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Tables for Left border images

GIF's as border graphics

A quick way to generate an eye catching border is to find a small gif file (try and use it as a table background in a 2 cell table.

  1. Create a table, 1 row, 2 columns.
  2. Find your gif image.
  3. Drag the gif image into your browser to find its size from the title bar of the browser--it'll say something like GIF image 50x50 pixels. (The one shown here is 32x32).
  4. Then in the first cell (<TD> tag), put the image name using the background tag and the width tag to set the width of the cell to a multiple of the width of the image:
<TD background="image.gif" width=no. of multiples x gif width in pixels height=100%>

example: my gif is called shp17.gif and it's 32 pixels wide. I want the cell to be 2 gif images wide, so my width is 2 x (32 pixels) = 64 pixels total

<TD background="shp17.gif" width=64 height=100%>

You'll notice that I have also set the height tag of the TD cell as 100%. This ensures that your table height will fill your browser window.

Have fun! Happy Bordering!