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Daomen Horror Monster Template (.html) - Horrors are daomens, fiends from the neutral evil planes feared for their stealthy natures and their insidious bonding powers. With little care for law and chaos, these fiends feel that they are free to do true evil, unfettered by the petty dogmas and bickerings of devils and demons. While most horrors have no previous mortal existence, some are evil creatures which have attained their status through arcane rituals, fiendish influence, or loathsome curse.

Night Horror (.html) (.rtf) - Night horrors are ruthless daomens, neutral fiends who prey upon the weak, feeding their hunger for evil. Most known and feared for their ability to create a bond to the creatures they harm, they drain theses creatures' life forces when the horror needs it most. Amorphous creatures of darkness, their appearance is unmistakable to any who has heard the legends: shadow creatures of roughly humanoid shape with long, thin hands and fingers ending in oozing claws and a maw filled with jagged teeth.

Crypt Guardian (.html) (.rtf) - Crypt guardians are undead warriors found guarding tombs, graves, corpses, and crypts. If left alone and the place they are guarding remains undisturbed, they will take no actions. However, if any actions are taken to disturb the crypt guardian or its place of protection, the crypt guardian will use all means necessary to remove the offenders.

Yeth Hound (.html) (.rtf) - The hideous monster hounds known as yeth are found only in the wildest, most remote places. They lair in subterranean dens until the clean sunlight fades and they can come forth to hunt. They will devour any warm-blooded prey but vastly prefer demihumans, brownies, and the like.

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