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and Descendants

Thomas Salmond Ross and Sarah Jugertha Burgess Ross were married on 1 January 1885. They lived on what is now Red Lane Road right down from the Providence Methodist Churchyard in Dalzell, where they are buried. On their tombstone is written, “A tender mother and a faithful father.” They were farmers.

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Thomas Salmond Ross This is a picture of Thomas and Sarah taken about 1935, which was the year of their 50th wedding anniversary. They are seated with Thomas Salmond on the left and Sarah on the right. Standing are some of their children, left to right, Edna Ross McLeod, Clinton Ross, Maud Ross Scarborough, Robert Ross, Lena Ross Yates, Ethel Ross Weldon and J. T. Ross (ross/ross-6.jpg).
Thomas and Sarah Ross had eleven children. These were:
( Alice Ross (b. 15 June 1886) married Frank Caughman.
(2)Randall Clinton Ross (b. 18 Oct. 1888) married Attie Hawkins.
(3)Maud Louise Ross (1891-1945) married William Carl Scarborough. She is buried at Providence Churchyard in Dalzell.
(4)Livie Edna Ross (23 Nov. 1894-1977) married John Albert McLeod.
(5)Emma Lena Ross (7 June 1896-23 July 1978 married James Robert Yates. They had five children.
(6)Ethel Irene Ross (b. 22 Sept. 1898) married James Walter Weldon.
(7)Thomas Britton Ross (b. 24 July 1900), left home in 1923, whereabouts unknown.
(8)Robert Dalton Ross, Sr. (6 April 1903-12 Sept 1978) married Katie Boykin in 1922.
(9)Hattie Leola Ross (26 Nov. 1905) died in infancy.
(10)Leonard Hay Ross (26 Nov. 1905) died in infancy.
(11)James “J.T.” Thornwell Ross (22 June 1908-13 Aug. 1987). Married Leila Lewis.
Thomas Salmond Ross Here are four of the eleven children of Thomas Salmond and Sarah Ross. This was taken about 1920. On the bottom, left to right, are Clinton and Ethel Ross. On the top are Maud and Lena Ross. (ross/ross-7.jpg). Second Child: Clinton (Randall) Ross

The second child of Thomas and Sarah Ross was Clinton (Randall) Ross (b. 18 Oct. 1888). He is pictured above. He married Emma Attie Hawkins (b. 1896). They lived at Rafting on the Dalzell Route near the border of Sumter and Lee County. They had four children.
Annie Ross, whose married name was Leize.
Alta M. Ross (b. 1914). She did not marry.
James Ross (b. 1916).
Linwood C. Ross (b. 1919). Third Child: Maud Louise Ross

Maud Ross Pictured to the left about 1940 is Maud Louise Ross (1891-1945) out in the countryside age about 50 with her purse in hand. She was the third child of Salmond and Sarah Ross was. She married William Carl Marlborough (1892-1945), who was from Camden, S.C. Maud was given the middle name of “Lucretia” at birth. She did not like it and went to court to change it to “Louise” She had a birthmark on the left side of her face, so that she turned to the right when pictures were being taken. After she died William Carl remarried and moved to Santee. He had a fishing camp there. Both he and Maud are buried at Providence Methodist Churchyard in Dalzell. (ross/ross-4.jpg).
Maud and William Carl had six children:
Edna Ruth Scarborough (1916-1943) married Thomas Harold Stewart.
David Carl Scarborough, Sr. (1918-1988) married Bernice Ruth Dowdey. They lived in Tennessee.
Cora Mae Scarborough (1910-2001) married Edward Lee Swink. They lived in Columbia.
Thomas Elvin Scarborough (30 Sept. 1922-26 Jan. 1934) buried at Providence churchyard.
Charles Raymond Scarborough married Marion Redmond.
Ida Maud Scarborough (1928-1996) married Robert “Bob” Brewster Burrows.

