Family Group Record for Edgar S. Jones

Husband Edgar S. Jones

           Born: Jul 1830 - Sumter District South Carolina
           Died: 1910-1920 - Sumter, Sumter County South Carolina

         Father: James F. Jones (1782-1850)
         Mother: Susanna ?? (1790-1875)

       Marriage: 1852 - Sumter District South Carolina

Wife Frances "Franky"Tabitha Britton

           Born: 12 May 1834 - Sumter District South Carolina
           Died: 1910-1920 - Sumter, Sumter County South Carolina

         Father: Francis Grier Britton (1808-1847)
         Mother: Eliza Jennings (          -1834)

1 M Thomas Lester Jones

           Born: 17 May 1858 - Sumter District South Carolina
           Died: 12 Dec 1926 - Sumter, Sumter County South Carolina
         Buried:  - Sumter Cemetery, Sumter, SC
         Spouse: Mary Bostick (1877-1933)
           Marr: 1884 - South Carolina

2 M Robert Calvin Jones

           Born: 1 Jun 1861 - Sumter District South Carolina
           Died: 15 May 1902 - Sumter, Sumter County South Carolina
         Buried:  - Sumter County South Carolina
         Spouse: Margaret A. "Maggie" Boykin (1867-Abt 1894)
           Marr: 1887 - Antioch Baptist Church Kershaw County SC
         Spouse: Margaret Cerito Boykin (1867-1957)
           Marr: 15 Jan 1896 - Antioch Baptist Church Kershaw County SC

3 M George W. Jones

           Born: 1865 - Sumter District South Carolina
           Died: After 1880

4 M Joseph Elijah "Eley" Jones

           Born: 1866 - Sumter District South Carolina
           Died: 4 Aug 1931 - Columbia, Richland County SC
         Buried: 5 Aug 1931 - Elmwood Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Columbia, SC
         Spouse: Annie ?? (1873-Aft 1920)
           Marr: 1892

5 M Swinton Parkley Jones

           Born: 31 Jul 1869 - Sumter County South Carolina
           Died: 16 Aug 1951 - Veteran's Hospital, Columbia, SC
         Buried:  - Olive Grove F.W. Baptist Cemetery Turbeville, SC
         Spouse: Dorcas Ann Boykin (1870-Aft 1900)
           Marr: 1890 - Sumter District South Carolina
         Spouse: Edna Patricia Cox (1895-1988)

6 M William H Jones

           Born: 1872 - Sumter District South Carolina
           Died: After 1880

General Notes (Husband)

Old family papers in possession of Teresa Jones Thigpen show Edgar as being 5 feet 9 inches tall, sallow complexion, light hair & eyes.

He fought in the Civil War in Co. G infantry, Hampton Legion. He was enlisted near Columbia, SC by Capt. Black August 19, 1861. Hampton legion was organized June 12, 1861 with an infantry Battalion of eight companies A to H, a Calvary battalion of 4 companies A to D, and an Artillery battalion of 2 companies A & B. Edgar was a private in Co. G Infantry. He was in the CSA General Hospital Charlottesville, VA. from December 10, 1861 till January 18, 1862 when he was transferred to Richmond for discharge. He was readmitted to The Charlottesville hospital on Jan. 21, 1862. One record shows constriction of fingers, several others show Paralysis. One record show shim being discharged Feb. 2, 1862 and another shows Feb. 5, 1862. His discharge certificate describes Edgar as 5'9" tall, sallow complexion, light eyes, light hair, occupation farmer. He was paid $11.00 a month. When he was discharged the CSA owed him from Nov. 1, 1861 till Feb. 5, 1862. He wasn't paid any allowance to get from Charlottesville, VA. to Spring Hill. He was not paid what he was owed until June 20, 1862. He was paid $34.83 back pay plus $4.00 for clothing that he did not draw. I wonder if he had to wait around Charlottesville until June to get paid or did he come on home and they brought it to him in June. He is shown on the 1901 Confederate Pensioners List; E.S. Jone, Sumter, Co. G, Hampton Legion, age 71.

He lived in the Spring Hill section of Sumter District which is now part of Lee County.

#1058 on the 1860 Sumter County Census shows Edgar Jones 35 m Day Laborer, Franky 30 f, T. Lester 2 m, George M. Blackwell 25 m Farmer, Arminta Blackwell 34 f, all born in SC. Living in Providence Township.

#126 on the Bradford Township, Spring Hill PO, Sumter County Census 1870 census Shows Edgar 40 Farm Laborer, Frances 34 f Keeping House, Thomas 12 m , Robert 9 m, George 7 m, Eli 4 m, Parkley 1 m.

