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Testing Resources

There are several on-line testing sites available for hosting tests. Check them out at the following locations:


Posing single "teaser"/review questions on one of your course web pages.

This site allows you to create crossword puzzles, word searches, various math puzzles, as well as download mazes. Instructionally, the crossword puzzles are probably the most general purpose style to use.

You may create a form using text boxes, text areas, check boxes, radio buttons, etc. In the ACTION attribute at the top of the form, simply type mailto:youremailaddress . The information and answers given by students will be emailed to you. Note: the info. will be all jumbled together and "messy" in appearance, but it will be there. Forms processing software is needed to make these answers look better. It is wise to devise a way to let students know automatically that they have properly completed the test/quiz. Some form processing software allows you to have a "response" page presented to the student after they click on the send/submit quiz/test button on a form. Examples of both an on-line quiz using form and a response page are given here.

You can always create an address book of your students, send them a quiz or test in this format, and have them answer by using the reply function and deleting wrong answer choices, leaving their chosen answer. This format also easily lends itself to short answer/essay questions. It does NOT lend itself to any assessment which requires graphics as a reference. However, you could always create a "test graphics" web page, then include its URL in the body of the e-mail test and indicate the web page must be used in order to answer certain questions.

This site provides on-line testing, existing quizzes, as well as puzzles. You apply for an account. You may keep up to 25 different tests on file at any given time, for an unlimited length of time. Quiz sessions allow you to track and analyze your students' scores on online quizzes. You can create a quiz session based on any quiz, even if you are not the quiz author. Here's how:

Step 1. If you already have a Quia account, you must log in. If you are a new user, you must create an account. Creating an account is free.

Step 2. Create a new quiz or locate an existing quiz.

To create a new quiz, go to the Activity Manager and click on the Create a quiz (Java type)link or Create a quiz (basic type) link to bring up the Quiz Editor. Enter your questions and answers into the Quiz Editor and press Submit. Navigate to the quiz page that just got created.

To use an existing quiz, just go to the quiz page in your browser.

Step 3. On the quiz page, click on the link labeled Create a new session based on this quiz.

Step 4. You are now in the Session Editor form. Enter a name for your session and, if you want, modify the default instructions. Finally, choose the type of feedback that your students will see when they are done taking your quiz.

Step 5. You're now done creating the session. Your students can take your quiz by going to the Session Login page at and entering your session name.

There is also a link to the Session Login page from the Quia! home page. Important: Your students must spell your session name exactly as you spelled it, including spaces and punctuation.