( Sixth Child: Ethel Irene Ross

Ethel Ross The sixth child of Thomas and Sarah Ross was Ethel Irene Ross (22 Sept. 1898), who is pictured to the left. She was about 12 years-old when her grandmother Mary Jones (Ross) died, so she would have known her well. Ethel also probably knew her great uncle, Nicholas Jones (1827-1908), who lived with his wife, Catherine Schipman in Berkeley County, SC. He would come over to visit his sister Mary sometimes. Ethel's dad (Tom Ross) was both a neighbor of Bob and Fanny Jones and a first cousin to Bob and second cousin to Fanny. So Ethel grew up knowing the Jones. Then after Bob and Fanny died in the mid-1930s, Ethel and her husband, James Walter Weldon (15 June 1884-13 April 1947) and their children took over farming at and living on the “Old Jones Place.” They knew and enjoyed every inch of the old place. If this picture was made about 1950, then Walter was already dead and Ethel’s children were grown-up and raising their own families. The puppy she was holding looks like he was pretty spoiled. What kind of car was it that is behind her? (2009.12.5.11.jpg).
Robert  Ross To the left is Ethel's husband, Walter (in the middle), along with her two sons, Mood Weldon on the left and James S. “J.S.” Weldon (1923-1996) on the right. The picture was taken in about 1939 in front yard of the “Old Jones Farmhouse” in Dalzell, SC. Walter was 55 years old and J. S. was 16 years old. Walter Weldon died only seven years later, at age 63. The cotton long-sleeved shirts and pants that they were wearing were apparently their work clothes, and not overalls. Walter and his family planted mainly cotton as a cash crop. But there was also corn and wheat for the livestock and chickens and a garden with tomatoes, carrots and other produce for the dinnertable. The two mules had names, but no one remebers what they were. (2009.12.5.02.jpg).
The five children of Ethel and Walter Weldon, all of whom went to Hillcrest Comprehensive School in Dalzell, were:
James S. Weldon. He was the father of four children, including Buddy and farmer-historian Ronald "Ronnie" Weldon.
Mood Weldon. During World War II he served in the Philippines in the Army Corps of Engineers. He helped build runways for planes. He was a good mechanic and worked on heavy engines after the war.
Lena Mae Weldon married Bernard Geddings. They live in Sumter.
Florence Weldon married B.A. Smith. Hubert Hill, husband of Lena Jones Hill, worked with B.A. Smith in the 1970s. Lena Jones Hill was the daughter of Charlie and Clyde (Weldon) Jones.
Rosa Weldon married R. D. Hatfield and worked at the NBSC Bank in Sumter in the 1970s.
Three children of Ethel Weldon To the left are two pictures of some of Ethel and Walter Weldon's children. They were taken not long after World War II. Both pictures were taken in front of the kitchen porch at the "Old Jones Farmhouse" where the Jones lived. The porch is to the left and the water well is at the right edge of the pictures. In the top picture are left to right: Florence Weldon, Mood Weldon and Rosa “Nuggy” Weldon. Florence later married Jimmy Boyd Smith and Rosa later married Dexter Hatfield. However, if those were wedding rings that the two girls were wearing, then they were already married. (2009.12.5.05.jpg).
Mood  Weldon In the second picutre Mood is standing alone. All three children liked to dress stylishly. Both girls had on pearl necklaces, lipstick, sweaters and permanents in their hair. In the 1970s Hubert Hill, who was the husband of Lena Jones Hill (a cousin to Florence), was working with Florence’s husband, Jimmy Boyd Smith. Also in the 1970s Rosa was working at the NBSC bank in Sumter, where her cousin, Lena (Jones) Hill was also working. Florence had at least one son, Ernest Dexter Hatfield, Jr. (2009.12.5.06.jpg).
Walter and Ethel Weldon's children, like all the children in the neighborhood, went to Hillcrest school just up the way in Dalzell. They were members of the Methodist Church, which was also just up Red Lane Road. Walter and Ethel are now buried in the graveyard there. Mood’s nephew, Ronnie Weldon, who owns the original of this picture, speculated that the car in the above picture was a 1939 Ford. But from the looks of the flat front grille and straight hood louvers, it might be a 1934 Ford. The engines of that period had about 85 horsepower. From this picture it is hard to tell the body style. Fords came in a variety of styles: two-door roadster, two-door cabriolet, four-door phaeton, two-door and four-door sedans, two-door Victoria, five-window coupe, a sport coupe (stationary softtop) and the three-window Deluxe Coupe. Prices ranged from $460 for the roadster and $490 for the coupe to $650 for the convertible sedan. An auto-show quality Ford of the period now costs $60,000. Ronnie Weldon mentioned that the Ford pictured here belonged to Mood's dad, Walter Weldon, but after Walter died, Mood inherited it. Like today, cars and transportation were a necessary part of life.

Eighth Child: Robert Dalton Ross

Robert  Ross The eighth child of Salmond and Sarah Ross was Robert Dalton Ross, Sr. (6 April 1903-12 Sept. 1978). He married Katie Boykin (22 Sept. 1903-3 April 1985) in 1922. Robert and Katie’s farm was on the north side of Red Lane Road, across from the Old Jones Place. Ronnie Weldon, who was one of Robert’s great nephews, mentioned that the house in the background was probably not Robert and Katie’s home, but perhaps the Boykin’s home. Katie was a Boykin. Robert and Katie are buried in the Horeb Baptist Churchyard, which bordered their farm. The Anonymously-written history of Providence Methodist church, which is titled Providence Southern Methodist Church, Dalzell, South Carolina: “Proclaiming the Gospel” 1785-1985 (1985), mentions that in 1939, Robert and Katie Ross were members of that church. I am wondering why they ended up being buried at Horeb Baptist? (2009.12.5.12.jpg).
Robert and Katie Ross had eleven children:
Robert D. “Jack” Ross, Jr. (b. 19 Jan. 1923) married Betty Sue Adams. He lives across the road from Robert Lee “Robbie” Jones in Dalzell.
David Clinton Ross (b. 1926) married first Mary and then Linda.
Henry Boykin Ross married first Becky Hancock and then Donna.
Charles Britton Ross married Myrle Morin.
Annie L. Ross (b. 1929) married Carl Dubose
James William Ross married Shirley Way.
Carl Hewitt Ross (b. 19 June, 1944).
Thomas Lee Ross (25 Aug. 1922-26 Aug. 1990) married Willie Bell. He is buried at Horeb Baptist Cemetery in Dalzell.
Blandon Durant “Bo Pete” Ross married Libby Elmere
Catherine Virginia Ross married Thomas Brown.
Carolyn Marie Ross married first Fred Whippin and then Earl Eperson.