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Advocates Returns

Advocates of Darkness returns triumphantly with stories, characters and twists. Keeping with tradition, however, the new AoD will be packed with excitement, adventure and fun for players and readers.
Join the fun today and become one of the first new players to create their lives and live them in the exciting, vivid world of Demijoure. Advocates of Darkness is a post/text based RPG featuring limited character sheets and unlimited characterization. Players are encouraged to create a character following some playability guidelines and immerse themselves in the wonderful world of fantasy using only their imaginations and some help from moderators.

Personal Note from Chris

Welcome to the return of Advocates of Darkness! Current players who are already ready to start playing will be happy to find out that in a few short days everything will be ready to begin! However, until that time I'd like to say welcome and I hope that those of you who seem interested in playing at least take the time to create a character and attempt to post a few times before making up their mind for sure.

Advocates of Darkness is a unique style of role-playing created by myself (Christopher Price) and my close friend Justin Eppley. We created AoD as a response to dwindling role-playing and imagination in open network chat rooms and other message boards. Advocates became an instant success through the years winning several awards and becoming the focal point for several large school projects for both Justin and myself.

In its first prime Advocates hosted nearly ninety members over one third of which were players. The rest of the members were a phenomenon unique to Advocates and one of our prized market groups, the reader. AoD prides itself on the ability for people to enjoy via playing and reading! We at AoD believe that the stories should be riveting enough to keep the attention of people who aren't interested in playing role playing games but enjoy the fantasy genre. This is why we have created unique storylines and story archs to keep readers and players equally interested and coming back day after day!

Advocates' is not a game like World of Warcraft or other MMORPGS. While we are fantasy based and unique to the rest of the fantasy world, we focus on the writing and character aspect! There is no mandatory leveling for players, there is no grinding or even a time requirement. In fact, the only requirement we hold at Advocates is that you enjoy yourself playing and reading! We like people to read all of the posts to keep abreast of what is happening in the world around them and do not metagame. Along with this the only required posts to read are ones marked "Required" or "All Members Please Read" these are usually "realm effecting" posts that would effect every single character in some way!

I'd like to personally say thank you for taking an interest in the new remake of Advocates of Darkness and stay tuned for the introduction storyline and more information being released both at and here at the Yahoo! Group! Thank you again for taking an interest and I hope to see you soon playing and enjoying yourself for a long time, and especially look forward to creating great role playing stories with your characters soon!

Thanks to you all,