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and her Descendants

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The second child of Charlie and Lizzie Jones was Francis Ellen "Fannie" "Mammy" Jones (1858-1931). She married her second cousin, Robert "Bob" F. Jones (1854-1935) in Sumter in 1876. Click here to view a diagram of how Fannie was related to Bob Jones. They are buried in Providence Methodist Church Yard in Dalzell, South Carolina.
Francis Ellen Jones (Fannie, Mammy Jones) Pictured to the left is Fannie Jones. She may have been 16 or 20 years old, all decked out in a dress, flowers in hair and around her neck, big earrings, a cross and a ribbon around her neck and white lace cuffs on her sleeves. (ch-jpg/J24-4.jpg). Below is a copy of a death notice from a newspaper clipping. Fannie Jones died on Thursday March 19, 1931. The notice was pasted on the inside front cover of the Autograph Book made by Annie Mae Jones (Smyre) (1917-2008). The Autography Book is in the possession of Toby Terrar, given to him by Annie Mae Smyre’s son, Billy Smyre, on 6/6/08, at the time she died. The notice read:
Death Notice of Fannie E. Jones
Mrs. Fannie E. Jones, died at her home in Dalzell at 3 o’clock this morning following an illness of 10 days. She is survived by her husband, R. F. Jones, and the following children: C.L. Jones of Dalzell; Hugh Jones of Mayo, Md.; Robert Jones of Washington, D.C.; David Jones of DeKalb, Ga.; Fred Jones of Conway; Scarborough Jones of Miami, Fla.; Mrs. Annie J. Hogan of Sumter; Mrs. Lizzie Troublefield of Sumter. The funderal services will be held at Providence Church at four o’clock this afternoon. The services will be conducted by Rev. Ernest Dunbar.
Robert Frederick Jones This is Robert "Bob" "Poppa" Frederick Jones (1854-1935) ( He was not a descendant of Eli Jones but of Eli's older brother, James Jones. He is pictured here because he was married to his second cousin, Fannie Jones, pictured above. Bob's parents were Robert Lorenzo Jones (1823-1896) and Susan A. (Watts) Jones (1834-1856). The parents of Robert Lorenzo Jones were James F. Jones (1782-before 1854) and Susannah Jones (1790-1875). This picture was taken at Poppa's farm in Dalzell, South Carolina. He is sitting in his rocker on the porch smoking his pipe. He and Fannie built the porch and the house. His right arm is shown in the picture. His left arm had been cut off in a sawmill accident. To do hoeing he had a strap that attached his arm stub to the hoe. Similarly, he was able to do his plowing by attaching a strap to his arm stub. He had his Bible on a ledge above his head on the porch. He read it a good bit. He used suspenders to hold up his pants. The picture was taken in the 1930s. (ch-jpg/J24-3.jpg).
Click here for a History of the "Old Jones Farmhouse" at Dalzell, S.C. and scenes from Providence Methodist Church and the town of Dalzell. It was in and around the "Old Jones Farmhouse" and at the church and town that the Bob and Fannie raised their children from the 1870s to the 1930s. Earlier, Bob's father, Robert Lorenzo Jones and Fannie's paternal grandmother, Barbary (Stafford) Jones, had raised their families in these same places from the 1820s to the 1870s.

Descendents of
Momma and Poppa (Bob and Fannie) Jones.

Robert Frederick “Bob”/”Poppa” Jones (1854-1935) and Francis Ellen “Fannie”/”Momma” Jones (1858-1931) had nine children between 1879 and 1904. One of the children died as an infant. If it had a name, I do not know it. The others were: Charles Lorenzo Jones (1879-1949) married Clyde Weldon in 1910. He is buried at Sumter Cemetery, Sumter, South Carolina. Annie Maria Jones (1884-1950) married Claude Byron Hogan in 1906. She is buried at Providence Methodist Church Yard in Dalzell. Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” “Bess” Jones (1887-1971) married James McLaurin Troublefield in 1921. She is buried at Providence Methodist Church Yard in Dalzell. David Alexander “Mike” Jones (1892/1894-1973) married Agatha Pore. He is buried at the Quaker Cemetery in Camden, South Carolina. Robert Lorenzo (Lee) Jones (1896-1955) married I’Ans Meetz Jackson in 1947. He is buried at Providence Methodist Church, Dalzell. Hugh Evans Jones (1890-1967) married Laura Collison in 1923. He is buried at Hillcrest Cemetery in Annapolis, Maryland. Henry Scarborough Jones (b. 1898). Frederick Porcher Jones (1904-1956) married Thelma Bernice Gore in 1926. First Child: Charlie Jones

