later. At that time the family was in Alabama, where Bob was working as an overseer for a landowner. At the time of the Civil War, Bob and his children moved back to Dalzell. He needed to have his family take care of his children, while he went off to war. His second wife was Videau Spann (1832-1914). Bob is buried at the Providence Methodist Church Yard in Dalzell. There is material on Robert Lorenzo Jones in the history of the "Old Jones Farmhouse." This can be viewed by clicking here. Robert Lorenzo Jones helped build the old place, which still stands. Bob had three children by his first wife Susan A (Watts) Jones. They were: William Hampton Jones (b. 1853) He is buried at the Providence Methodist Church graveyard. Robert Frederick “Bob” Jones (1854-1935). He is pictured below in the 1930s.
    Robert Frrederick  Jones
    Robert Frederick Jones married his second cousin, Fannie Jones ( Her grandfather (Eli Jones) and Robert Frederick's grandfather (James Jones) were brothers. For more about Robert Frederick "Bob" Jones and his descendents, Click here . There is also material on Bob in the discussion of Eli Jones below, Susan Mary Jones (1855-1922). She married John Scriven Dinkins and is buried at the Providence Methodist Church graveyard. Scriven Dinkins owned a saw mill. Susan and Scriven Dinkins had three children. They were: Claude (1889-1968), Vernon (1883-1961) and Rosa (1879-1949). The Dinkins family home was near old Knox Place on U.S. 521 between Sumter and Dalzell. Susan and her family are pictured below in a photo borrowed from Howard Woody and Allan Thigpen, South Carolina Postcards, Volume X, Sumter County (Charleston: Arcadia Publishers, 2005), p. 100.
    Susan Jones Dinkins
    From left to right are Rosa Dinkins (1879-1949), Vernon Robert Dinkins (1887-1961), Susan Jones Dinkins (seated), and Claude Dinkins (1889-1968).

    Robert Lorenzo "Bob" Jones also had three children by his second wife, Videau A. Spann. They were: Charles L. Jones (1865-1870). He is buried at the Providence Methodist Church graveyard. Maria Jones (1869-1876). She is buried at the Providence Methodist Church graveyard. James Harry Jones (1874-1947). He is buried at the Providence Methodist Church graveyard.

  • 2.1.5 Elizabeth Joanna Jones was born in 1830 or 1833. In 1870 she was living with her mother, Susannah, at Bradford Springs near her brother Edgar. In 1875 Susan Jones (her mother) left her property to Elizabeth Johanna.
  • 2.1.6 Edgar S. Jones (1830/1833-still alive 1900) married Francis “Franky” Jennings in 1852. He is buried at the Sumter Cemetery in Sumter, South Carolina.
  • 2.1.7 George W. Jones (1836-1912) is buried at St. John’s Methodist Church in Springhill, South Carolina.
  • Click on the photos to view larger photos.
    Robert Lester Jones 2.1.6 Edgar S. Jones was the sixth child of James and Susanna Jones. About 1852 Edgar married Francis (Franky) Tabitha (Britton) Jones (May 1835-1910-1920). Franky is pictured here. In 1870 she and Edgar were living at Bradford Springs, near his sister and mother. (S-5). Click here for biographical information about Edgar and Franky Jones and their descendants. (un/joneshistory/thig/EdgarJ.html).
    Sallie Jones Carter Among the children of Edgar and Franky Jones was Robert Calvin Jones (1860-1902). The first wife of Robert Calvin was named Margaret (Maggie) Boykin Jones. They had two children, Sallie Jones Carter (1/21/1889-5/15/1955), who is pictured here and Manley Hartwell Jones (1893-1974). (thig/S-2.jpg).
    Margaret Cerito Boykin Jones The second wife of Robert Calvin Jones was Margaret Cerito Boykin Jones (1/19/1867-11/22/1957). She is pictured here. Robert Calvin and Margaret Cerito Boykin were married on 1/15/1896 at Antioch Baptist Church. (S-4)
    Robert Lester Jones Robert Calvin Jones and his second wife, Margaret Cerito Boykin Jones had two children. These were Robert Lester (10/8/1896-7/11/1986), pictured here in 1907 and Henry China Jones (1900-1902). (S-3)
    Robert Lester Jones This is Robert Lester Jones (1896-1986) later in life. (thig/S-1.jpg).

    See below for a picture of Robert (Bob) Frederick Jones (1854-1935), who was another descendant of James F. Jones.

