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2.6.4 Charles "Charlie" H. Jones (1833-1891)
and Margaret Elizabeth "Lizzie" (David) Jones
and their Descendants

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The fourth child of Eli and Barbary Jones was Charles "Charlie" H. Jones (1833-1891). Charlie married Margaret Elizabeth "Lizzie" David. Rev. N. Graham performed the ceremony on February 23, 1853 according to an announcement in the Sumter Banner. Charlie and Lizzie are buried at the Sumter Cemetery (lot 108 S).

Charles H. Jones To the left is a picture of Charlie Jones. He was a Civil War soldier and had a part in the rank-and-file stand made by Sumter, South Carolina citizens againt the federals in April 1865. Click here to see the monument erected for Charlie at the Sumter Cemetery by the General P.G.T. Beauregard Camp 1458 of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans. They also awared him the Confederate Medal of Honor. (ch-jpg/J24-1.jpg).
Margaret Elizabeth David (Jones) To the left is Margaret Elizabeth "Lizzie" David (Jones) (1831-1887), wife of Charlie Jones. Her parents were George B. David and Lucy C. Macon. (ch-jpg/J24-2.jpg).
Margaret Elizabeth David (Jones) This is another picture of Lizzie David (Jones). Lena Hill has the original, which is a tin type. It is because it is a tin type that it is dark and difficult to see her. Lizzie was dressed fancy. She was said to have some Jewish blood. She was the mother of, among others, Fannie Jones. Click here for the David, Macon and Brunson Web Page, which has more information about Lizzie.
\Toby2\Terrar\Pics-03.doc, 05.05.20
Below is a copy of a card printed at the time of Lizzie David Jones' death. It was obtained from Lena Hill on 4/25/08. It was probably owned my Fannie Jones (1858-1931), daughter of Lizzie. Fannie was about 29 years-old, when her mom died. (Toby2\Terrar\Pics-03.doc, 05.05.24) The card reads:
Margaret Elizabeth David (Jones) obit
In Loving Remembrance
Elizabeth M. Jones
Died September ___, 1887.
A precious one from us has gone
A voice we loved is stilled:
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled,
God in his wisdom has recalled
The boon his love had given
And thought the body moulders here,
The soul is safe in heaven
Between 1854 and 1873 Charlie and Lizzie Jones had five children. These were: Thomas M. Jones (b. 1854) married Hattie Esther Bradford. He is buried in Sumter Cemetery, Sumter, South Carolina. Francis Ellen "Fannie" “Momma” Jones (1858-1931). She is pictured below.
Joe  Jones Fannie Jones grew up in Sumter, but when she married her second cousin, Robert Frederick Jones in 1876, she moved to Dalzell. This was where Fannie's father had grown up and where her grandmother Barbary Jones still lived. The picture was taken at Lecoq Studio, Sumter, SC. Robbie Jones has the original of this picture, which was a copy. Fannie has on ear rings and a comb or decoration in her hair, scarf around her neck (plaid in color). If the picture was taken about 1878, Fannie was 20 years old. She is buried at Providence Methodist Church Yard in Dalzell, South Carolina. Click here for more information about Fannie Jones and her many descendants. C:\Toby2\Terrar\Pics-03.doc, 05.05.08 Mary E. Barbara “Babs” “Babe” Jones (1865-1919?) was named after her grandmother, Barbary Jones. Babs married Paul R. Fowler and lived in Wilmington, North Carolina. Her husband ran a coal yard. Her niece, Annie Jones Hogan (1884-1950), who was the daughter of Bob and Fannie Jones, lived for three years starting in about 1900 with Babe and her family in Wilmington. This allowed Annie to go to high school. They must have thought the schooling available in Wilmington was better than that available in Dalzell.
Babs Fowler To the left is a copy of part of a letter which Babs wrote. In about 1918 towards the end of her life, she came and stayed with her nephew, Charlie Jones and his wife Clyde at Dalzell. She was in poor health and they helped her. After she returned to North Carolina she wrote a thank-you letter, which Clyde Jones kept and passed down to Lena Hill. It is a beautiful letter. She knew she was going to die and wished her older sister, Fannie Jones (1858-1931), could be with her to hold her hand. She writes, “When I died, if I die before she does, I would love to have her hold my hand. She don’t know what she means to me. I am sure she understands me better than any one else in the world.”
Hazel Hogan Terrar was a great niece of Babs, the daughter of Annie Hogan. Shortly before she died, Hazel had her son hold her hand. She had never asked that before. Her grip was powerful, a final wonderful gift to her child. Click here to see a type-written copy of the entire letter. Babs is buried in Wilmington, North Carolina. She and her husband had four children, all born in Wilmington, N.C. They were:
Lillian G. Fowler (b. 1888).
John J. “Johnny” Fowler (b. 1890).
Paul R. Fowler (b. 1892).
George Thomas Fowler (b. 1894). Joseph H. Jones (1869-still alive in 1900). He is pictured below.
Joe  Jones Joe was the fourth child of Charlie and Lizzie Jones. He married Margaret in 1894. Margaret was from Rhode Island. Both her parents were from Ireland. In the 1900 census Joe and Margaret Jones lived in San Francisco. He worked as a blacksmith for the Cable Co. They rented a house at 1747 ½ Mission Street and had no children. Lizzie Jones Troublfield said that her uncle Joe sang in the Lutheran choir and had a good voice. She also said he was a contractor and fell off a building in California. C:\Toby2\Terrar\Pics-03.doc, 05.05.02
Joe  Jones This is another picture of Joe Jones. He is buried in San Francisco, California. The picture here was made at Dore’s Studios, 2308 Mission Street, San Francisco (according to the frame/cover in which it is contained). Joe was was the brother of Momma Jones (Francis Ellen Jones, 1858-1931). The picture was found after she had died among the old pictures of Lizzie Jones Troublfield. Many of her pictures had came to her from her mother, Fannie Jones. Joe's name is not on the picture. The reason this picture is identified as Joseph H. Jones is that it was made in San Francisco, where he was, and in a studio was on the same street that he lived. And also, it makes sense that his older sister would have had a copy of the picture. C:\Toby2\Terrar\Pics-03.doc, 05.05.01 Ellerbe H. Jones (b. 1873) married Katherine Ives.