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Family of Fred Jones

Buster Key 34.4 John W. (Buster) Key (1951- ) grandson of Frederick Porcha Jones (1904-1956), taken in 1969, Waco, Texas.
Jean Ellen Key and family 2003.1.18 Left to right, standing, Susan Baker, Tiffany Key, Jean Ellen (Jones) Key, Hazel Terrar, John Key; sitting, Ed Terrar on the afternoon of 9/27/03 in front of the Knights Inn in Waco, Texas. The Keys came to lead the Terrars to a Mexican restaurant where John treated the Terrars and everyone else. Jean Ellen died several weeks after this picture was taken. She was the daughter of Fred Jones.
Jean Ellen Key and family 2003-1.20 At the Keys home (4901 Lakemoor Dr., Waco, Texas) after going to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Left to right: Hazel Terrar, Susan Baker, Ed Terrar, Jake Key (Busterís second son), Jean Ellen Key with her red hair and John Key (Busterís oldest son). We had desert (cake and ice cream). Hazel liked the ice cream. Jean Ellen told stories about growing up in South Caroina. On the table are the three gifts which the Keys gave to each of the Terrars. Hazel got a piece of glassware to catch the sun in her window display.