    2.6 Sixth Child: Eli Jones (1794-1839) and his Descendants

    Click on the photos to view larger photos. The sixth child of William and Ann Jones was Eli (Ely) Jones (1794-1839). Eli married Barbara (Barbary) Stafford (1799-1884). Barbary was the daughter of Joshua and Charity Stafford. Eli died at Providence (Dalzell), South Carolina. Eli and Barbary lived at Dalzell (Providence) and had six children between 1826 and 1836. Barbary was living with her oldest son, Ellerbe in 1880 and died at her son Charlie’s place in Sumter in 1884. The children of Eli and Barbary were:
  • 2.6.1 Ellerbe H. Jones (b.1826) married Kate.
  • 2.6.2 Washington Nicholas Jones (1827-1908) married Catherine Schipman. He is buried at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Bonneau (Berkeley County), South Carolina.
  • 2.6.3 Elizabeth Jones (1830-d. by 1884) married William R. Barkley.
    Charles H. Jones
  • 2.6.4 Charles "Charlie" H. Jones (1833-1895). Charlie was the fourth child of Eli and Barbary Jones was He is pictured to the left. He married Margaret Elizabeth "Lizzie" David (Jones). (ch-jpg/J24-1.jpg). Click here for information about Charlie and Lizzie Jones and their descendants. (chj-html/chj.html, ch-jpg/J24-1.jpg)
  • Mary Jones Ross
  • 2.6.5 Mary Placida Jones (1836-1910) was the fifth child of Eli and Barbary Jones. She married James "Jim" Marion Ross in 1855. She is buried at the Presbyterian Methodist Church Yard in Dalzell, South Carolina. In the picture to the left, which was taken about 1900, she is the sixth from the left, dressed up in her fancy church dress. Click on the picture for an enlarged version. There is a cross above her head. (ross/ross-1.jpg). Click here , for information about Mary (Jones) and Jim Ross and their descendants.
  • 2.6.6 Joseph Jones was the sixth child of Eli and Barbary Jones. He died as an infant.
  • 2.9 Ninth Child: Wiley Asbury Jones (1804-1854)
    and his descendants in the Shiloh section of Marengo County, Alabama

    Click on the photos to view larger photos.

    The ninth child of William and Ann Beth Jones was Wiley Asbury Jones (1804-1854). Wiley married Rebecca Maria Diseker (Disaker)(1818-1902) in 1833. Wiley and Rebecca moved to Shiloh in Marengo County, Alabama in 1834. Click here for an account by Jones descendant Joel D. Jones written in 1943 of the move to Alabama by Wiley and his family. Wiley and Rebecca Jones had eleven children between 1834 and 1853. These children were:
    Joseph Claiborn Jones
    2.9.1) Joseph Claiborn Jones (1834-1864). He married Ann Eliza Tucker (1836-1919) in 1860. They had four children. Joseph served in Company H, Seventh Alabama Cavalry during the Civil War. He is pictured to the left in his Confederate uniform. He died as a result of the war on November 10, 1864 at Henry County, Tennessee and is buried there in a local churchyard after being nursed by Mrs. William Williams. His son, Joel Disaker took the first money he earned and went to Tennessee and put a grave stone on the grave of his dad. After Joseph died in the war, Joel along with his mom, Ann Eliza and sister Pattie were left alone. His mother then marrier a cousin, Braswell Tucker, who was an excellent father. Ann Eliza may have also been married to Megenson, prior to her marriage to Joseph Claiborn Jones. Click here for information about the descendants of Joseph and Ann Eliza Jones, who include family historians Joel Jones and Shirley Jones McCreedy. (mccr/mccr1.jpg)

