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Family of Robert and I'Ans Jones

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Robbie Jones 32.3 Robert "Robbie" L. Jones, Jr. (b. 1949) in his front yard.
Robbie Jones 32.5 Robbie Jones.
Robbie Jones. 32.6 Robbie Jones. On the back is written, "11 years old."
Robbie and I’Ans Jones 32.4 Robbie Jones and his mother, I'Ans Jackson Jones (May, 1968) next to the house in Dalzell.
Robbie and I’Ans Jones 03-1-11 (03-1-11.jpg) Here is Robert Jones with mustache(standing) with his wife Karen (Rowe) sitting in the rocking chair looking at Jones family pictures on 7/11/03. They are on the front porch of their family home in Dalzell. This is is the same porch as in the above picture on which Robert was photographed with his mother thirty-five years earlier. At the end of the porch can be seen a few of the many flowers that Robert and Karen have around their house. With Robert and Karen is Ed Terrar sitting on the left in a wheel chair. Ed was Hazel Terrar's husband. Hazel and Robert are first cousins. Robert's dad, who was Rob Jones, was a younger brother of Hazel's mother, Annie Jones (Hogan). (rob-chd/rob-chd.html/03-1-11.jpg).