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The Ancient Kingdom

This is the expanse of land mostly costal cities and towns. The part of the land was cut off just like the Savage Kingdom when the Chien Mountains arose from the ground. The kingdoms continued to flourish even though they were cut off from the main expanse of land. Their influence on the ports and many fish trade through out the Kingdoms that exist there.

There are tales of an ancient ruined Kingdom that exists in these northern lands. The Kingdom was said to be ruined by a raid of vampires hundreds of centuries ago.

Ruined Kingdom


Umbelico was once the capitol of one of the great Ancient Kingdoms. Before the downfall of Umbelico the city itself was actually larger than Kiftin. It was host to a great variety of people and creatures. Fairies were one of the main people who lived in Umbelico, however, the entire city was wiped out after a war with the vampires from the ruins, and then a natural disaster which has since been lost from record books. It is unknown what riches lay beneath the rubble of the crumbled city. Many of the buildings collapsed in the natural disaster, or were destroyed during the war.


Active Cities


Primm is the largest city in all of the Kingdoms known to civilized man. The entire island of Primm is one large fortress island city. However, the reason behind the city is very dark and evil. Primm was originally a colony of mages who escaped the power of the Advocates of Darkness. However, through the time of the gods after the Advocates several demigods began to become enraged with the progress that humans were making. One of these demigods was the demigod of Death. The mages could not stand to see the demigod slaughter innocent people any longer, thus they lured him to the island and trapped him beneath it. The power of the demigod being trapped under the island did not harm any of the life on the island as the mages had thought; instead it actually caused the island to flourish. This sudden burst of food and wildlife on the island drew many people, and soon Primm became the largest city in all of Demijoure.


The city of Kiftin was the first major capitol of the entire realm. It was the first stronghold for the civilized kingdoms. The name of the city comes from the first King Kiftin Hile the great. Kiftin was an amazing king who ruled the realm for quite a long time until the Advocates of Darkness overthrew him. The city of Kiftin survived the horrid years of the Advocates rule, and survived many battles after that. Kiftin is a testament to the endurance that civilization has through time. Untold riches are spread through out the city of Kiftin. Stories tell of so many lost artifacts in the catacombs of the great castle that it is nearly impossible to find out what is true, and what is completely a lie.

Farc (Farse)
Pas Cordis

Places of Intrest

Chien Mountains:

The northern part of the Chien Mountains are a bleak desolate waistland of rock and snow. The mountains are mostly un explored save the few ancient passages that once connected the kingdoms. However, these passages have long faded from memory. The passages used to carry travelers from Pas Cordis to Pas Mesis, and also into the Savage Kingdoms. However, since the Advocates and the incident with the Austraux Gate the paths have been lost, and no one for sure can tell what check points or forts along their windy way, still stand.

Vampiric Ruins

Ice Plains
Axe Blade Lake
Divide of Faith Wall
Tabernacle of the Core:

The Tabernacle of the Core was once an amazing temple built by unknown hands. The first meeting of the council of elders was held at the Tabernacle. However, after the death of Kiftin the Tabernacle was sealed shut, and hence no one was allowed admittance by decree of the Advocates. Death, recently, entered the Tabernacle and retrieved an ancient artifact blade known as Dalathas Ruin. This removal of the blade, and unauthorized admittance into the Tabernacle caused it to fall into ruins, however, it is rumored that it still stands erect on other planes of existence.

Festid Island
Shifting Sands