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Marvelous New Adobe Product!!!!

Imagestyler--in Beta now; free download.

This provides a limited "dummies" version of Photoshop, but goes well beyond Photoshop in other ways. Creates imagemaps, and automatically generates web pages as well as a whole mess of photo-editing tricks/styles. So far, I've spent about 6 hours with this and created successful efforts with very little hassle. This one is even worth putting some good money into if/when the 30 day beta version used here (avail. to download until Oct. '99) quits working. (And if the beta doesn't quit, even better!)

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The combined image above is going to be my splash page when accessing my link from the CD index page. The individual images which look slightly different will be used to create rollovers for each of the 3 buttons on the main image. I may also add a "resume/vita" button to this wonderful creation made with the beta version of Adobe Imagestyler. Download a copy from, go to multimedia, then image editing. You will find it somewhere on the first or second page of listings, with all the other Adobe products. This puts wwwart to shame!!!! (And I did it all without looking at the help file, except on saving. To save in web format, you must use File/Export.