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Advocates OOC Rules

Advocates OOC Group

These are the rules that are enforced in the OOC Group, and it is important for you to follow the rules, they are very easy.

  1. No fighting OOC. If you have a problem with one of the members, contact them or a moderator in private. There is no need for everyone to see two people argue.
  2. Do not criticize others RP. If you want to give them advise, that is completely fine. However, do not go your RP sucks or I could do better". Everyone has their own way to RP that is unique to them. To us everyone's style is awesome and we want to see it all.
  3. Help others with their experiance! It is a great game and we all want to be part of it. Not to mention we all want to help make it better!

Below are a few rules that deal with IC but can carry over into OOC that I will enforce!

  1. Do not be a god! Plain and simple... Make your character have some limitations.
  2. This is more a suggestion than a rule. Do not try to make the RP revolve around only your character. I try my hardest to let everyone into the spotlight, and if it ever seems as your character isn't getting a fair deal, talk to me, don't take things in your own hands and write a post detailing how your character went up against an army and saved the day.
  3. Do not take advantage of NPC characters.
  4. We try to be as easy going as possible, as we don't want to bog down the RP with so many rules. If something catches our attention, we will always try to talk first, and try to work something that will make everyone happy. If after repeated warnings you keep breaking the rules, then we will start deleting the posts that we find offensive. And finally, we will be forced to delete you from the group.