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Descendants of Wiley Paul Jones (1837-1927)
and Sarah Rebecca Mooring

Wiley Paul Jones (1837-1927) was the third child of Wiley Asbury and Rebecca Jones. Wiley married Sarah Rebecca Mooring. They had four children, all born at Shiloh in Marengo County, Alabama. Their four children were:
William Henry Jones
  • William Henry Jones (1871-1960) was the oldest child of Wiley and Sarah Jones. He married Martha Ella Norris in 1898. They are pictured to the left. Martha's parents were William Dosie Norris and Ruth Ann Norris. William and Martha Jones are buried at Shiloh Cemetery in Marengo County. They had twelve children, all born in Marengo County, Alabama.
  • The twelve children of William H. and Martha Jones were:
    1) Lucille Jones (1899-1902).
    2) William Dorsey Jones (1900-1902).
    3) Sidney Jones (1901-1968)
    4) Grace Ann Jones (1903-1998)
    5) Tom Jackson Jones (1905-1991). He married Judson Beatrice Glass (1910-1999) in 1927. Her parents were Straff Samuel Glass and Malinda Boyd Hill. Both are buried at the Shiloh Cemetery in Marengo County, Alabama. They had eight children, all born in Marengo County, Alabama between 1927 and 1946. The eight children of Tom and Judson Beatrice Jones are:
  • Tom Jackson Jones, born 1927.
  • Mildred Jones, born 1929.
  • Doris Jones, born 1932.
  • Billy Jones, born 1934, married Janie Lee Anderson in 1962. She is the daughter of Julan Slater Anderson and Eleanor Walker. Billy is the reason this web page exists. His research is the foundation for what we know about the Jones Family History. Billy and Janie had five children born between 1963 and 1979.
  • Bobby Jones, born 1938.
  • Henry Jones, born 1941.
  • Patsy Ann Jones (1944-1948).
  • Diana Jones, born 1946.

  • 6) Mattie Ella Jones (1907-1990).
    7) Ajjie Millard Jones (1909-1989).
    8) Sarah Hellen Jones (1911-1996).
    9) William H. Jones, born 1913.
    10) Theresa Rebecca Jones (1915-1962).
    11) Charley Miller Jones, born 1917.
    12) Camelia Gwendlyn Jones, born 1920.
  • Rebecca Deseker Jones (1874-1956) was the second child of Wiley Paul and Sarah Jones. She is buried at Shiloh Cemetery in Marengo County.
  • Richard Allen Jones (1878-1974). He married Lucy Pearson and is buried at Shiloh Cemetery in Marengo County.
  • Joseph Claiborn Jones (1881-1955). He is buried at Shiloh Cemetery in Marengo County.