The first child of Poppa (“Bob” Jones, 1854-1935) and Momma (“Fannie” Jones, 1858-1931) was Charles Lorenzo Jones (1879-1949). He married Clyde Weldon in 1910. They had seven children.
(1)Robert Calvin Jones (1910-1913). He is buried at St. John’s Methodist Churchyard in Lee County, S.C.
(2)Charles Lorenza “Ren” Jones 1914-2002). He married Peggy Gebhart in 1943. Peggy, by a previous marriage had a child named Patricia Lou. Ren was a master sergeant in the Air Force. Ren’s grandchildren are Dianne, Nancy, Carol and Susan Sherwin. Ren is buried in the Sumter Cemetery in Sumter.
(3)Annie Mary “Mae” Jones (1917-2008). She married William Carl Smyre in 1941. They had one son, William “Billy” Carl Smyre, Jr. She worked for Southern Bell Telephone Company and was a member of the Telephone Pioneers of America. She and her husband attended the Lutheran Church of the Incarnation in Columbia, S.C. Carl attended Clemson University and worked for Southern Bell for 45 years. He was also a member of the Pythagorean Lodge # 21, AFM Omar Shrine Temple in Charleston. Annie Mae and Carl are buried at the Sumter Cemetery in Sumter.
(4)Francis Elizabeth “Eute” Jones (b. 1919). She married Harold Leonard Henry in 1947 at the John Wesley Methodist Church in Charleston. They had three children: Kathleen Henry, Charles H. Henry and Harold Leonard Henry. Eute has lived in the Baltimore, Maryland area for the past 40 years or so.
(5)Lena Clyde Jones (1922-1910). She married Hubert Jordan Hill in 1941 at the Salem Ave Baptist Church. Rev. E. W. Reynolds performed the ceremony. Lena and Hugh had one son, Charles Hubert “Hugh” Hill. She worked at the National Bank of South Carolina for 35 years. Lena and her husband were members of the Trinity United Methodist Church in Sumter. At her church she was school superintendent and on the board of trustees. Her husband, Hugh, was a watch maker and repair man for 39 years. She is buried at the Sumter Cemetery in Sumter, S.C.
(6)Dorothy Allene Jones (b. 1924). She married Arland Hasty Compton in 1946. They had four children: Arland Compton, Robert Compton, Elaine Compton and Elizabeth Compton.
(7) Not Named. Still born infant (b./d. 1932). This child is buried at the Providence Methodist Churchyard in Dalzell, SC.
Charles L. Jones and his grandson, Charles Hubert Hill Charles L. Jones (1879-1949) and his grandson, Charles Hubert about 1946 in front of the smokehouse on the farm in Dalzell, S.C. where he was the overseer (farm manager) for Mr. Barnett. Later Mr. Barnett's son, who died in Alabama in 1996, owned the place. Charlie was the overseer for a number of contiguous farms that housed five or so tenant families. Charlie had a Number 10 bell which was rung when it was time to go into the field to work. In recent times Ronnie Weldon donated this bell to the Sumter County Historical Society. Among Charlie's skills was veterinary science. Whenever a horse, mule, cow or dog had a problem, it was Charlie that was consulted by everyone in the neighborhood. In this picture, Charlie was wearing a three piece suit and a fancy hat. He adopted Hazel and Edmunds Hogan, who were the orphaned children of his sister, Annie Jones Hogan. In the 1930s and 1940s, he liked to go cat fishing with Walter Weldon, who was married to his second cousin, Ethel Ross Weldon.
