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The Chora of Skyros with its narrow cobbled streets, its monastery, the statue of the poet Rupert Brooke, churches and castle. There are nice squares and pretty houses that are typical for the island of Skyros. The Archeological Museum of Skyros has a collection of findings on the island dating from 2.800 BC up to the Roman times. Many of the finds are from the ancient town of Palamari in the north of Skyros. The museum is next to the The Manos Faltaits Museum, the local historical and folk art museum.

The ponies of Skyros - because of its isolated location of the island there lives a unique kind of pony here. This pony was already around in the ancient days when the breed was quite common. Because these ponies have never been crossed with other kinds of horses they are unique and they only live on the island of Skyros, mainly in the mountainous south. They are an endangered species and are mainly in the winter is very hard for them to survive. Some farmers give extra food to these ponies. The ponies are very small and they have different colors such as brown, reddish brown or gray. The areas where they can graze are slowly getting smaller because of the increase in the number of sheep on Skyros.

The grave of Rupert Brooke is situated in a remote area in the southwest of the island of Skyros, in Tris Boukes Bay. Previously you could get there by boat from for instance Linaria, but the route was closed by the Greek Navy and the grave can now only be to reached over land. From Chora take the road south to Linaria and than take the exit on the left that says "Achili. This road eventually leads to Kalamitsa. After Kalamitsa the road becomes unpaved and here the island is virtually uninhabited. You have to drive to the south. There are signs that say that you are entering a miltaire zone but the zone starts after the grave of Rupert Brooke as the road descends to the bay. The grave is on the left side approximately 45 meters from the road in a field of olive trees. The grave was made by a Greek sculptor and inscribed on the grave is Brooke's most famous poem.

The Ancient site of Palamari is situated in the north of Skyros at 13 kilometer distance from the Chora. This ancient town dates from 2500 to 1800 BC and it was a large city that was important for the island and the whole area. The city had a port and which connected it to other islands in the Cyclades, the North Aegean and the mainland of Greece. There are remains of houses, large buildings, roads and fortified walls. A large part of the city has vanished in the sea. Artefacts that have been found on Palamari are on display in the Archeological Museum in Skyros Chora.

Hans Huisman, 2014
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