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CIET 5980/7980
Instructor: Dr. Les Elsie
Spring '99

Advanced Internet Services
for Education

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Tami's Personal goal for this course:

Final outcome: Pull together an electronic portfolio of materials and burn it on a CD

Specific course objectives

  1. learn to use Photoshop to layer and blend images
  2. create on-line tests
  3. learn to post Hyperstudio stacks
  4. learn to post Powerpoint presentations
  5. establish an instructional message board
  6. establish an instructional chatroom
  7. create a listserv
  8. incorporate javascripts; learn basics of javascript
  9. learn to create image maps
  10. learn to create or find common gateway interfaces (CGI's)

Context for these skills:

Website created for a future Interior Design conference presentation titled:

Beyond CAD: Teaching with a Cyber Environment (in progress)

Site will provide:

Class Assignments:

Creating an Image map
last updated: 8/31/03

Using Forms for:
* Instruction
* verification page for on-line testing effforts
* formatting & sending form results via e-mail
last updated: 5/1/99

Instructional applications of Frames:
*the basics
*extensive use of nested frames for providing feedback
last updated: 4/27/99

Posting Hyperstudio stacks
last updated: 1/31/99

Creating Web-based Powerpoint Presentations
last updated: 3/26/99

*Using On-line Testing
last updated: 4/16/99
*Example of Examview Pro Testing software
last updated: 8/31/03

Creating Message Boards, Chat Rooms, ListServ's, courseware management software & other instructional "goodies"
last updated: 5/1/99

Using Tables for instructional layout (Survey example)
quick left borders with tables
last updated 4/27/99

Instructional applications of Javascript
last updated 4/27/99

Graphic Image Enhancement
Using Adobe's Photoshop:
* interior design ex.
* fun creatures
Using Adobe's Imagestyler:
* splash page ex.
last updated 4/10/99

Creating PDF files
last updated 3/26/99

Custom Powerpoint Presentation
1999 AECT Presentation on Gaming as an Assessment Strategy
last updated: 5/6/99

Using Cascading Style Sheets: Text Attributes & Borders
last updated: 4/29/99

Using Cascading Style Sheets: Layer Positioning

Using Cascading Style Sheets: Javascript for Feedback
last updated:5/4/99