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2.6.5 Mary Placida Jones Ross (1836-1910)
and Her Descendants

Mary Jones Ross The fifth child of Eli and Barbary Stafford Jones was Mary Placida Jones (1836-1910). She married James Marion Ross in 1855 at the farmhouse of her mother, Barbary Jones, in Providence (Dalzell). The Reverend Noah Graham performed the ceremoney, according to a notice in the Sumter Watchman. In the picture to the left, which was taken about 1900, she is the sixth from the left, dressed up in her fancy church dress. Click on the picture for an enlarged version. There is a cross above her head. The picture is borrowed from the web page (click here to see it) , which has much information about Mary and her descendants. Others in the picture are her husband and some of her children and probably grandchildren. From left to right are: Sarah Ann Ross (1861-1938), Delia Ives, Susan Emma Ross (Smith) (b. 1871), James Ross (father, in the hat and vest and baggy pants), Hampton Ross (b. 1876), Mary (mother with cross over her head), William (?) Ross and Florence Ross (Creighton) (1874-1973). The two children, a girl in hightop leather shoes with her hair done up on the top of her head and holding a doll and the other a boy in hightop leather shoes with his hat in hand are not identified. (ross/ross-1.jpg).
According to his great niece, Lizzie Jones Troublefield, James Ross had a gin and sawmill. They lived in the Springhill area near the family of Clyde Weldon Jones. They attended the Methodist church. Jim and Mary Jones Ross had ten children between 1857 and 1876. They were: Laura E. Ross (b. 1857) Sarah Ann Ross (9 July 1861-12 July 1938). She never married and is buried at the Tirzah Churchyard in Dalzell, S.C. Thomas Salmond Ross (15 March 1866-1 March 1940). He married Sarah Jugertha Burgess on 8 January 1885. He is buried at Providence Churchyard, Dalzell, S.C. Click here to see more on the descendants of Thomas Salmond Ross.
4) William W. Ross (b. 1869)
5) Susan Emma Ross (b. 1871), married Jesse Smith.
6) Florence Katie Ross (12 Feb. 1874-5 Feb. 1973). She married Allen Creighton.
7) Wade Hampton Ross (27 June 1876-5 Nov. 1951) is buried at Tirzah Churchyard, Dalzell, S.C.
8) Minnie Ross married Thomas Bradley
9) Twins who did not live.