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Beginning Advocates

Unique Info


Basic History:

Demijoure, a realm that held many secrets and plenty of adventures, was struck by demons. It was rumored that the demons had entered the battered realm by themselves through the magical and mysterious Austraux Gate. Although many locals of the realm believed otherwise, there was no real way of telling how they got there, but the people of the Three Kingdoms knew that they were dangerous and deadly. Demijoure's history was clouded to most people in the forsaken land. Most just didn't want to know, while others tried to learn but failed. They all knew one thing though; the land did not have a pretty past. Now, many years later, villagers lived in fear that their cottage was next. That was all true until a few adventurers wandered upon the realm, not knowing what they were walking into. Maybe, just maybe these were the lone few that could get rid of the ruthless creatures, and restore peace once again to the realm of Demijoure. Since then more adventurers have entered the realm and have attempted to help the cause.

So How Do I Play?

Starting a new character in Advocates is as simple as performing these few steps:

Go to the Yahoo! Group and click on join group, you must have a Yahoo! membership to join if you do not, get one by clicking on the link in the upper right hand corner that says 'Join Group'. You will also want to join the Advocates OOC Group.

  • Please do not post in the Main Group before your character is approved after filling out the form! You may however begin posting and conversing via the OOC group with other players to understand how the game works more and find out what is going on!

  • Once joined there come back to this page and click here: Character Sheet Form to fill out the Character Sheet, the character sheet page has a detailed walkthrough at the bottom to help fill out the form.

  • The various numbers beside each field on the character sheet represent how many to pick, and for Spells, click on the Spell Classes link and choose 3 spells from either the Innate or Psyonic levels. Check out Skills under the Skills Link.

  • Once the sheet is submitted, we will review, e-mail, and tell you if any changes need made, (NOTE: Do not choose high level spells/skills, it will most likely be sent back to you for changes) If no changes need made we will e-mail you and tell you that your sheet has been approved and you can begin to post in the Group.

  • Keep in mind that a character who is just starting out can choose up to four spells and four skills. If the character is choosing to use magic then they will automatically be given "Elemental Magic" as one of their four spells. The other three can be chosen from the Innate Spells category. One of the four can come from the Psyonic Spells category.

  • Remember to always check the additional notes when choosing skills. Some skills require others as prerequesites. Advocates is not a game where we boast large character sheets and statistical characters, however, for gameplay there is some stratification of skills.

  • Ok Setup Great, but what about PLAYING!?

    Starting out all of the gameplay happens in the main Yahoo! Groups Advocates of Darkness.

    On the top of the screen there is a bar that says Current Time:_________. That is what time your posts take place in.

  • Advocates runs a loose idea of time. Time will change if events need to take place or depending on how much action happend in the last few posts. Just keep your eyes towards the top of the page and everything will be fine! We hate to have people lose an entire post becuase they were in the wrong time.

  • You can find the realm map on the website under the link Realm Info, and the towns in which you may begin.

  • Please make sure you state the town in which your character begins! This helps us know where you are and makes sure that you looked at the map to know where you are as well!

  • When traveling long distances in the realm you cannot type only two posts and get from one town to another far away, you have to use the time on the top and estimate how long it would usually take to get there. You have to continually role play to get to your destination.

  • We are loose about this, we understand that our characters are a bit "exceptional" and that distance and time are not always relative. Just don't get carried away please. The goal of Advocates is not to "win" it's to create a great Role Playing experiance.

  • You can only cast spells, use weapons, and have skills etc. that are on your character sheet, if they are not on your sheet, they do not count!

  • This is just to keep some semblance of rules working in the game. Of course you are able to pick up new items by questing for them or finding them in the world. We strive for good roleplay experiances here. You can easily take items from bandits that you happen to meet along the road. Just don't get carried away with this. It's a feature that makes AoD stand out.

  • You must read or at least skim everyone posts!!! Why? For example if some character that has nothing do with your character does something that affects the whole realm, it must effect you! NO EXCEPTIONS! That is why you would look dumb if for example, which has already happened, a character stops time in the realm and you are supposed to be frozen but you are still moving having no clue what is going on, that could really screw things up! So READ!

    To quest for an item, for example a spell, you must contact the founders! They will set the quest up for you. You can find out more about quests on our Quests Page.

    It would also help you if you frequently visit the website as for it is always being updated, and if you are a member you are required to participate in website events as well. We have annual events that offer awards to characters (awards that are voted by the peers and offer IC, in character, rewards) for doing things. Also, you are asked to vote in the weekly poll once it begins. As a member, you do a members duty.

  • AoD's popularity in past years has been becuase of the vast devotion from members. We'll be signed up for several Role Playing Game websites. These websites require votes to move up in rank. Please click links that we ask daily or at your convieniance. The higher ranked AoD becomes the better the role playing experiance will be! More ranks equals more advertising and attention which directly leads to more players! Thanks!

  • This should be all the basic stuff you need to know, so have fun Role Playing in Demijoure, see you there!!