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Quiz #3: Application of Elements & Principles

Directions: This quiz is worth 7 points. All questions should be answered by referring to the picture shown here. This quiz uses a variety of question formats. Some questions have one right answer--select the appropriate radio button. Some questions require selecting more than one option. Check all checkboxes that are appropriate. Other questions require you to write brief answers in the scrolling text box provided. Some questions require you to select from a list of answers which use a pop-up menu. To change your answers, select different answer choices. If y ou want to change anything you've written, drag the mouse over it to highlight it, and type your new answer. After answering each question, submit your quiz by clicking on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the quiz. You will be notified that your quiz has been sent.

1. The type of color scheme which best describes this picture is called: (select 1 answer)(1 pt.)

A. monochromatic
B. analogous
C. triadic
D. neutral

2. The focal point in the picture is the: (select 1 answer)(1 pt.)

3. Describe in 3-4 sentences how two (2) different elements of design are used to create emphasis in this picture. (Click in the text box below. The box will scroll if you need more room.)(2 pts.)

4. This picture is: (check one from each of the three different colored sections)(3 pts.)

formal in mood
informal in mood
dynamic in effect
serene in effect
uses symmetrical balance
uses assymetrical balance
uses radial balance


Please send me an e-mail if you have problems using this format to take the quiz.

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