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Quests are a large part of the realm of Demijoure, and Advocates of Darkness. Questing gives you the chance to take yourself across the vast landscape of Demijoure, and learn so much more about it and your character. Quests are also for gaining power, prestige, and status in the realm. Remember, magical ability, skill ability, and money are not the only points of power in Demijoure. So, if a character does something good for a noble man of some town, that noble man is going to of course show much favor to that character in the future to come. Also, questing will give your character a name across the realm. This name is something that should be coveted.

Jobs and Career Offers

All across the First Kingdom of Demijoure many jobs and opportunities to earn and make some money for a living are popping up. These jobs include things from bartending to working as a soldier for the First Kingdom. You could work for yourself or find a wanting employer. Most places of business in the realm currently are hiring help for the new boom of people coming into the towns. Remember the sky is the limit for characters.

Any Spell

Questing for spells is among the most common types of quests that characters begin. When a character decides to learn a new spell via questing that player should email the questing address ( and a quest will be promptly set up for their character. This quest will include what they should do and what spell they will learn at the end!

Chien Mountains

Take a trip into the unexplored mountains filled with mystery and ancient secrets, you never know what you may find!

Abyss Forest

Legends tell of many things hidden within the towering trees of the Abyss Forest. Citizens and travelers are encouraged to enter into the forest at their own risk. The Abyss Forest has claimed many lives over the years but not for good reason. Great temples and monuments are rumored to be resting inside this lush forest. A successful incursion into the forest could set a person for life!


It is very important to always tell a moderator that you are interested in beginning a quest, and for what you would like to quest. If you fail to tell a moderator before setting out on a quest, there is a chance that they will not count the posts or any of the action currently towards the quest. All quests are written per-character at the time of the requests. Quests are created to fit specifically into storylines of the character and of the realm at the time. Please make sure that you do not forget to tell a moderator of the group that you would like to quest!

  • To set out on a Quest Contact