Bill McCall Among the tenant families that Charlie Jones oversaw was that of Bill McCall. For Lena Jones Hill, one of Charlie's daughters, the tenant families were part of her own family. That was something that Methodism taught. Here Bill McCall is holding Lena's son in about 1946. The child and the dog to the lower right were talking to each other. In the background on the right can be seen a woman with a large sack over her shoulder. It was fall and time for the cotton harvest. Cotton paid the rent.
Charles L. Jones and his grandson, Charles Hubert Hill This is a picture of some of the children of Charlie and Clyde Jones, plus other children in the neighborhood and of their adopted daughter. It was taken about 1926 on the steps of their Dalzell, S.C. home. The identities of only the six children with numbers on them are known. These children are: 1) Charles L. “Ren” Jones, Jr.; 2) Lena Jones (Hill); 3) Allene Jones; 4) Francis (Eute) Jones (Henry); 5) Annie Mae Jones (Smyre); and 6) Hazel Hogan (Terrar). C:\Toby2\Terrar\Pics-03.doc, 05.05.17
1956 group This is a picture of a gathering of the children and spouses of Charlie and Clyde Jones in April 1956 at the home of Lena Hill in Sumter, SC. It contains many of the folks pictured in the above picture, but 30 years later. Time makes a difference. Sitting on the floor left to right are: (1) Francis “Eute” Jones Henry, (2) Harold L. Henry, (3) Annie Mae Jones Smyre, (4) Dorothy Allene Jones Compton, (5) Lena C. Jones Hill. Sitting on the couch are (6) Clyde Weldon Jones (1890-1971), (7) Carl Smyre, (8) Charles “Ren” Jones, (9) Arland Compton and (10) Hubert Hill. (V3-29-2)
Bonnie Smyre The first child of Momma and Poppa Jones was Charlie Jones. One of Charlie's grandsons, Billy Smyre (b. 1946) became a computer programmer. He played a crucial part in the creation of this web page. He had a daughter, Bonnie, who likewise took up the programmer trade. She created this web page, complete with the picture pop-out design. She used Javascript. Without Billy there would have been no Bonnie and no web page, or at least not the elegant one that we have now. Billy is pictured here with wife Barbie, who is also a programmer. (2004.02.02, ch-jpg/jones-2.jpg).
Bonnie Smyre This is Bonnie Smyre, creator of this web page. Left to right: Hazel (b. 1914) and Ed Terrar (1920-2004) and Bonnie Smyre. It was taken March 14, 2004, four months before Ed went to his maker. Bonnie is a computer programmer at the University of North Carolina and this is her office, which is above the restaurant where we had lunch. Bonnie’s great grandparents were Charlie and Clyde Jones. They adopted Hazel, age 10, when her dad died in 1923 and her mother (Annie Jones Hogan) was unable to provide for her. Hazel and Bonnie’s grandmother (Annie Mae Jones Smyre) grew up as sisters. As a child, Toby and Bonnie’s dad, Billie Smyre, used to see each when there were family gatherings at Clyde’s place (which was really Lena and Hubert Hill’s place). (2004.02.02, ch-jpg/04-2-02.jpg).
Charles Henry This is another descendant of Momma and Poppa Jones through their oldest son, Charlie. This descendant is the grandson of Charlie and named after him, Charles H. Henry (b. 1954) son of Francis Eute (Jones) and Harold Henry. (J29.6, ch-jpg/J29-6.jpg).
Kathleen, Eute and Hazel This was taken at the home of Francis “Eute” and Harold Henry in Baltimore in March 1967. Left to right are: Kathleen Henry, who is the oldest child of Eute and who married Robert O’Connell in 1972, Hazel Hogan Terrar, who was Eute’s adopted sister (and first cousin) and Eute Jones Henry. (V3-29-4). Second Child: Annie Jones Hogan

