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Deep hidden with in the realm are weapons of lore and magic. These weapons were forged from pure magic and war. These weapons lie dormant waiting for anyone to take them and you have the chance to wield these weapons of legend.

  • Sword of Barronoff
  • Barronoff was a town in the second kingdom known for its great Warriors of the Heave. These warriors were the best in the realm. This sword was forged with great power to the leader of the clan. The sword was endowed with Alter Self, Soul Drift, and Blood Star. The first leader to ever have the sword was too power hungry and went insane killing the entire clan with the weapon shortly before killing himself by taking his own soul.

  • Dagger of Ingnem
  • This dagger was created in the forging pit of the chamber of Advocates It came to surface in the Chein Mountains but now resides in the Second Kingdom... The powers that are contained within the dagger are any innate magic dealing with fire...

  • Caroth's Plate
  • This breastplate was lost long ago when the forging of the realm was made. A great warrior named Caroth used this breastplate in battle to fight back the impending undead army of the second kingdom. Caroth had his plate instilled with multiple magic powers to make him invisible. The breastplate also is invincible.

  • Dalathas' Rune
  • This blade was created during the dark ages when the Second Kingdoms demons over ran the entire land of Demijoure many millions of years in the past. One of the demon hoards leaders a Lord Spawn by the name of Dalathas forced a great blacksmith of the time to create a great blade that would never break. After the smith made the rune, Dalathas killed him and then enchanted the blade with all of his necromantic powers and the secret to finding the ancient book of the dead.

  • Idol of the Black Gods
  • Created by the followers of the Black Gods this dagger has been sent into the deepest and darkest plane of existance. After its creation, the dagger soon was blessed with multiple black arts powers. In fable it is only known that Black Orb and Summoning are held within the dagger but there is said to be many more.

  • Twilight Diamond
  • This large diamond was cut from the magical crown hidden deep with in the realm through the Mystical Maze. This diamond now exists on its own as it had before the crown was made and it was placed within it. Originally the diamond was mined form a mine in the First Kingdom. The Twilight Diamond as the miners called it, has the power to change day to night. In addition, in ancient lore the diamond was said to be able to age living matter 10 years. However, this legend has never been proven, and is a secret of the diamond that has yet to be unlocked.

  • Mace of Marrow
  • The Mace of Marrow, a great ancient weapon forged to fight off the hoards of undead during the War of The Kingdoms. The mace was created in all hope that it would stop the undead hoards from dissipating the First Kingdom. The priests of Dionus created the mace and endowed it with holy powers. The Mace of Marrow was wielded at the battle fields and held off the undead long enough for the Battle Wall to be built and then the army of the First Kingdom to attack. The army attacked but the Mace of Marrow was captured by the Dark Chancellor. The Chancellor killed the wielder and had his arch mages begin to work on the mace. It is said that the Mace of Marrow is lost in a graveyard somewhere in the realm. The Mace of Marrow deals two damage to those with evil alignment, and it deals three damage to those undead and demonic beings.

  • Mace of Blood
  • After the capture of the Mace of Marrow, the Chancellor had his arch mages begging casting arcane spells on the Mace of Marrow. Using their twisted dark magics of necromancy the arch mages were able to create the clone of the Mace of Marrow which they dreamed the Mace of Blood. During this time the Mace of Blood reigned supreme on the battle field dealing all with good and holy inside of their bodies great harm slaying them with out problems. The mace was thought to be unstoppable with out the other. Then during a great battle the Mace of Marrow was taken back by the sides of the First Kingdom and the living. The Mace again began to even out the scores until the two wielders met. During that great epic battle the powers clashed horribly, the results were catastrophic. Both of the wielders were killed and the maces were thrown to completely different parts of the world. This final blow dealt by the maces ended the War of the Kingdoms for good. The Mace of Blood is said to be found in the regions not yet covered in a hall of great magic. The Mace of Blood deals two damage to those living and three damage to those with good alignment, and holy beings.