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Communicating in an On-line Environment
Communication on-line can be done several ways:

 Instructional uses of these tools include:

Other nice to have features include:


If you are interested in providing quizzes/testing on-line, this is possible as well. Options for this are at my related site about on-line assessment.

These tools let you see how the page is being used. Thes tools are available several places on-line and are typically free. Do a search for whatever you are looking for. Usually the "price" to using the freebies is the presence of advertising on the site. I found a nice, free site with very limited and discrete advertising at a place called

Simply fill in a simple form, and you will be e-mailed code to put into your pages. VOILA!


If you plan on putting a course on-line totally, and manage it including grading, reporting grades, providing ALL material, etc, you should consider the use of professional course management software. All tools needed to operate without ever seeing your students face to face are incorporated into such software. The software is relatively easy to use, and is free to download. The cost for using the software is assessed to the school/institution when students actually sign up for the course. As a course is developed, you will be prompted to limit access to it by the use of assigning a course password. When a student signs up for the course, the password must be e-mailed to the student. When the student logs on to the site, the university is notifed and the cost of USING the course management software is assessed to the institution.

Several of the leading courseware development programs are :