Annie Jones Hogan sitting on stepts Annie Jones Hogan was the second child of Momma and Poppa Jones. She is shown sitting on the backdoor step of her parent's cookhouse in Dalzell. She had a gray-looking cat in her arms. Nearby but outside the view of the camera was a shelf where they kept milk. It has long legs. (25.4)
Annie Jones Annie Jones Hogan without glasses. (26.7)
Annie Jones Annie Jones Hogan with glasses. (26.8)
Annie Jones Annie Marie Jones in 1947 in her big and comfortable rocking chair at Walling's corner grocery store on Liberty St., Sumter, S.C. She ran the store for about 20 years (1932 or earlier to 1950). She lived in an apartment above the store. Her sister Lizzie Troublefield lived with her, after Mr. Troublefield died. Annie in this picture had on her apron, working shoes, hand on hip and smoking, as she often did. In the background in the upper left part was a white enamel weighing machine. In the background also was merchandise on the shelf and cardboard boxes stacked up on top of each other. There was a Franklin coal burning stove which gave off a pleasant smell and plenty of heat during the winter when everything outside was frozen up. Rosy Hogan took the picture of her mother. (27.2)
Annie Jones Annie Jones Hogan in nice blouse. (27.4)

Click here for children of Claude Byron and Annie Jones Hogan. Third Child: Lizzie Jones Troublefield

Lizzie Troublefield Lizzie Jones Troublefield, sister of Annie Jones and her nephew, Claude Hogan, Jr. (wearing a multi-colored cap). This was taken in the early 1920s in the backyard of the house at Green Swamp Rd. in Sumber, South Carolina. The building in the picture was a shed added on to the house and the milk wagon of Claude Sr. is on the right in the background. (30.1)
Lizzie Troublefield Mary Elizabeth Jones Troublefield (1887-1971) taken in 1938 on the way to the beach at Charlestown, South Carolina. She is wearing a straw hat and something like a pokadot jump suit. She is sitting on her niece Hazel Hogan and Estelle Hunt's Chevrolet. With her but not in the picture besides Hazel, was Estelle and Annie Jones Hogan. Estelle was Hazel's nursing school roommate from Rhode Island and Michigan. They bought the car for $600 from a housemate that had married. It was 8 months old. They kept it for two years and sold it for $200. They also went to a tobacco auction at Lake City, South Carolina. (30.2)
Lizzie Troublefield Lizzie Jones Troublefield in 1957. (30.3)
Lizzie Troublefield Lizzie Jones Troublefield. (30.4)
Bess Jones Troublfield Robbie Jones and his aunt Bess (Elizabeth Jones) Troublefield (May 1968). After Big Rob died, Bess did the cooking and I'Ans worked at Toomey Hospital in Sumter. (32.7) Fifth Child: Robert L. Jones

RLJ Robert L. Jones (1896-1955) on Christmas Day, 1946, Guam, M.I. This was not long after V-J day, the surrender of Japan that ended World War II. Rob had first joined the Navy in World War I and served as a corpsman. He stayed in after the War, became a chief petit officer and ran a hospital. During World War II, like many former enlisted men with much military experience, he was made an officer. Such officers were called mustangs because they bucked up from the ranks. Rob's grandfather, Charlie Jones, had been a mustang of sorts in the Confederate army. The picture was sent to Rob's niece, Rosy Hogan, with a note on the back. The note is below. (33.1)
Rob Jones Robert L. Jones, his wife, I'Ans Jackson (Jones) and their son, Robert L. Jones, Jr. (born 1949) in bare feet in front of their farm at Dalzell, South Carolina. The Jones have probably been living on that land for 200 years. (32.2)

Click here for Robert and I'Ans Joneses' family. Sixth Child: Hugh Jones

Hugh Jones Hugh Evans Jones (1890-1967), brother of Annie Jones, and his wife Laura in 1944. They are all dressed up and leaning against their car. They lived in Annapolis, Md. On the back is written, "44 years ago, lovely picture). (34.1)
Laura Jones Laura Collison Jones (born 1905) on far right. She was the wife of Hugh Jones. Taken at her home in Annapolis, Maryland in 1953. The home was on a river that led into the Chesapeake Bay. Hugh had a boat with a cabin for sleeping. In the center is Laura's mother and on the left is her sister. (34.2) Eighth Child: Frederick P. Jones

Fred Jones Frederick P. Jones (1904-1956) taken at Dalzell, South Carolina when he was about 20 in 1924. He was working as a park or forest ranger. He was interested in engineering and the law. Shortly after this was taken, he went to Conway, South Carolina, where he met Thelma Bernice Gore. They were married in 1926. He was the first person to ride a motor cycle in the Conway police dept. (34.3)

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