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Gods and Demigods of Demijoure

The balance of power in Demijoure in the Divine sense is a unique one. Until the Chaos War, the gods were all together on the Divine plane staying out of the mortal affairs. However, it was during the invasion of the god of Chaos Kindetherionus that the gods were split into two factions and forced to fight one another on the physical plane. This event caused the death of many of the gods, the demigods, however, were able to mostly escape unharmed. Until recently there has been little activity from the Divine Plane, and the gods have been distant, those that might be alive. Current religions of Dionus and Ivital are fighting still for balance of power, and the truth of their gods being alive. Stories of the Chaos War, however, tell that it was the day all the gods ceased to exist. It is unapparent if the gods will ever be able to return to the realm.