    2.9.2) Jacob William Jones (1835-1845) was the second child of Wiley and Rebecca Jones. He died from typhoid. He is buried at Old Shiloh Cemetery in Marengo County, Alabama.
    2.9.3) Wiley Paul Jones (1837-1927). He was sent off to school after his father’s death in 1854. He taught black children to read. This was done out-of-doors. He used a stump for a desk. He enlisted in the Confederate service during the Civil War but was discharged because of poor health. He married Sarah Rebecca Mooring. Her parents were Henry Best Mooring and Barbara Wooten. Wiley and Sarah are both buried at the family cemetery at Shiloh in Marengo County. They had four children, all born at Shiloh in Marengo County, Alabama. Click here to see a listing of the children and descendants of Wiley Paul and Sarah Jones. These descendants include Billy Jones, who is the foundation stone of research on the Jones Family History. He discovered the Revolutionary War pension record of our ancestor William Jones, which led to the creation of this web page.
    2.9.4) Grace Ann Jones (1838-1847) was the fourth child of Wiley and Rebecca Jones. She died from typhoid and is buried at Old Shiloh Cemetery in Marengo County, Alabama.
    2.9.5) James Henry Jones (1841-1862). At the beginning of the Civil War, the twenty-year-old James enlisted as a private on November 1, 1861 in Company "C" of the 21st Alabama Infantry, which was also called the "Witherspoon Guard." He did not last long. Within six months he was dead, killed on the morning of April 6, 1862 at the Battle of Shiloh in Tennessee. Hostilities began at 6:00 am and he was dead by 7:00 am. He was buried in a trench on the battlefield according to Shirely McCready. Family historian Lee Jones has noted that James was initially stationed at Fort Morgan near Mobile, Alabama in November 1861 during the time that the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley was being built and tested. The submarine was completed in 1863 and shipped by rail to South Carolina. George E. Dixon, like James Jones, was a member of the 21st Alabama Infantry, but in Company "A". Dixon was the captain of the H.L. Hunley. He and his crew went to their watery grave on the evening of February 17, 1864 after sinking the federal ship, Housatonic near Charleston, S.C. Prior to his death near Charleston, Dixon fought at the Battle of Shiloh in Tennessee on April 6, 1862. His life was saved in that battle when a gold coin he had in his pocket deflected a minnie ball headed for his upper thigh. Archeologists later found the coin in the ruins of the Hunley.
    2.9.6) Martha Elizabeth Jones (1843-1908). She had thirteen children and is buried in Marengo County, Alabama.
    2.9.7) Jacob William Jones (1845-1846). He is buried at Old Shiloh Cemetery in Marengo County, Alabama.
    2.9.8) Leonard Giles Jones (1847-1863).
    2.9.9) infant Jones (1850-1850). He was probably named Jacob William. He died of typhoid. This baby is buried at Old Shiloh Cemetery in Marengo County, Alabama.
    2.9.10) Rebecca Ashbury Jones (1853-1853). She is buried at Old Shiloh Cemetery in Marengo County, Alabama.
    2.9.11) Alexander Diseker Jones (1853-1930). Alexander married Emma J. Howell. He survived typhoid. He is buried at Old Shiloh Cemetery in Marengo County, Alabama.

    3.0 Diagram.

    Click here to view a diagram of how some of our nineteenth-century Jonses are related. (/un/joneshistory/app7.doc).


    An Account of the history of some of our nineteenth-century Dalzell Joneses is given in the following articles by Toby Terrar and Bonnie Smyre. Click on the title of each article to view a downloadable version:

  • 5.1 " Charity Begins at Home: Some Beliefs of Antebellum South Carolina Laboring People, " Southern Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of the South (Natchitoches, Louisiana), vol. 6, no. 4 (Winter 1999), pp. 1-42.
    ABSTRACT: The above article is about the beliefs of antebellum South Carolina laboring people as revealed in the lives of several generations of a single parent family. Their beliefs centered on family preservation and labor. The corollary of their beliefs was agrarian reform, economic diversification (manufacturing), production for self-consumption, an end to the militia and increased government services such as decent roads and transportation and inexpensive and near-by courts and schools. The market system of capital-intensive slave agriculture was hostile to family preservation and labor. Laboring people were part of the system and this resulted in limitations on charity beginning at home.

  • 5.2 " The Golden Rule in 19th-Century South Carolina: Labor’s Parallel Government, " Plantation Society in the Americas (Tampa: University of South Florida), vol. 6, nos. 2 & 3 (Fall 1999), pp. 121-190.
  • 5.3 " First in War: Laboring People and the American Revolution as an Agrarian Reform Movement in Amherst County, Va. and Sumter County, South Carolina" (2001).
  • 5.4 " Family History Information about Charles H. Jones(1833-1891)and Elizabeth Margaret David Jones (1831-1887) and Related Watts/David/Stafford/Macon/Brown/Benson Families in Sumter County, South Carolina " (1988, 51pp.).
  • 5.0 PURPOSE

    The Bible (Matthew 5:14) talks about sharing your light on the moutain top. This web page shares the Jones Family light. It is our hope that in time, the Jones might be able to have an annual family reunion perhaps at Providence Methodist Church in Dalzell. Many of our ancestors are buried there. The editors/contributors of this page are anyone that want to volunteer. Those who are helping are:


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    Shirley McCreedy
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    Felicia Burgess Grant


    6.0 LINKS.

  • Bonnie Smyre’s Webpage .
  • CWPublishers .
  • Country music singer Patti Weldon. Patti is the wife of Dalzell, SC farmer Ronnie Weldon. He descends via Mary Jones (Ross) (1836-1910) from the Revolutionary William Jones (1764-1809), the first of our Jones in the Dalzell area.
  • Sumter County, South Carolina Genealogy Page .

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