The 1880 census shows Edgar 51 a farmer and a carpenter, Frances 48 a housewife, Robert Calvin 19 a farm hand, George W. 14 a farm hand, J. Eley 13 a farm hand, Swinton 9, and William H 8. Shown living next door to Edgar was Joshua Jones no special occupation, and Mary M Jones cousin house keeper. Thomas had already moved out on his own and Parkley had evidently died since he is not shown on this census.

The 1900 census shows Edgar 69 born July 1830 and married 48 years, and Frances born May 1835, 65 years old and married 48 years, had 9 children and 4 were living. They lived in Sumter Township.

The 1901 SC Confederate Pensioners list shows E.S. Jones, Sumter, Co. G Hampton's Legion, age 71.

The 1910 census shows Edgar and Frances living in Sumter township with his oldest son Thomas. They died between 1910 and 1920 because they were not on the 1920 census.

A Confederate memorial stone was placed at Brewington Presbyterian Cemetery, Clarendon County SC.

General Notes for Child Thomas Lester Jones

Thomas settled in Sumter, SC.

The 1880 Providence, Sumter County Census shows Thomas L. Jones, single, 22, Farm Laborer, b. SC.

The 1900 Census shows Thomas 42, b./ 5/158 living in Sumter Township with him were Mary A. 34 b. 9/1865, married 16 years had 6 children and 6 were living, Fannie E. 14 b. 3/1886, Annie S. 12 b. 12/1887, William E. 10 b. 2/1890, George L. 5 b. 7/1894, Thomas C. 1 b. 6/1899, and Mary B. 8 b. 6/1892.

The 1910 census shows him living in Sumter Township. The 1920 census shows Thomas 61, wife Mary 52 son George 30 and his wife Nellie 28, and their son Willie 2 living in Sumter Township.

#71 Ward 2 1920 'Sumter, Sumter County census shows Thomas 61, Mary 52, George 30, married daughter in law Nellie 28, Grandson Willie 2 living in sumter Township.

General Notes for Child Robert Calvin Jones

Robert is buried in an unmarked cemetery near Wedgefield.

The 1900 census shows Robert Calvin Jones, 40 b. 5/1860 (birth date of 6/1/1861 from old family papers in the possession of Teresa Jones Thigpen), in Sumter Township next door to Swinton, with him were Cerito 33 b. 1/1866, Sallie 12 b. 1/1888, Manly 6 b. 7/1893, Robert 3 b. 10/1896. Robert Calvin was still living there at his death.

A memorial was placed at Brewington Presbyterian Cemetery, Clarendon County for Robert.

General Notes for Child Joseph Elijah "Eley" Jones

The 1900 Richland County census shows Eley b. 9/1866, 33, m 8 yrs., was a Collector could read write & speak English. With him were wife Annie b. 5/1873, 27, m 8 yrs, had 4 children & 3 were living, could read, write & speak English. son, De Leon b. 11/1893, 6, son Wallie b. 4/1895, 4, dau. Eleanor b. 5/1897, 3, all & their parents were b. in SC & lived in Columbia Township.

The 1910 Richland County, Columbia Township census shows Joseph E. 42, m 16, Asst. Manager Machine Agency, he rented his house. With him were wife Annie A. 34, son De Leon 15 in school, son Wallie A. 13 in school, dau. Eleanor M. 11 in school, dau. Lorene 7 at home all born in SC.

The 1920 Richland County Census shows Eley living on Park St. Columbia. Joseph E. 50 m. sewing machine salesman, Annie M. 40 m, De Leon C. 25 s, Wallie O. 24 s, Lorene 16 s.

Death Certificate #13908 Joseph Elijah Jones; pod, 1212 Senate St. Columbia, Richland County SC; married; dod, 8/4/1931; age 63; Retired Sewing Machine Salesman; pob, SC; parents, Edgar Jones & Frances Britton, both born in SC; informant, De Leon C. Jones, Columbia, SC; burial, Elmwood Cemetery, 8/5/1931.

General Notes for Child Swinton Parkley Jones

The 1900 census showed Swinton 30 b. 7/1869 and Robert Calvin living next door to each other in Sumter Township. With him were Dorcus A. 30, b. 2/1870, Lou C. 6 b. 10/1893, Thedford 8 months b. 9/1899.

Sometime after 1900 Swinton moved to Manning, SC. He was a wagoner in the Sumter Light Infantry, Co. B, Independent Battalion, SCV, USA, mustered 5/19/1898, born Springfieldl, SC, resides at Springfield, SC, 28 years old, Salesman.

Death Certificate #10783 Swinton P. Jones; pod., Veterans Hospital, Columbia; residence, 604 Boyes St., Manning; dod, 8/16/1951; married; dob, 7/31/1869; age 82; pob, Sumter County; parents, Edgar Jones & Frances Britton; wife, Edna Jones; Spanish American War Vet.; informant, VA Hospital records; cod, Hemorrhage from Peptic Ulcer of Stomach. Last Modified: 12 Dec 2004

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