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The Main Kingdoms

Welcome to the realm of Demijoure. A long and torn history sepearates those of us in the realm now from the true past. It is nearly impossible to know the full background of the war ravaged land of the Three Kingdoms. However, it is known that the war of the maces between the long forgotten King Orpheus and current Chancellor of the Second Kingdom Sebast shaped the realm as we know it today. Past the war of the maces the Chaos War was the next largest division of the realms, however, this was a division that shaped not only the land and politics but the heavens as well. Hidden in darkness the truth waits to be discovered, however, is the truth exactly what should be told to the people of Demijoure?

1. Demain Keep
This is the great capitol city of the First Kingdom. All of the people in Demain Keep are living in decent conditions. The streets are all paved, even the back streets. A large open market sits at the center of the city, and then another one at the back corner of the city. The next large point of Demain Keep is the gardens at the other end of the back of the city. These gardens are enormous and house much wildlife and plant life. The garden holds many secrets to the people of the past, but not much is known about who planted the gardens. It is believe that they have been there since before the city was created. The final and largest point of the city is the castle. The Demain Keep Castle is the largest castle in the entire realm of Demijoure that we know of. The castle took nearly 50 years to complete. It was the longest construction that the people of the First Kingdom know. The Demain Keep castle holds much secrets, and magical power. It is an awesome structure.

2. Dele
Dele is the third largest city of the First Kingdom. Currently it is the seat of most of the religions of the First Kingdom. It currently is the seat of the religion of the god Ivital and the seat of the Dionus religion. Dele is a very bustling town that holds many people. The town is very entrenched in the magical arts as seeing that the seat of the Mages guild is also in this city. Dele is an amazing city with great architecture. All the roads except for the back alleys are paved. The roads are paved with cobblestones, however, not a solid mixture of cement and sand.
People in the city Dele live good lives. They are very close to the border of the Second Kingdom; this makes them very vulnerable to an attack from the undead armies of the Dark Chancellor. But, it is believed since the last war of the Kingdoms, the Chancellor will not want to attack the First Kingdom for unknown reasons. The city of Dele is nestled closely in the woods of the Abyss forest, yet on the other side of it the city looks over the open grove that the Austraux Gate is held in.

3. Playfron
This is the smallest town of the First Kingdom. Playfron sits on the outskirts of the First Kingdom. This town is a small port town, but the sailors never venture too far off the coast. The town is more a farming town rather than a port town however. Nothing much is in Playfron; however, the people of this town are very kind and gentle. They love to have visitors, and the always have warm welcomes for people who move into this quaint little hamlet.
Playfron is very secluded from the rest of the First Kingdom, because of the distance that it has from any of the other towns. Playfron sits very close to the grove of the Austraux Gate, however, it is still a decent amount of travel to the Austraux Gate from Playfron. And it is safer to travel the distance on the road, rather than just cut across the woods.

4. Meso
Other than Demain Keep this is the largest town in the First Kingdom. Meso is a sprawling town filled with nearly everything. The only downfall to Meso is they have no true form of central government. Meso's townfolk have been working closely with the nobility of Demain Keep in the last few years. Local nobility in Meso defer all decision making to the capitol of the kingdom due to corruption and money lending. The town has seen hard times in the past and has been the site of many large conflicts, however, the people have been uniquely unphased.

5. Corce
This is the second smallest town in the First Kingdom. Corce is one of the most special towns, even though its small size. Some of the greatest events in the history of the First Kingdom have happened in the town of Corce. Most characters tend to settle down in Corce because of its small stature, and the wonderful position that it is in. Corce is nestled nicely between the towns of Pas Mesis, Meso, and Demain Keep. The only way to get to Demain Keep from any of the three southern towns, listed above, is through Corce. This position has made Corce a center for travel, but unfortunately has left it out of the commerce business.

6. Lake Mor
Lake Mor has captivated countless children in the First Kingdom with the stories of sailors finding vast treasures below the waters as well as mythical creatures coming to the surface to ravage boats and swimmers. The lake, while shrowded greatly in mystery, is the center of what makes Meso the city it is. Secrets about a great network of caverns under the surface of the lake have been at the center of these children's and sailor's stories for years.

7. Pas Mesis
Pas Mesis is the town that sits in the shadow of the Chein Mountains. It is a constantly shaded town, except for a small window of hours around noon that the sun is right over the city.
The denzins of Pas Mesis are very unfriendly due to their charge of protecting the pass between the Second and First Kingdoms. Pas Mesis has every single road paved, and is mostly a military town. Few buildings stand in Pas Mesis that do not have windows covered in iron bars and large locks on the doors. This being said local guilds gravitate to the large town due to its close military ties.

8. Chien Mountains
This huge mountain range sits at the borders of the second of the kingdoms covering at least half the borders for it. These mountains were said to be the birth place of the Chi spell.

9. Austraux Gate
"The gate to another life" as it is sometimes deemed by locals. None of the local people in the realm have ever been brave enough to travel through the Austraux Gate and those that did so many rumors spread about what happened to them it is impossible to know.

10. Lake Perimethisis
Lake Perimethisis is a lake surrounded by trees and shrubbery. The banks of this lake are nothing but small pebbles. Only few travelers know about this lake for no one wishes to go that far off of their way in the realm anymore to see what may be in the trees.

11. Kalus
A lovely little desert town in the Third Kingdom. This was once a beautiful city but years of the beating sand caused its economy to fall.

12. Merantha
A rather large town closest to any trail out in the middle of the desert this town was once the capitol for the Third Kingdom.

13. Takathesis
The capitol of the Third Kingdom. A beautiful city of mostly markets. Nothing in this city is new for everything lives by the old ways. It is like walking back in time...

14. Temeia
The town closest to the edge of the desert. Often known as the dead mans town. The name came in the years after the deserts creation. Stories of men attempting to leave the town and forge a new road to the First Kingdom all ending in death turn this town into something from a nightmare.

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