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Bits and Pieces of DID/MPD....

Welcome to my world

Healing Our Grief ( My favorite Quotes)
Hot Coffee and Books
My Story (May Trigger)
My Symptoms
The Fragile Human Mind (May Trigger)
A Stupid Life (May Trigger)
Thoughts From Both Sides (Trigger)
Insane Brain (Trigger)
Sexual Dysfunction (Trigger) (An article relating to the above poem)
Secret Heirloom (May Trigger)
Profile of an Abuser (Trigger) (An article relating to the above poem.)
Insomniac's Dream
Girl Left Behind (May Trigger)

A warm welcome to you. You have entered my world. This is a place of artistic expression. These pages express the emotions of a multiple personality. To understand this phenomenon more clearly click "Home" or stay and browse through any of these pages. My wish is that you are safe emotionally as you travel our pages on your healing journey. Watch for triggers. Documents with triggers could cause you to become emotionally upset while you are reading the material especially if you are also dissociative so proceed with caution. Only absorb the material that feels safe. I am not a professional, nor should any material here be used in place of professional therapy. We are here to provide information, support and friendship.